The Magaly Report Gazette, 3: Mirror Lake

The Magaly Report, formerly known as Magaly’s Weekly Updates, arrived a few days early. I was so excited about the publication of certain novel, that I just had to share it. But first, the happenings at my main Blog (in reverse chronological order):

Only five days have gone by since the last update, so I only have two pieces of my writing for you to delight in. But trust me; they are yummy. One is spiced up with coffee and the other has Laila Flynn. By the way, whenever possible, I will choose the comment of one Wicked Darling to describe the stories, poems, posts… 

- Skintight: “This is fascinating, visceral, terrifying and really layered, Magaly. I also see shadows of your own pain in the vivid power and bright, devilish arrows you transform it into here–making this not just an intricate fantasy-horror-tale but a parable to learn from.” ~ Hedgewitch

- Coffee Speed Dating: “This captures the distracting clatter of a date with someone(s) who is only a voice balloon and horrorshow breath (delightful!). That’s where engagement must begin, but it’s also what often chases us happily back into solitude. Such abrasion of the outer surfaces to come any distance closer to the interior!” ~ Brendan

 And all shiny and completely lethal: Mirror Lake, by Diandra Linnemann

“MAGIC CONSULTANT AND SOLUTIONS… Two boys have died at a foster home in Eastern Germany, and a third boy is missing. Since these are non-humanoid teenagers, the authorities rely on Helena Willow to find out who did this. Residing in a tiny cabin down by the lake, she won’t run out of suspects any time soon. There is the humanocentric monastery that used to run the foster home. And the missing boy belongs to the local Satanist congregation – but not everyone there agrees that Helena is the right woman for this job. Far away from home, Helena has to prove herself worthy once more.”

This novel is the sequel to All Souls’ Children. I haven’t read Mirror Lake yet, but that failing shall be remedied as soon as the ebook is available. Congrats, Diandra!


  1. Whoot! this is like Guerrero's Gazette!

    1. Where were you when I was searching for a name for this thing!?! The Guerrero's Gazette would have been perfect. Now I might have to go through another name change, and it's all your fault. ;-D

    2. Or The Magaly Gazette. Hm...