Paintings and a Gift Voucher Giveaway… Witches in Fiction 2015 (the pre-party)

I’ve started dancing towards Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances. The event won’t take place until October 17th, but the pre-party giveaways began on the 3rd.

The first bit of witchy yumminess came in the shape of a poem inspired by Sunshine Shelle’s “Til Death”, one of two paintings Shelle is gifting to sponsor Witches in Fiction 2015. Below, I’ve listed what has been going on at since I last updated this archival blog:

- “Always


  1. Love love love what you have going in that picture!

    1. This is the work of my dear friend, Michelle Kennedy. And I'm with you. I, too, love what her brush can birth. :)

  2. Shellie's Art just draws me in! Illuminates emotion and thought! She paints Eyes that burn through me, that's forsure!

  3. Joining you in your dancing as I dance through these whirlwind days. Those paintings are gorgeous, and that little studio looks like it holds the secrets of the painting universe.