in Darker Words…

in Darker Words… is an exploration of dark fiction, poesy and other bookish bits. Follow its cyber-home (aka Facebook Page) for regular updates.”

That’s it, my Wicked Luvs; in Darker Words… is a dark fiction and poetry fest in the making.

If you are a Pagan Culture regular, then you know I attempted this at the beginning of the year. Then I had to delete the page, after a former client found his way to it (I used to work with individuals affected by mental illness and illicit drug use). He is currently living with family members who supervise his online interaction, and keep him from behaving in ways that might threaten his access to the services he needs.

Now I feel safe to give the Facebook page bit another go. I love the idea of a place exclusively committed to delighting in dark fictions, poems and the things that inspire them.

Don’t despair, if you happen not to have a Facebook account. The page is public, which means you’ll be able to read all the information. I’m also keeping an archive here, and will link each update to my Twitter account. So it is almost certain that you will find a way to discuss anything shared in Darker Words… with me and others.

The page will mostly consists of mini-reviews, quotes, and to paraphrase Little Gothic Horrors, the page will pretty much cover the deliciously dark in books, writing and art.

I hope you choose to join in Darker Words…


  1. Replies
    1. I'm kind of psyched about it, too. .-D

  2. *is "whooshing over" as you read* :D XXX

  3. Already LIKING and LOVING!

  4. So excited about this and so glad you're having another go!

  5. Always happy to venture to any spot where your Darker Words dwell, my lovely! ❤

    1. I'm just too hysterically happy to oblige! ♥

  6. And dragging up ( and her ) rear.......I'm there! xoDebi

  7. Will be there as soon as I locate it!