Slow Writing

on Writing – Last week was very poor when it came to fiction writing. But We Birth Them and They Live On is all about writing with characters, and that makes me feel better. There was a bit of poetry, too:
- Glass Emptied of Clouds

on Reading – In A Witch Awakened, and a Witch Alone… a Different Witch, Debora Geary’s Witch Central touches the weird heart—fine, my weird heart, so there. And here are the rest of the titles I read, these last seven days:
- Bloody Mary by J. A. Konrath 
- Whupped by Jim Stevens 
- Kiss the Crystal Sun by Penelope King
- Dawn of the Morningstar by Penelope King

Next week shall be much better, methinks...


  1. Having the same sort of luck with my altering....slowly but surely.
    And Squuuuuueeeeeeeeeee on the baby turtle. Makes me want some warm weather and knee pads for the annual sweet baby turtle crawl in the backyard. Oma Linda
    PS I went back and read AlmaMia Cienfuegos. Upset me again.

    1. When I saw this wee turtle, I thought of you. Okay, so I can't look at turtles without thinking of you, but I figured I should say it anyway ;-)

      If you find any babies in the backyard, share the pics!

      AlmaMia is getting a bit happier and more mysterious these days, it will make you feel better. I suspect... ;-)

  2. Awww, look at that little baby turtle ;o)

  3. Whatever..the turtle is so cute! :)
    If seriously, the creative process is like this..slow, fast, wild, slowing down..hehe..oops..did I just describe something else? *blush*

    1. Ha! You are a box of surprises, my dear. You just made me laugh aloud ;-)

    2. I really really didn't mean this when I wrote those words..Freud would have had fun here too :)
      pssss, I'm a cute modest girl :)