Wild Pacing

on Writing – Seven-year-old AlmaMia is a little wild. She wants everything to happen yesterday. Maybe I’m projecting, huh? Last week, I spent a lot of time telling her, “Slowdown, wait for me. I need to describe that tree, the color of your shorts, show your annoyance…” She is not the best listener, but things are getting better. The tale’s pacing is improving, methinks ;-)

Wrote “In Winter’s Belly” to warm myself up a bit.

on Reading – Explained that “I Love Doing Itonline, tongue to ear, tale to eye, and if I were competent with my fingers, I would do it under the sheets, in the dark, with my eyes closed and the most satisfied of grins on my face.” More bookish bits:
- About Green Darkness


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    1. That is quite possible. She is a fireball; hard to contain, but fun to spend time with ;-)

  2. I want to spend an entire summer with her, just doing whatever she wants to do. I can't wait to read more!

    1. I have a feeling you'll spend an entire Tropical summer with her, plus a few more seasons... ;-)