The Cruelest – Witchy Books Read in April

M Is for Magic by Neil Gaiman
“Sometimes,” said June, “sometimes I think somebody’s watching us from the woods, and then I look and there isn’t anybody there. But I still think it.”

April said, “That’s because you’re crazy.”

“Mm,” said September to everybody. “That’s our April. She’s sensitive, but she’s still the cruelest.”

The April in this tale is a cynic ray of sunshine, isn’t she? I can barely wait for the cruelest of her flowers to pleasure-abuse my senses with delicious colors, shapes, scents, tastes… yum!

I know it isn’t April yet, but the first 13 days of my birthday month—yes, I’m an April baby!—will be dedicated to the Sexy, Dark & Bloody Fiction party. I wanted to post a spot for your April reviews and bookish thoughts before the party took over the entire Pagan Culture world ;-)

P.S. Did you enter the “Being a Drake” contest at my writing site? 
If not, run over there; the story can’t be written without you, and the $13 Amazon gift card cannot win itself. Cant wait to check out your readings.

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  1. Hi Magaly

    I just wanted to drop by and say hello. It has been a while and I hope that this comment goes through. Remember I was having a problem and I miss visiting you and being able to say hi.

    blessings & bliss

    1. I'm using Blogger comment system again, so you should have no problems commenting. Hope all is well with you ;-)

  2. How do you get the reply feature? I'd love that on mine.

    Happy Birthday! My baby brother was born in April. So I may forget the day, but I bet I can remember the month now.

    1. Happy April birthday to your brother and I *Repeat, repeat, repeat*

  3. You've read 79 books this year already! That is amazing!
    I've added my first April review, though I know you've already read it :)

    1. No, it is not amazing, it's an addiction! At the beginning of the year, I told my Piano Man that I would only read 113 books this year and he laughed at me--he knows me lol