I’m in It for the Fire

Serenity, the domestic witchy woman over at the Get Off Your Broom blog, started a new fitness challenge.  I didn’t enter the last one because, let’s face it, I was too damn busy. So why am I participating in the Spring Into Fitness challenge while I am still just as busy? Simple, my Luvs, I’m in it for the fire!

I’m enchanted by the idea behind this challenge, and by the way its premises leave so much room to do whatever I please while still keeping it witchy.
Here is the guidance straight from the Witch’s mouth, um… blog:

“I had planned to cancel the next challenge round, but so many of you said you were looking forward to it. Some even said they were counting on it for the motivation. So I've tweaked it some. I've taken the "beach" aspect out of it and tried to add a little bit of pagan spirituality.

I created this blog and these fitness challenges because I realized there are probably plenty of of other pagans, Wiccans, and witches out there that are struggling to get in shape too. We need to support each other! I call the blog "get off your broom" because as witches, Wiccans, and pagans, we need to get off our brooms (metaphorically of course) and exercise! Of course, exercise is just a part of it. We also need to eat healthy.

But...something was still missing. The past challenges have focused on fitness, diet, and health but I have gotten a few complaints that they look like an other fitness challenge found on the internet. They want the challenges to be more pagan!

I didn't have to go very far to figure out how to do this. The answer was right on my blog the whole time. The very first post I wrote was an article called Balanced Health Using the Elements. It is about how there are five aspects to pagan health which are all based on the five elements. Please understand that this article is just a jumping off point. You may use different attributes to describe the elements. For example, where I see earth as representing food, you may see it as representing the bones, organs, and muscles. I want you to follow your own intuition!

How This Challenge Will Be Different
The fact that I will basing health on the five elements will cause a fundamental change in this challenge. It is still a fitness challenge so eating healthy and exercise will still be at the heart of it. But I think that giving each aspect of health (element) attention will make the challenge not only more pagan based, but more holistic.

The great thing is that the challenge still remains very personalized and based on individual goals. To use the example earlier, I will use the earth element to focus on eating a more natural diet. However, a different person may use the earth element to focus on strengthening their bones. More examples would be for air it may be breathing better or focus while exercising. For fire it may be having more energy, eating healthy carbs, or even controlling diabetes (glucose). For water it may be controlling diabetes because that is something that is in the blood, drinking more water, or even using exercise to maintain emotions. And finally for spirit it may be doing an exercise such as yoga, practicing meditation, or exercising in nature. Or maybe it is performing an exercise that represents each of the elements. The choice is yours!

You may sign up at anytime! Even if the challenge is partly over there is still plenty you can achieve!

I want you create goals that represent all five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

Check-ins will be on Sunday, except for the final check-in which will be on Wednesday, June 20 which is Summer Solstice. So whatever your goals are, this is the date to shoot for!

At each check-in, you will be asked to share how well you are doing with each element and the goals you chose for them.

HOWEVER, if you find this element aspect too complicated you are free to write your check-ins in the usual way where you just tell how well you have been doing at eating healthy, exercising, and pounds or inches lost and gained.

There will still be an optional weekly challenge, but instead of dealing with an aspect of diet or exercise it will deal with self-love and self-acceptance. I will be calling it The Thou Art Goddess Challenge of the Week.

It would be really nice if you added the banner to your blog.

Finally, I do still plan on adding broom points to this round. One broom point equals 15 minutes of exercise. As with the rest of the goals, you may choose how many broom points you want to shoot for. The challenge is 11 1/2 weeks long. As with everything else, the broom points are entirely optional.
Here is a broom icon you can use for your blog

How Do I Sign Up?
You will need to use a blog url, Facebook url, Twitter url or similar to sign up with Mr. Linky below. However, if you don't want to use a url but still want to participate please leave me a comment or email me at getoffyourbroom@yahoo.com

IMPORTANT: If you had already signed up for the "beach ready" challenge you are already signed up for the Spring Into Fitness Challenge. If you are not going to participate please let me know in the comments or email me at the address I shared earlier.

I hope all of you enjoy the Spring Into Fitness Challenge! It is quite different this round with all the new aspects but we have almost 12 weeks to get the hang of it! Throughout the challenge I encourage you to share your experiences, thoughts, and suggestions.”

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  1. This looks like what I need to kick me back into the game!


    1. I feel the same way. I've been such a lazy-butt when it comes to exercising this days. Excuse has been my middle name lol

  2. Anonymous3/30/2012

    How cool is that! I had entered her first challenge but soon dropped out - not because it wasn't put together in an AMAZING and SUPPORTIVE way...because it WAS! I dropped out because exercise is nearly impossible for me with Fibromyalgia pain, chronic fatigue and so on...

    Yet...exercise and improved eating habits (I rarely eat and almost never drink water - unless it was used to brew my beer or coffee heheh) are two of the things I NEED desperately to be all that I can be.

    This new twist is something I should have thought of myself, but Serenity's brilliant mind did it for me! I'll be, with a little "tailoring along with the Elements", I can come up with self-strengthening plans that will fit into my physical limitations...after all, I choose NOT to be driven BY them. (wink)

    PS, for the first time ever, Blogger is NOT letting me comment - I get an error message - so hopefully this comment doesn't show up as many times as I have tried to post it.

    1. Anonymous3/30/2012

      PS, the above ACTUALLY posted, OMG's!! This is Polly from Pagan by Design. The only way I could post was anonymously. :( GRR

    2. ...duh, it should say, "I'll beT, with a little tailoring..." not "I'll be". What a weird day so far...

    3. HEY it posted as MEeee! Wihoo, I'm ME again!!...heheh...okay, done taking over your comments dear friend ;)

    4. Blogger was being silly today, I'm glad it got its act straight ;-)

      I'm very excited about this new challenge, too. I just couldn't stay away.

  3. This sounds really interesting! I am considering it! Thanks for sharing Magaly ;o)

    1. Well, it would be lovely to play together!

  4. Hello my Dark Luv, how have you been?
    Well - that does sound awfully tempting (even though it would be an Autumn Challenge if I were to partake), but at the moment what with work, bike riding and hiking - I don't get nearly enough time on the computer these days!!
    It's 7.00am here and we are going to go for a 4-6 hour hike up mountains (oh my aching legs) today!!
    I hope you do well in your challenge :o))

    1. Now I'm craving a hike!

      I've been busy, and I know you've been, too. How is life in your autumnal bit of the world?

  5. I decided to jump in too. I loved this idea too. And finding/ creating a spiritual guidance to my fitness and goals can only help me in the long run.

    1. There is something super compelling about the idea of exercising with the elements. I, too, had to jump in.

  6. Unfortunately, I did enter the last one and ended up too busy to do it. I know this one would be largely the same. Boooooo.....I really need to do this.

    1. I feel you. Life is just such a busy thing. And you had so many things going on these last few months. I can't see how you could've added anything else.

  7. Excellent concept! :)