Dumb Cane Binding

“The weather is warming up and the time for planting is close.”

When I read the words quoted above, my head nodded so hard that my neck muscles began to send distress signals to my brain. I’m a Witch who loves her greenery. And I live in New York City… in a 7th floor apartment…

I spent a lot of time sighing loudly and wishing I had a garden that fed all of my needs. However, my garden consists of five plants: bamboo, philodendron, holly, dragon’s blood and dieffenbachia. Some might think that having so few greens implies that I must buy herbs to stay witchy. Nope. I rarely buy herbs; during warm months I gather from the wild and when the winter bites I work with what I have at home. With imagination and intent, a wee garden can provide powerful magic.

Take Dieffenbachia, or dumb cane, as an example. This is not a plant one finds in every grimoire, but its properties suggest that the araceae green baby can work magic. For instance, it could be effective at slowing down the tongue of an extremely hot, curly-haired witchy college student who can’t keep her mouth shut during a class sessions *cough, cough*. And of course, it might handle the binding of despicable fibbers. How, you ask? Easy, say I.

The New York Times Health Guide lists the following symptoms as evidence of dumb cane ingestion:
Burning in mouth or throat
Damage to cornea of the eye
Eye pain
Hoarse voice
Nausea or vomiting
Swelling in mouth or tongue
Interesting, huh?

Magic, too, is very interesting. And it is about imagination, visualization, careful intention, and many other words ending in “tion”. I shall explain further: I have a hard time not answering every question in class… many times without having been asked. I can’t help it! And it’s a curse, for no one likes “an insufferable know-it-all.” Ask Snape, he’ll tell you. So yes, my Wicked Luvs, I have considered the scribbling of my pretty little name on a piece of dumb cane leaf.

I haven’t actually done it. Don’t tell anyone, but I tend to enjoy the mixture of desperation and outright annoyance in some of my classmates’ faces when my brain goes out of control.

Anyhoo, as I’m sure you figured out, if I were to try dumb cane magic, I wouldn’t ask for diarrhea, eye pain or anything that might harm others or me. Perhaps, I would close my eyes and picture my tongue getting lazy and tingling, the tiniest of bits, right before I was about to shout an unwanted answer.

That’s eclectic magic, my Wicked Luvs: an easy to grow plant that can help an over-talker witchy student gain some restraint, or cause nasty nonsense spreaders to poop their pants, lose their voices, and puke their poison all over themselves.

Oh, and dieffenbachias look very cute around the house. See?
This dumb cane, which is huge enough to claim its own zip code, mothered my plant.
This is my baby; her name is Stubitta. I grew her from a stub. Today, she is so big and top heavy that my Piano Man had to tie her to a lamp and a coffee table to keep her from braking lol. I’ll share a pic soon. She looks kind of funny.
Dieffenbachia bowmannii growing in the wild pages of Wikipedia.

 This post was inspired by Pagan Blog Prompts
“Simple suggestions to explore Paganism and what it means to you.”
Dieffenbachia is a poisonous plant, DO NOT eat it. If consumed by accident, seek medical attention immediately. This article contains more specific information.


  1. Sunfire3/07/2012

    Wow, nice take on this prompt. I totally understand living in an upper apartment in the city with no garden, but we make the best of it. Thankfully we have a community garden, and a window that gets sunlight most of the summer.

  2. Great idea to use a less commonly used plant in your magic :D And have you tried growing herbs in a pot in your kitchen area? The smell would be scrummy :D XXX

  3. Slommler3/07/2012

    I used to have so many large indoor plants...but I tired of the maintenance and eventually gave them away.  Now I only have a bamboo.  It is amazing how so many of them are poisonous.  (evil laugh here) that you have to be very careful,  Your plants look wonderful. 
    Hugging you

  4. Great post, lovely lady   - we Witches do so love our greenery , inside and out! I hope you don't do the dumb cane Magick thingy tho ...what if it stops your writing as well?!


  5. greekwitch3/07/2012

    I just loooove poisonous plants! How much you can figure out from the quantity of os. They fascinate me to no end. As you guessed, i have a thing about plants. I can not stop bringing them to my house. And a materialistic need grows in me after reading posts like that. I must have it! Must have it! Oh boy!

  6. I used to be part of a community garden in the last city I lived in, but I haven't found anything like it here. There are gardens, but there are waiting lists ;-(

  7. We have a huge living room window, but either the heater or the air conditioner is too close to it, depending on the season *sigh*. I've been thinking about using a really high table that would keep the heat/cold from touching the plants.... hope it works.

    We have a terrace, too, but currently it's been remodeled. I might be able to start planting at the beginning of the summer ;-) 

    And yes, I miss the smell of rosemary and lemon balm in the kitchen!

