Halloween-Infused Giveaways… and Some Extra Witchy Words

Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances (the pre-party) continues its steady sway towards October 17th. Party day is almost here, my Wicked Luvs! Last week, I told you about “Loving You through the Veil”, which contains giveaways from Sunshine Shelle. Today’s yumminess comes from Three Cats and a Broom and Gothic Miniatures, who are sponsoring the party with The Ghost Tarot and a Handmade Mini Book, respectively.

Below are the posts I’ve shared at my main blog, since I last updated this site:  

- Not All Witchy Souls Are Religious
- A Rattle and a Wee Book on Her Grave

My handfasting cake-topper always looks extra happy when Halloween is here.
I wonder why…


  1. The cake topper is awesome. My husband I were married in October and love skeleton bride and grooms around this time of year. You know the whole till death do us part....but even then there is the married afterlife :)

    1. Did you really? That's wonderful. We got married in the summer, but went to Mexico for our honeymoon (in the winter before we got married, lol) and fell in love with this wee pair. And yes, they look as if they will be together for as long as they want to. :-)

  2. Love 2 interpretations of the commitment :)

  3. I do love the cake-topper ♥

    Good luck with your Witches in Fiction blog party :)