Frog on Stool

I know I’ve been pissed at Blogger and its mama-Google because of the dancing naked under the dark moon bit. Nevertheless, I can hardly keep a frowny face after seeing this:
Gioachino Rossini 220th Birthday/Leap Year Google Doodle 
I LOVE frogs! So a googly-eyed green thing, playing the piano, is just too cute to ignore. Yep, Gioachino Rossini’s froggy Google Doodle made me grin.

Oh my gods! While I was looking for the Google Doodle page to link them, I found the Dominican Republic Independence Day Google Doodle. Wicked!
Dominican Republic Independence Day Google Doodle 
And don’t forget, my Wicked Luvs, Feb 29th is one of those days when uncommon magic might render uncommonly positive results. Spell something. 
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  1. sweet zombie goddess2/29/2012

    I *love* frogs! I have frogs all over my kitchen (the ceramic kind lol), and a froggie tattoo in honor of my mom :).  The Google banner is awesome!

  2. Not too much going on at work...I've been reading the list of Short Fiction and other Bits a few posts back...Been enjoying them completely...Hope you are enjoying revising them for class...

    I also like frogs and toads...and have photographed a few in my time...

  3. So I hear you saying that line from Brokeback Mountain: "Blogger/Google, I wish I knew how to quit you!"

  4. So cute! Thanks for the tip ;o) My friend, you won something on my blog ;o) I have your address, but I just wanted to let you know ;o) I guess you were right, magic did happen today for you ;o)

  5. Slommler3/01/2012

    Love you girl!!!

  6. lilacwolf3/01/2012

    That's so cute!  Good job Google, now kindly make Blogger behave?  ;)

  7. I don't have as many green babies as I once had, but I can't wait to surround myself with them again.

  8. I'm so glad you are enjoying them, Judy. I've revised a few and have added a scene here and there. I will let you know when I add the changes ;-)

    Your frog pics are lovely!

  9. Now I need a cowgirl hat!

  10. I'm doing all kinds of happy dances! A wand from Kim and a bookmark from you? Magic indeed!

  11. ljrich3/02/2012

    I think Frogs are cute. I have a friend who is scared to death of them. She had one in her yard in SoCal that she called "stalker frog". ROFL

    I like the Dominican Independence doodle!

  12. A stalker frog, huh? I just pictured it winking at your friend as the poor thing screams with desperation ;-)

  13. Geckostone3/03/2012

    Yep I got a big giggle out of the frogs too when I turned on my computer that day. Had to even call Jeff in to share since he knows how much I love frogs! Froggy love forever Witchy Woman! Hugs, Deb

  14. ljrich3/03/2012

    She actually did scream about it which makes it all the more humorous. It probably jumped out at her or something. LOL So hilarious.

  15. How funny! I was all excited and emailing my Piano Man about the frogs, too.

    Frog love, right back at you ;-)