The Wee Memoirs of a Victorian Mourning Doll… in Darker Words

Sometimes, wee Black Bow covets…

I had the best eye sockets in our family. And there was something sharp and enchanting about my cheekbones. Everybody complimented me on them. But my baby sister, Red Bow, was the most stunning of us all.

“She will see her way into places,” Mother would say, delight and pride filling her. She was right, and we knew it. Red Bow had an eyeball to be seen.

I didn’t want to envy my sister’s fortune, but I couldn’t help it. I always wanted an eye. Maybe one day I will get one. I’m always searching. Every night. I travel through dreams looking and hoping. Maybe I’ll see you tonight… Be kind. Don’t run.

Summary from in Darker Words…
I’ve been rather delinquent in my sharing of what creeps and dances over at in Darker Words… Then yesterday, Long Gone Dolls inspired the wee tale above, and I didn’t want you to miss its creepy cuteness.

The following are links to some of the other bits I’ve shared:
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There is much more, if you keep scrolling down the page. I shall end this post with a poem I wrote after seeing Mona, a painting by Rick “Dienzo” Blanco. Follow this LINK to see Dienzo’s haunting artwork.

darkened by supplicatory screams,
spilled calamity down Mona’s cheeks.

“Poor thing,” said the woman Mona watched from afar.

“Living isn’t for wimps,” said her man;
his tongue still tasting of someone else’s breasts.

“I hope she finds peace and justice,” said she.

“People get what they deserve,” said he.

“Should I feed on his eyes
or will you squeeze,
burst and spill
the darkness out of his heart?”
said the Raven.

If you are yet to visit in Darker Words… do. Who knows, my Wicked Luvs, you might find something dark and lovely to like.

“Victorian Mourning Dolls”, by Long Gone Dolls


  1. In Darker Words is absolutely great with lunch.

    1. I wonder what this wee girls eat...

    2. Mine ate worms.

    3. I hope you kept it by the flowerbeds!

  2. That poem is amazing. As always!

  3. Replies
    1. Brilliant, beautiful and brave. ♥

  4. Always delights me! Especially love this one!
    I've been reading your many posts on FB and here, been too sick with bronchitis to spend much time responding. Keep thinking I've got it licked only to be knocked down again.

    1. Recurrent viruses and respiratory issues are quite the bastards, especially during the cold months. Be good to your body. Rest!

  5. Looking for anything without eyes... Yes has to be in a dream... I like this, creepy family, one thinks mama dearest plays favourites though ;)

    1. Mama dearest is playing favorites, indeed! I mean, how did she choose the eye bearer?

  6. Love, love, love the poem!!!! The mourning dolls are amazing! Hugs ;o)

    1. I think I might have to give myself one of those dolls... Don't they look like they belong near me?