Stereotypes in Fiction… Party Update

The title of the Sexy, Dark & Bloody Fiction Blogoversary Party hasn’t worked the way I expected it to, so I would like to make some clarifications:

I will “celebrate three years of Pagan Culture by rewriting stereotypes about witches in fiction,” but you, my Wicked Luvs, should “use your artistic weapon of choice to reshape the fictional stereotype that annoys you the most.”

See, you don’t have to discuss stereotypes about witches, sexuality, death, gender, spirituality… or any other topic I often blog about. I wish you to explore the things, in fiction, that rub you the wrong way. Here are 13 examples, in no particular order, which I’ve collected from eye-rolling readers and writers:
1. Heroines have long, golden, flowing hair
2. Big Black guys are criminals
3. Faeries are sweet little things that grant wishes
4. Stepmothers are scornful, jealous bitches
5. The number 13 is unlucky
6. Magic is glamour and lightning bolts
7. Gay equals promiscuous
8. Witches are ugly, evil, hook-nosed, and of course, female
9. Hispanic women are hookers or maids
10. Blonde and big-breasted translates to dumb
11. Witches celebrate Christmas and worship Satan
12. Pit Bulls are bloodthirsty, killing machines *eye roll*
13. Vampires burst into flames under the sun, or glitter?

Another thing, you don’t have to write fiction or write at all. You can write about a book or a topic that interests you. If you are one of my painter or crafter friends, please show all your whimsical colors, textures and shapes. With the Sexy, Dark & Bloody Party, I wish to celebrate diversity of expression, and most of all I want all of us to have a blast!

There is so much that can be done with the theme of this party. I titled it Sexy, Dark & Bloody after a poem that was born out of my own feelings about stereotypes in fiction. But the things you share need not to be sexy, dark or bloody; discuss any fictional stereotype that makes you cringe, roll your eyes or just puke on someone else’s shoes. Here is the dramatic monologue that inspired the title:
Sexy, Dark and Bloody
 One said my fiction was uncultured, unliterary, unworthy… a slap on his highbrows.
The other implied my non-baby-eating witches were not real enough for her mythology.
Their speculative analysis of my last tale, suggested I’ve wasted scholarly writing skills.

I write sexy. My heroines are big breasted, big gunned and big brained.
They hide NOT behind manly arms. Their shields and weapons need no testosterone.
Strong women, who might take a man, ride him hard… love him? Maybe.

I write dark. My dearest characters enjoy loving each other to death; often.
They are afraid sometimes, until they can make corpses out of manmade Fear. 
If Dread fights back, my heavily armed protagonists terrorize and maim his courage.

I write bloody. My tales bathe in gore… rip out tongues… severe limbs.
They are visceral; of the flesh; from the gut; driven through the heart;
Alive with fluids; hurting with broken bones; missing eyeballs, but NEVER a spine.

Life is sexy, dark, bloody… it’s exciting. I’ll continue writing fictions about it.

Won’t you join the Sexy, Dark and Bloody fun?
So there I was... looking for an image that went well with this post.
I typed 'clarification,' and this came up.
I wasn't going to post it because, well, it doesn't really have a whole lot to do with this post.
Then I read the comments... and freaking ROARED. People can be so funny.
So here it is: "A Critical Analysis of Twilight" at Fanpop!
Take a second to read the comments.
They are brutally hilarious when comparing fictional Edward to Robert, "the greasy, sloppy guy." 

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  1. Hahaha....thanks for the clarification Magaly :D Was hoping that was what you meant. Have you seen Jay Theviking's Fairytales Calendar ? You'll love his take on the heroines Big boobied with attitude a plenty :D XXX

  2. Slommler3/15/2012

    I so enjoyed your clarifications....Ha!!  I will ponder all of those examples and see what I can come up with! 

