Accidental (kind of) Web Serial

Call me dumb and make me run around in circles as I use my blood as ink to write on the back of my hand that “I must not tell lies,” BUT what the heck is “an accidental (kind of) web serial”?

That is the question everybody has been asking… Okay, so no one asked that, but I’ll write a response to it, anyway. Right after I answer the question several Wicked Darlings have indeed asked: “Hey Mags, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want. But it has been tickling in the back of my mind ever since I noticed it, so I’m asking. Why don’t you rate your read-list on Goodreads?”

The answer is simple, but my reasons might be somewhat goofy. I stopped rating books on Goodreads, Amazon and my public library website after I realized that I can’t give a complete accurate rating.

It all started the last time I reread Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. These two books are incredible in different ways… Inkheart is a treat for the imagination of a word-loving heart; A Discovery of Witches is a feast of motifs and delicious writing.


Inkheart is full of foreshadows and explanations that always take away from my reading experience, while A Discovery of Witches contains some passages that just go on and on and on… also, the female lead acts out of character a lot. These facts leave me wanting to give the books five stars for this and two stars for that… but Goodreads, Amazon and my library don’t allow for any of it. The whole thing was making me anxious—yes, I’m weird like that—so I decided to forget about the stars.

Now to the “accidental (kind of) web serial” bit…

Thorn in Red is an unplanned writing venture that tastes a lot like dessert: a sweet word-filled reward I get to delight in after every productive week. These last few days, I wasn’t as productive as I like with my own fiction writing. I’ve been working on other things, but “AlmaMia Cienfuegos,” Pre-Chaos and Of Death and Blooms haven’t received the word count they are due. A Witch Writer who doesn’t make her quota = A Witch Writer who doesn’t get to play with Matt and Bran.   

But there is no need to worry, my Wicked Luvs. I’ll catch up in a day or two… I’m almost sure that the next installment of Thorn in Red will be up by Tuesday morning. Hm… I might even keep Tuesday as the weekly posting day instead of Saturday. We’ll see…

By the way, if you’re contacted by the Ellipses Police, tell them you haven’t seen me in weeks.
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  1. Ms. you because:
    1. I understand your Aries(ness)
    2. You make me laugh
    3. You never fail to surprise

    The answer is yes.
    Oma Linda

  2. I can wait, patiently.

  3. I'll wait patiently *with arms folded and foot tapping in bestest wickedy witch pose* :D XXX

    1. "patiently," you? Yeah, and I'll stop eating mangoes drinking coffee...

  4. I am anxiously waiting ;o)))