  8. They are a bit of work, aren't they? But sooo rewarding ;-)

  9. Better work on honing that visualization, huh? lol But to be sure, better just stay away from it completely. The possible benefit does not outweigh the bad. 

  10. You are just like me, I feel about plants like many women feel about shoes: I want them! I want them! I want them! Must have that pair! ;-)

  11. I haven't got anything growing this year; all my plants were in the actual garden where we lived, and it was too long of a journey to transport them safely (because I didn't trust the people moving my stuff to take proper care of them, and couldn't be there to do so myself).  So I left them in hopes they'd be OK.  We don't have an actual garden here, but I hope - in the future - to have a few herbs or something growing somewhere in my home.

  12. I had heard that dieffenbachia is poisonous and was hoping that you were not going to eat it...whew!!

    If you cut the stem a bit above the ground, the plant will grow a new stem ... and you can plant the cut stem at any length and it will grow also...so you could get lots of plants if you wish...happy growing...

  13. greekwitch3/07/2012

    Spring in the Caribbean sounds amazing. I love firefllies and i have n't seen any in years. ..

  14. DCorobane3/07/2012

    Sounds to me like you and I would have had fun in a class together...and it sounds like I need this plant. I tend to be an "insufferable know-it-all" at times too and this sounds like a very helpful plant-partner. Maybe I'll invest in an indoor one after I move but I'm not sure how it will do even indoors in Alaska...hmm

  15. Oma Linda3/07/2012

    oh my darling....dumb cane and the name of a plantation in Gone with the Wind sound like a perfect match. Much love and light, Oma

  16. Woman, you are speaking my language! That's the kind of magick that I really dig. When you use components with which you have a relationship & you combine what you know about them personally with their known traits & qualities to create spellwork that really makes sense. It's not just about pulling someone else's book off a shelf & sifting thru the correspondences. Awesome post. 

    I am going to use this in a future post if you don't mind (?). 

  17. Wonderful prompt and response! I love plants and greenery (of course) and yours are beautiful. My darling, why on earth would you want to slow your ever excitable tongue when all around you would suffer from the loss of your much needed wisdom? I say damn the torpedoes!  Hugs and love to you.

  18. I saw understand the feeling of not trusting anyone to take care of certain things for you... it's just not the same.

  19. I was planing to do that for the Spring Equinox! Not eat them, but cut and plant... growing my own air purifying system, you know? lol

  20. I haven't seen fireflies in a couple of months. I miss the little buggers ;-)

  21. I just got really cold lol

  22. It would indeed, wouldn't it?

  23. The most powerful magic is the one that comes from our own lovely hearts and minds, isn't it? 

    So glad you like the post. You are more than welcome to use it, just link me back and send me an email when you write about it. It will be my pleasure to read it ;-)

  24. Thoooom! Thoooom! Thooooom...! Those are the torpedoes going lol

  25. My mom has huge inside plants! She has actually had to get rid of some. She cuts them in half every year with a big knife from the kitchen and replants them, so they don't get root bound. She says she doesn't like plants, ya right! She is the inside witch and I am the outside witch! LOL! My friend, don't ever be quiet!! Where would I go to have so much fun and gather so much information? I would be lost without you ;o)))

  26. ljrich3/08/2012

    I am a slacker. I do not own any plants yet. Sadly, I end up killing every plant I try to own. My plan is for ivy plants first. Not sure of the magical potential there.

  27. lilacwolf3/08/2012

    Love this entry.  I don't have a green thumb at all, good to know you really can make do with your space.  I'm planning a garden this year, but it's going to be full of things my family can eat.  lol

  28. ForestWalkArt/laura kinney3/08/2012

    i used to have an indoor dieffenbachia  too...when i lived in the city...and had heard about how poisonous they were. my cat...she loved that plant...more than her litter box. she used to 'go' in that pot.  WOW...how that plant grew!   >>hmmmm...magical kitty pee??
    :)   great post!

  29. Very interesting! I would have never thought of something like that. 

  30. I promise to always speak up. Thank goodness, you like that about me, for I doubt I can shut up lol

  31. Ivy is easy to care for and super magical. It's great for protection, healing and because of the way it spreads, I've used it for rekindling and growth. You know? I hope x, y or z grows fast and spreads like ivy? 

  32. They are almost done renovating our terrace, so I'll be able to grow some things my family can eat, too! The Little Princess is crazy about her rosemary and I lust after tomotoes!

  33. oooooo, I feel so original lol

  34. lilacwolf3/11/2012

    LoL you are so lucky to enjoy fresh food as much as you do.