Craft Envy

she remembered Pagan Culture because I’m a very cool blogger Witch.
Actually, her exact words when she gave me the Versatile Blogger Award were
“admittedly, I am really bad about remembering to follow blogs”
But seriously, my Wicked Luvs, do I need to reach that level of persnickety,
or does my paraphrasing work?
And do I really need to point out that this award was bestowed upon
my eclectic witchy self over a month ago
and I… um, forgot to write about it?
No, I don’t. Right? I’ll just grin sexily and wash my paw.
Yes, I will. And I’ll pretend I did it on purpose.
I’ll follow Judy’s and HRH’s advice, and be a Cat.
Thanks for the honor, Tanae. You rock!

And guess what, my Luvs? I, for once, will follow the rules.
- Thank Tanae, the award-giver and link back to her. Check!
- Share 7 things about my extremely hot witchy self. About 2 check!
- Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs I luvs reading. About 2 check 2!
- Contact my chosen Wicked Luvs and to let them know. On checking mode!

Seven Things about Me
1. I don’t like nuts in my chocolate bars.

1+1=2. Even numbers make me uncomfortable, except the number 28.

3. For a long time, I suffered of a serious case of Craft Envy, an ailment that affects Witches without crafting skills that can be turned into tiny sharable mementos 
(by Witches, I mean me).

4. When I was 13, I asked a catechism teacher why the Christian God condoned human sacrifice. “You are mistaken,” she said. I wasn’t convinced and told her, “But you just said that God sacrificed his only son for my sins, so…” She kicked me out of the room. Later that week, she also kicked me out of the group.

5. Oma Linda, from Olde Baggs and Stuft Shirts, cured my  non-crafty malady. She is that inspiring. I wanted to remind her how special she is to me and to many, many, many others, so I made her this (I need to mail it):
“Some souls come into our lives because we need them.
Others burst into our hearts, like a fiery hurricane of strength,
because without their loving energy we would have no tomorrow to grow.
YOU, my Oma Linda, are of the fiery kind.”
 6. After reading Dumb Cane Binding, my Arch-Hatemailer—who happens to be a rotten pillar of certain community—messaged me to say: “Your true colors finally show. You aren’t as nice as people think. I knew all along.” My best friend read the email, and told me: “Mags, you should post this online with her email info attach to it.” I cackled and told my best friend: “No, humiliating the malevolently insane is not the witchy thing to do. I rather flash her my best Wednesday Addams grin, and wait until the attention-seeking-wanton explodes out of frustration.”
7. I’m not afraid of the dark and I find creepy clowns very funny. But I’m terrified of people who believe they know me better than I know myself. These delusional individuals frighten me because I’m always thinking they’ll irritate me to the point of no return, and I’ll kick-smack them until the twitching stops. 
I doubt I would be able to get nut-less chocolate in jail.      
 Versatile Wicked Darling Luvs
5. Pagan Blog Prompts (Okay, so this one is more of a rediscovery)
9. Jonquil Alexia (she doesn’t have a blog, but I enjoy her words, so there…)
10. Forest Walk Art (Is a few months, um... recently?)

I know; not 15, huh? Yeah, that thing about me following the rules… I did think about it… then I reached 13 and… well, you know how much I love that number. What’s a Witch to do, but stay true to her sexy self? ;-)

Dear Versatile Bunch:
Don’t feel obligated to forward this award.
I understand many bloggers don’t accept this kind of recognition; just know that I enjoy what comes out of your minds.

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  1. sweet zombie goddess3/09/2012

    That is my favorite scene from The Addams Family!

  2. Very cool! Congrats. I'm off to check out the blogs you mentioned and maybe follow a few. ^_^

  3. Timeless Rituals3/09/2012

    Thank you so much! I'm really honored! Iìll post about it soon! blessings.

  4. Congrats on the recognition sweetheart:D and why  does that crumbling pillar think you are "finally" showing who you really are? Doesn't she read your blog very often? I recently put a disclaimer in my sidebar (inspired by your blog) It simply says "Just because I  choose not  to be nasty, doesn't mean I don't know how!" I figured if they can't be bothered to notice it that;s their problem :D XXX

  5. Wheeee! Thank you. :)

    Since this is the second award I got in the last months, I might should take care of them now. ;)*hops off with her award* ;)

  6. Slommler3/09/2012

    Congrats on your award!!  That is super

  7. Sunfire3/09/2012

    It's always fun to come read your blog - you have a way with words that is certainly different than what I am usually surrounded by, and I love it!
    Grats on receiving this award, and good job (mostly) following the rules.
    Thanks for mentioning Pagan Blog Prompts! I'll be sure to add the award image to the slowly growing collection there.

  8. Thank you!
    I appreciate the honorary mention.

  9. Jlalexia3/09/2012

    Thank you :))  How is 'you aren't as nice as people think' an insult?  When I'm running behind I have 3 excuses...I mean, reasons..Grandchildren 1,2,3.  If that fails, there is always my failsafe: the weather.  'I'm so sorry that I didn't get the stairs vacuumed/ the letter written/fill in the blank.  This weather is just killing my sinus'/knees/head.' 

