For Cynicism Worshipers and Similarly Awesome Creatures

“44 stories. 19 poems. No sparkly vampires.”

This collection of thought-provoking goodness will feed the nodding and laughing bones of the socially conscious, the cat lover, the cynicism worshiper and many other critical thinking creatures. James Hutching’s The New Death and othersis hilariously dark, truth-filled and sarcastic. This book was a blast to read. Here are three of my favorite quotes (please read Lilac Wolf’s review for juicier details):

From “Everlasting Fire”
“But the incubus gave the best gift of all. It was a desk calendar, printed on creamy human skin, and featuring inspirational quotes from such paragons of wickedness as Jack the Ripper, Tom Cruise, and people who put comments on YouTube.”

From “How the Isle of Cats Got Its Name”
“Sometimes they would stay inside and watch TV; a comedy like Fiends or the game show Who Wants to Boil A Millionaire?Often they would go to a McDonald’s (the only restaurant in Hell). There they would stare into each other’s eyes, needing no words (which is lucky, because the McDonald’s in Hell constantly have eight separate toddlers’ birthday parties happening at once).”

From “Singles Bar”
“He hadn’t seen a naked woman in so long, he was considering suing the producers of Snatch for false advertising.

It wasn’t his performance in bed. If sex was a sport, he’d be an Olympic athlete. Specifically a sprinter.”


  1. Magaly!!! LOL! The McDonald's in Hell, is too funny and the Olympic athlete, I just can't stop laughing!! Have a great day! Thanks for the smile ;o)

  2. OMG! This is hysterical! Another book to be added to my TBR list. Maybe I should forgo food because everytime you share a book I want to buy it. By the way, I bought Married with Zombies.

  3. I loved the stories when I read them; he has a great writing style, and awesome sense of humour!