Crow Envy and Lion-A

Stacy’s witchy crow meets Laura DeLuca’s Destiny Unveiled and leaves me suffering from a serious case of crow envy. Inspired by Laura’s novel, my adored Stacy, drew the most delicious witchy crow, EVER. Look at these beauties side by side. Aren’t they awesome?
If you visit Laura DeLuca’s blog, you can get many chances to win Stacy’s witchy crow, plus a gazillion other prizes Laura is giving away to celebrate the release of her Destiny Unveiled. 

Talking about prizes and things happening around the web, guess who won the “Being a Drake” contest that took place at my writing site? You are probably guessing right, Stacy from Magic Love Crow. She can paint, she is sweeter than spring breeze, she’s an organic gardening goddess, and she’s lucky, too. What a woman… no, you can’t have her, I saw her first.

Stacy Luv, congratulations, your $13 gift card is on its way ;-)

While my spirit still festive, I should tell you about my versatile blogging ways. Seriously, I’m not only malleable; I’m also pliable, adaptable, other things that end on ‘able’ and so very puttylike. I even got an award that celebrates my versatility. Thanks so much, Linda, I truly appreciate the recognition *winks in an extra elastic way*

And because with awards comes responsibilities, I have to share 7 things about me and I need to honor  5 bloggers (the rules ask for 15 bloggers, but. . . yeah, I what kind of Witch would I be if I didnt twist the rules a bit?)

7 Things about Witchy Writer Me
1. I woke up at 5:13am to work on AlmaMia Cienfuegos’s rewrites.
2. Luna got needy, and forced me to come up with her story’s blurb before touching AlmaMia’s tale.
3. I have been wondering if sharing my writing process is boring you silly.
4. Gina says she finds my sharing “wonderfully creepy,” hm…
5. Okay, I am so going to continue blogging about my fiction writing process because Jan loves my creepy ways, too.
6. I’m fascinated by myth in fiction, and The Haunting will show just how much.
7. Luna, Leo, and Sweetooth—you’ll meet Sweetooth soon—want me to share the blurb for their story, what do you think? The month of May is supposed to be AlmaMia’s time, should I share The Haunting’s blurb now or wait?

5 Versatile Wicked Darling Bloggers I Havent Known for Long:
1. Jan from Shabby Elegance with a Touch of Witch
2. Cameron from Paint Myself Pretty
3. Simona from Timeless Rituals
5. Sandifine, so she’s not a new blogger friend, like the award rules mandate, but I’m discovering wonderful new things about Sandi and her art. That has to count, and if it doesn’t… well, too bad, I’m still adding Crafty Sandi.

Won’t you say hello to my witchy friends?
Note to the nominees: don’t feel obligated to accept this award or to pass it forward, if you don’t wish to do so. But do smile, give yourself a hug on my behalf, and know that I think you rock ;-)

I’m not done yet. Don’t you remember Lion-A? Actually, the award was supposed to be the end of the post, but then I ran into Shelle’s Heroes over at The Butterfly Effect, and I wanted to kind of participate, so, um… you know… I can’t resist Shelle or her call. Here are my answers to her heroic questionnaire:

1. What Super Power would you possess?
I will be able to create worlds with my words and battle stupidity with my reasoning. And sometimes, with bullets, sharp metal, fists and teeth.
2. What’s your costume of choice?
Combat boots, comfy pants, Batman’s utility belt on steroids, and Lion-O’s sword. Of course, my name would have to be Lion-A and my hair would be curly.
3. Do you have/want a sidekick?
Flying monkeys, swimming cats, and dogs with teleportation capabilities. The Furry Bunch.
4. What’s your weakness?
*protects heart and pretends the question wasn’t asked*
5. You a lover or a loner?
    Lone lover *snickers at the implications*
6. Do you have a secret identity/ordinary life to juggle?
In real life, I’m a Witch Writer, don’t tell the ThunderCats.
7. Being a hero can make you enemies – who’s/what’s yours?
My arch-nemesis is Super Stupid. I rather not say more about it. It makes me angry. You dont want to see me when Im angry. I look terrible in green skin.
8. What’s your motto or catchphrase?
Shoot evil until it stops moving. Then poke at it with a sword, and if it twitches, stab it repeatedly.  

Paint something lovely, stop by The Butterfly Effect, 
and answer Shelle’s heroic inquiry for a chance to win this killer girl 
(right after visiting Shelle, her blog is magic in colors):
I cant paint, but I can relish in my friends colors. Look at these babies!
Gina's Archetypal Hero.
Don't you love his manly frown?
NatashaMay's Zombielicious Heroine.
Sexy mama bites!
Stacy's Crow Hero in his world saving pose.
Get them, baby!

