Hammered: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne
“This is how gods are strong today. Christ, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Krishna: They have pages and pages of words about them. These words travel everywhere to bring idea of them to new generations. I have stone statues that travel nowhere. If lucky, I get half hour of man on History Channel asking who I was in deep voice.”
Above are the words of Perun, the Slavic God of Thunder. His worries came to mind the other day while I read an article about a woman who believed that “real Witches don’t share information about their Craft.” I hope not to be the only one who disagrees with that Witch’s statement, for if I’m alone in this, my Wicked Darlings, we won’t even get a “half hour” of future. 

Graveminder by Melissa Marr
“Food. Words. Drink. The things she wanted since she woke up dead were weird, but weird or not, she needed them like she’d once needed air.” I will read this one more than once; it’s that good.

Witch by Nancy Holder
When Death stalks the earth, witches come to play. For of all creatures they have nothing to fear, yea, only they.” Good to know.

Curse by Nancy Holder
When the moon in the sky begins to swell all the world grows with her; planning, scheming, waiting…” Interesting…

Legacy by Nancy Holder
Oh Green Man grant us this we pray, courage and victory at end of day. Goddess help us face our fears, drying now our angry tears. Give us the strength to prevail, as we glimpse beneath the veil.” I could always use a bit of extra strength as I spy on the things that hide without and within.
The cover of Marisa Marr’s Graveminder makes me want to write or read something witchy. If it entices you, why not go ahead and share it with others? 


  1. ForestWalkArt/laura kinney2/26/2012

    hmmmm...i'm saving lionk to this post so i can come back...and take a closer look at your suggestions...hey, keep on sharing...

  2. Definitely adding to my list!

  3. Sounds awesome!

    I was writing something witchy earlier (my story for your blog party), does that count?

    And I'm in the middle of "Stonehenge" by Bernard Cornwell (for about the fifth time); there's plenty of magic in that!

  4. The quotation from "Hammered" made me laugh. Sounds like a book with promise!

  5. Thank you for sharing these wise words with us ;o) I have to write them in my special book ;o) And, you know, I have written a lot in my special book, from things on your blog ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Diandra Linnemann2/27/2012

    I think modern witches should share as much as possible - or at least as much as they are comfortable with. How else are we supposed to learn new stuff insteaad of inventing the wheel over and over again? There's this quote about someone standing on the shoulders of giants, you know... ^^

  7. lilacwolf2/27/2012

    That cover is awesome...makes me more jealous as I trudge through 2 romance novels I agreed to review...this truly is a genre I dislike.   And real witches share...we are all unique though, that's what is scary. No one telling what to think or how to do it right.  Nothing more freeing than being your own boss.

  8. ljrich2/27/2012

    Gonna read this! .....I think.:) When I get time to read. 

  9. Of course it counts. No, let me rephrase that, it counts times three ;-)

  10. Hearne surprised me. The first book I ever read by him was a gift, the next I got because I needed to know what came next. The storytelling is well, different... 

  11. Keep on writing, my friend! 

  12. Indeed. I never heard of any Witch who learn by osmosis, but hey, I'm still and young Witch, right? Nah, there must be some shoulder riding and a bit of hand holding, too.

  13. You are better than I am; seriously, I can't read something I dislike, at least not by choice. Good luck, my dear. 

    And I agree, sharing is great when it comes to our witchy knowledge, if not how can we grow?

  14. I think you'll get a kick out of 
    Hearne's writing. No, "think" isn't the right word; I'm sure you will. It's different...