  3. SunshineShelle3/15/2012

    So doing this babe, just making a painful Libran decision choosing my weapon of choice... hopefully post/catch up on the weekend & add buttons & bows... no... probably just buttons... BTW, your banners look AWESOME ;) 
    Oh yeah, & you write sexy, dark & bloody brilliantly :)

  4. I'd take that greasy, sloppy guy over the one wearing blush any day of the week. R. Pat in real life? Yum, yum, yum!

  5. Calendar? What calendar? Everything was blocked by ginormous bobbies of Little Red Riding HUGE, I mean, Hood. Wow! They are as big as her head, I hope she doesn't have much running to do. I remember one of my students at Marine Combat Training whose breasts were so big she had to wear more than one bra to run, and even with the extra protection, every once in a while they would hit her on the face--no joke.

  6. I bet you can come up with something bright and beautiful! 

  7. Well, the good bit about your decision process is that the results are always WICKED! And yes, aren't my banner and button fantabulous? This amazing lady created them for me. Go me!

  8. You forgot about the mortician foundation... yep, greasy and sloppy any day. Okay, I don't know about the "greasy" bit lol

  9. Oh there are SO many on that list that TOTALLY irk me, lol. I'm looking forward to what the Wicked Darlings come up with!

  10. If I have more than one idea, can I share more than one story?

  11. Thanks for clearing that up for me Magaly! I will try to participate :)

  12. MangaMem3/16/2012

    Hey Magaly, if I join, could I possibly do a little manga or something? The last time I rewrote a stereotype I was given third place because it was written by me. Anyway, yeah, can I draw a little manga and join in?

  13. Sweetie, you can post as many as thirteen posts. Start on April first, link your posts to the party, send me an email with the link and I'll stick it on my sidebar. There will be a post where you can link all of your entries on the last day of the party, how's that?

  14. I would be honored to have some of your manga goodness at the party, my love! 

  15. LOL! Those comments on Fanpop are hilarious. I have to admit, I prefer my vampires older, darker, sexier, naughtier, and...oh, is it getting hot in here? ;-)

    I can't wait for this luscious party. We are all going to have a wickedly good time, my love.

    1. Yeah, he is a little young and not quite my type of pasty lol

      I'm psyched about the party, too!

  16. Excellent!

    n get 13 done for you, but I've got a few ideas, a couple of which are almost completed stories.

    1. Can't wait to enjoy those completions ;-)

  17. That should have been "not sure if I can get 13 done for you...."

    Don't mind me...

    1. I never do. Ha! Just kidding, I figured it was a typo.

  18. Wow. I've never attented to a blog party before but this sounds fun. Guess I should introduce myself. Im Niina. Pagan from Finland. Your blog is really cool. I just arrived from eastern Finland. My coven had a ostara ritual and we did some reiki-healing also.
    After I read all those that you had written. I agree to most of them. It's funny how people are still stereotyping people trought old ways (legends and fairytales). When I tell someone Im a witch. They get certain idea from me. Many times people reflect it to satanism and that hasn't nothing to do with my religion.
    I guess I could paint a stereotype witch and with that I am. Anyways.. you are welcome to visit my fairyblog and I'm come back to your witchy place for visit time to time.

    Blessed be Niina

    1. You know what they say, the more the merrier. It would be lovely to have you at the party. Don't forget to add your link to the original post.

      I stopped by your blogs, and I like your colors ;-)

  19. Not sure why you needed to clarify this, but I just joined up. Looking forward to getting my writing juices working again. 

    1. Because you love talking to me, of course lol. Yum, fiction juices!

  20. Ooh thanks for the clarification Magaly. I hold my hand up and admit I'd misunderstood. I really enjoyed your 'Witches in Fiction' last year but thought I couldn't take part this year as I would have to do a dark and bloody type story and I know I can't, I've tried. I'll just continue to enjoy your writings as you do it so well.

    Now you've explained it, the idea's finally sunk and I'm off to find out how to join in :), looking forward to it again now, already got ideas pinging off in my brain.

    Jane xx

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you are joining in. This is a learning experience; next year, I'll try to make things less complicated. It made so much sense in my own head lol

      Welcome to the party!