  10. There can be no finer role model than Wednesday Addams!

  11. Linda in New Mexico3/09/2012

    You have made an olde bagg cry you sweet darling girl. I do love you so. Oma Linda

  12. Congrats on your award! :)

    Having read about that person who e-mailed you, I've decided... I'm going to spend more time in the spirit realm with animal spirit guides, and less time in the real world with idiotic humans who think they know everything, even though they don't!

  13. You're not as nice as people think...translated:  You wouldn't let me control you.

  14. Cool award...and always nice to learn something more about to check out the new blogs...

  15. "...just know that I enjoy what comes out of your minds." Thank you. That's recognition enough for me. :) 

    That post about the Dumb Cane was brilliant. Your hatemail critic failed to notice that -- which speaks to his/her preoccupation with finding fault, rather than seeing the genius of your ideas. There is a flaw there & it isn't yours.

    Thanks again & hats off to you as well!   

  16. Cauldron Keeper3/09/2012

    Nice to know I'm not the only one to have given my religious educators apoplexy. Congrats on the award.

  17. You are just too sweet!  Thanks for the award.  :D

  18. lilacwolf3/10/2012

    Craft envy - I have witch craft envy...when I run into witches who make it look effortless.  lol  I'm not overly crafty either, but having grown up with a talented mother has forced me to already deal with that monster.  ;)

  19. I love what you made Oma Linda ;o) How special! The picture of you, is so pretty ;o) And, I love your number 7 ;o) Have a great weekend ;o)

  20. I love it, too. I laughed myself to tears the firs time I watched the movie ;-)

  21. Hope you make some new bloggy friends!

  22. Mm, doubles are always extra yummy!

  23. Hugs right back at you ;-)

  24. I love your Pagan Blog Prompts. I enjoy the fact that they are personal to you, but we can relate to them. That is what witchery is all about: sharing ourselves and finding people willing to do the same. The result is usually a nice eclectic pot.

  25. And nosebleeds, don't forget nosebleeds ;-D

  26. That sounds like the title of a song.

  27. People can be so strange... no wonder Witches are partial to animals. The latter will growl and even bite, but they never try to make you think something that is not or pretend that they are better or have all the answers.

  28. Exactly. Some people can't deal with the fact that the idea of them as good leaders is only true in their own heads.

  29. Good that is good to learn about me. I don't think I can stop running my mouth ;-)

  30. Blindness seems to be an illness of choice for the ignorant. Pity...

  31. Nope, I think it's a common happening around people who are capable of critical thought ;-)

  32. My grandma was quite crafty, but for some reason storytelling was the only thing that transferred to me. I think I found a way to use my craft of words in a tangible (ready to share) way. I'm a bit excited... okay, a lot ;-)

  33. I love that picture. It was taken in Death Valley. I want to go back one day, maybe do some more cave exploring ;-)

  34. Bellatrix3/10/2012

    Thanks for your recognition. I love the title of "versatile". Too often people are expected to stick to,one influence or have one angle and I have always loved being a multi-faceted person so thanks for acknowledging that and placing me in such good company!

  35. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same.

  36. Wow! Thanks Magaly, I feel so honored! ...and Congrats to you! 

  37. Congrats right back you ;-)

  38. Congratulations on your award, you lovely witch! You may have craft envy but Magaly, you give me writer's envy on a daily basis. Yours is truly some of the best I have ever read. Seriously.

    OMG! Wednesday Addams is one of my favorite people and  I laughed so hard during that scene of the movie and even more when they did the play. MUAHAHAHA. Hugs you wicked love.   

  39. And with our envies combined we are Captain Super Witch! lol

    Yep, I watch the movie every Thanksgiving; it seems appropriate ;-)

  40. ForestWalkArt/laura kinney3/12/2012

    aaaaaw....THANKS!!  ((damn...finally...trying to get in some catch up time with blogs!! and i saw your comment you left))  
    what an HONOR to be mentioned by your witchy self!!  :)  i mean it.   
    i'm glad to have found YOUR blog...and IF i did the award thing...i'd snatch it up and pass it along.  but HEY!!  it's always cool to know you a littler better, and usually when you get those award gotta go on and on...about the hidden self. ha! well...maybe not so hidden...not any more, anyway!  you're funny...and l always like to come by...THANKS for thinking of me! i'm i trip over my feet backing out the door...with that 'who me?' expression plastered on my face...  :)  have a wicked week!

  41. Hi Magaly, I just wanted to stop back by to let you know I completed all four tasks :) 

  42. Your facial expression made me giggle ;-)

  43. ljrich3/14/2012

    But, but.....Hershey's with Almonds?! NOM NOM NOM. I don't like goo in my chocolate. Cadbury Eggs......YUCK!

    Arch hatemailer. LOL Anyone I know? ;)

  44. I don't like the creamy eggs, but I'm a sucker for the caramel. Yum!