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  1. OMG!!!! I feel like I have just had dinner with my super hero gang, I love the company here, you have utterly made my day (hey it's early but outside of a arvo gelato ice-cream you've won my heart hands down)... it's like I was just stalking around & thought HOLY CRAP Magaly's posted heaps & I haven't dropped by to savour a word, then I come back & WHAM BAM look at this, you my wicked one make a great hero, combat boots & sword to poke those defeated STUPID arch enemies... consider me happy to be part of your posse :) Oh & now I much visit your newbie blog pal & come back again to read your other posts... ain't weekends grand!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing, on the super hero gang bit, just imagine the mayhem, um... we would prevent, maybe ;-)

  2. Thank you so much, Magaly! How can anyone be unhappy when they hear someone else thinks they rock?!
    I'm honored that you regard me as such *blushes a bit*

    I know Shelle wrote an awesome post at Butterfly Effect this week! Iwanted so much to join in....
    Getting ready for Maggie's Birthday Party this weekend....but, maybe just maybe, I can squeeze a quickie in...haha!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I do love your colors and how you present them, too.

      I want to join every challenge/project... but there is only so much time. I bet Maggie had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Congrats Stacy!

    And congrats on your award Magaly! :)

    You should definitely keep sharing snippets of your writing. And should definitely not avoid writing or sharing parts from other stories just because you planned to write something else. Write what wants to be written, and share what you will. :)

    1. I shall share it then. Right now, I'm working on polishing AlmaMia and on fitting The Hunting into somewhat complete publishable chunks.

  4. Love your post. Keep on writing and don't bother about people who don't understand or don't care. :)
    Thank you for the award! You're always so wickedly sweet!!! :)

    1. You are very welcome. I'll write on ;-)

  5. SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!! I'm having Leo withdrawal symptoms!!!! Also glad to be part of your Super Hero blog posse :D....I lurves to kick STUPID :D XXX

    1. I would not like for you to go into shock, so I'll share that blurb ASAP. And, it will be a few weeks (if I don't break down before that) but wait until you meet Sweetooth--he intrigues me.

  6. Thanks for sharing all the good stuff! :) Yeah, including me. :))Wow! Stacy is one lucky gal. I think luck is her superpower. Congrats to her for winning and to you for your award. :) Loved reading this post.

    1. Luck must be her superpower, indeed! And attraction, too. She is always collecting all these great people who can't help but adore her.

  7. What a jam-packed post! Always love to learn more about you, Magaly!

    1. Thank goodness! I don't seem to be able to stop the sharing ;-)

  8. Congrats on your award!! And congrats to Stacy too, don't you just luv her?? lol She's so adorable. :) I alot of her paintings and I love every one of them!! And no, your writing progress doesn't bore me silly at all! Being a writer myself, I think it's a blast reading about what you've been writing. :)

    1. Stacy is a charm and I, too, love her crows. Yay! I'm glad you enjoy the process as much as I do.

  9. Love your sidekick ideas :D and congrats on the award!
    Thank you for sharing these blogs, I found quite a few places to follow :D

    1. There is something special about furry super friends ;-)

  10. YAY Stacy! Congratulations to our super sweet friend. Okay, I know you saw her first but I was really hoping we could share. ;-)

    LOL! I love your combat boot wearing, ass kicking, stupid battling super hero persona. Girl, I am still laughing. You are the best!

    1. Well, she seems to have a heart that barely fits in her chest, I guess we can share lol

  11. Yeh!! I am so excited! Big Hugs Magaly ;o)
    I feel so loved that you and Mina want me ;o) LOL! You two are too cute! I was reading through the comments and I want to send hugs to everyone! All of you are too kind ;o)
    I want to know more about Sweetooth ;o) Please ;o)
    Love your Super Hero kick ass girl ;o) I never thought about flying monkeys and swimming cats! Those are good sidekicks ;o)
    Thanks so much again ;o) I feel lucky with all of you around me ;o)

    1. It would be impossible not to adore you, Stacy. You ooze something sweet and warm, and we all want to fill our lives with it. Congrats again ;-)

  12. I forgot to say, congrats on your award ;o) YEH!

  13. Oh thank you!! I have missed all my blog friends, and the news, and everything since the death of my laptop. I am so happy to hear you like my work. *blush* I just finished your candle and it is drying. I dropped the first one so I had to repour it. Lol. I hate that. It smells purty!! I'm going to put that cute little icon on my blog! HUGS LADY!!


    1. Yay purty-smelling candle! I've being eyeing the one you sent me and I doubt it will make it to Midsummer. We'll see. It just smells sooo good!

      Congrats on the award again ;-)

      Sorry about your laptop, I better back all my stuff up, my old lady is blinking weirdly ;-(

  14. I love your wicked ways too. It's great to see the writing process from this point, usually I'm involved after the fact.

    1. It is wonderful, and super helpful (at least for me), to share the process with your wicked self ;-)