After The Haunting, Comes…

Letting The Haunting Steep... 
…the waiting, the slashing, the killing, the burying, the unearthing, the reviving, the twisting, the remaking, and pretty much anything else needed to concoct a story that exist somewhere between what I meant to write, what the characters ended up doing, and what I hope will become a balanced novel.

You already know that The Haunting: a Webserial of Pre-Chaos came to you in a from-the-cauldron-to-the-mouth kind of fashion. There was no measuring of ingredients, no prettying up of tables, in fact, you didn’t even get plates. I concocted the tale and fed it to you while it was still in the pot. Now I have to use my available condiments to make the revised story tastier.

What I described above is not my preferred method for creating stories. My process tends to lean towards the following pattern (I often deviate from it, but not much):
   1. Character – Physical & psychological traits, desires, weaknesses & strengths, relationships…
   2. Conflict – Protagonist’s desires and who/what keeps him/her from getting them
   3. Loose Plot – Main conflict, a few complications, setting… (worldbuilding for urban fantasy)
   4. Write – Put rear to chair (in my case, to mattress—I work in bed) and write (5-7 hours per day)
   5. Let the Tale Steep – As long as I need to (or am able to) in order to reread it with fresh eyes
   6. Reread – “Oh, the horror!” Kill cliché galore, m’Luvs (wait ‘til I tell you about “quivering thighs”)
   7. Revise – Identify the useless and slaughter it.  Find the worthy and polish it. Move on ;-)
   8. Rewrite – More polishing, reordering of scenes (if needed), fill holes, correct inconsistencies… 
   9. Let Others Read the Tale – I have really good friends who love reading and talking about it
   10. Repeat Steps 5 to 9 as Needed (or as able) – This step is usually murdered by deadlines ;-(
Now that I must do all of the above a bit backwards, I have a lot of extra work ahead of me. One of the reasons why I draft character profiles before writing a story is because knowing the people gives me an idea of how they might react in a particular situation. When I first imagined Luna Bravo, I thought she would go through Pre-Chaos shooting and slashing until she got results. After writing her a bit, I’m not so sure Luna is that type of person. I know she’ll slaughterer someone if she has to, but not for the reasons I believed. I have to go back and revise her tone, moods… maybe her relationship with weapons. 

Let me tell about Leo Drake… oh, my Wicked Darlings, that ciguapa just sneaked up on me. Luna was not even supposed to have a lover! Now, I have a mated pair in a story that was not meant to have a lot of romance. So what’s a Wicked Writer to do? Write on, of course. And revise… I could also kill Leo off during the rewrites. What do you think? *wicked grin while holding murderous fingertips over keyboard*

Anyhoo, The Haunting will simmer until after October 31st. I’m currently working on another AlmaMia Cienfuegos short story, which I thought I would publish around October 13th, 2012, but I’m not so sure anymore. I feel that what I just wrote would be perfect for the beginning of Dancing on Her Bones. I might just add it to the full length manuscript. What do you think, my Wicked Luvs? Would that decision make you too upset? I would, of course, give you something else to nibble on while you wait ;-) 


  1. Wait!! What?? Did I miss the last posting for The Haunting????*sticks fingers in cauldron to scrape up the leftovers* I better go check :S XXX

    1. I think everybody missed it. After I read this message, I emailed a few people and they were as surprised as you. I'm thinking that it was on one of those days that Google was having issues. I better publish some kind of reminder.

  2. Fascinating. I'm going to take those tips to heart, if you don't mind. I'm dying to create, but i keep getting stuck. What I need to do for now is just let go. I've got loads of quiet time now, until someone offers me a job anyway.

    1. I don't mind at all. And if you have a story you want to revise together, get it ready for after October. I will write a post as I go through the steps of rewriting The Haunting ;-)

  3. I'm in with the lot that didn't have a clue....must read the end.
    And as to your style and steps.......please don't kill off the ciguapa...please, please, please. Oh wait, what do I know, maybe the story has another way to go.....
    And now I'm puzzled. I'll be back darling girl.OmaLinda

    1. See I knew I wasn't going daft. I did read the last chapter and did comment. I was wondering how could you end it more and I surely did not want to miss out on any of it. Whew...
      Now back to your style and steps.....I love the idea of polishing and am looking forward to the shiny, redesigned version of this facsinating tale.
      xoxo Oma Linda

    2. I'm pretty sure that if I kill Leo, Luna will come out of page and murder me. So I best be careful lol

      You read it? Care to share your comment again? I would love to take it into consideration when I'm doing my editing, and it seems I never got it. Maybe Blogger ate it *sigh*

  4. My friend, I think I am with everyone else. I didn't read the last posting, because I didn't see it. I have to go check it out, soon ;o) Magaly, whatever you write, I will love!

    1. Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger! *shakes fist*

      I guess we should give them a break, I be they are having all sorts of troubles updating to the new interface. Well, I'm glad that know you know that "Preternatural Chaos" is up. I hope you enjoy while you love it ;-)

  5. Oh my Magaly, I am the tail end of this train. I didn't get the last installment either. DAMN BLOGGER! You can rest assured that I will be right there for the re-write though.

    WHAT???? Kill the scrumptious ciguapa??? por favor, señora no! (Okay, that is the best I could get out of Google Translator.) Leo is so good for the heart and soul of Luna. Have a beautiful week, my lovely witch, Mina

    1. "por favor, señora no!" made me roar. I really don't think I could kill Leo, Luna would probably strangle me. So rest assured, my Mina ;-)

  6. I have missed most of this tale... due to my not quite realizing how you had your two separate blogs set up when I first discovered you on my hunting trips 'round the interwebs. So I'm already sad... I saw one, maybe two installments... And here I am at almost 39 hours awake because of my crazy youngest and her bizarre sleeping patterns with nothing to read! All my books are in storage so I thought, "hey, I'll go catch up on some of Magaly's writing!"

    Fewmets upon you, miss. That is all I have to say.

    Oh, and I'm ganking your process list thing to keep on my hard drive. I will probably bash myself over the head with it... a lot.

    <3 Fox