Doting on All My Darlings and a Bit of Serendipity

Lately, the relationship between the college student and the witchy writer has been... chaotic. You read about the eye gouging and the six-inch-heeled hooker, so you already know.

But guess what? One bright as spring daisy budded out of the center of the storm and filled me with smiles. The seed was planted by one of my instructors. She gave the class a list of writing exercises that required us to write a story every day for a period of time. I must’ve made a face that showed all the distress and displeasure I was feeling because the instructor asked, “Are you alright, Magaly?”

One look around the room, told me that everybody had seen my I-really-hate-this-assignment look. I was honest with the instructor. “I just wish I could work on some of the stuff I’ve already started.” I explained that I had a bunch of short pieces that I wanted to get back to, but schoolwork didn’t allow for it.

She looked from her paper to me. “Do you have enough already started pieces to fulfill the assignment?”   

“I’ve published twenty-five on my blog, maybe thirty. But some of them aren’t all that.” My transparent facial expressions showed my feelings again, for I saw the professor grinning.

“Why don’t you send them to me, as they currently are, then polish one each day. I will accept the revisions as your submission for the writing exercise.”

That was it. No lecture on how a good writer must start something new for each class. Instead, at the end of the session, she encouraged other students to “unearth forgotten stories,” if they wanted to. She also said that “Sometimes, writers need to finish a few things—even if they aren’t great—before they can visit new and magnificent.”

Yep, I’m still smiling. I get to use the next couple of months to dote on all my darling tales, especially on the ones that aren’t great at the moment.

The Serendipitous Bit…
I separated my short writings in three groups: Short Fiction, stories containing characters or ideas that I wish to develop beyond what the instructor is expecting; Poetry, my scarce shaky attempts towards “the art of rhythmical composition;” and Short Fiction and Other Bits, a mixture of fiction and, well, other bits.

Serendipity showed her face while I was making sure I had enough pieces to fulfill the assignment. After I separated them, I noticed that I had 13 – 5 – 13. My favorite number flanking my birth day; I’m feeling extra lucky ;-)
Short Fiction
More Short Fiction and Other Bits
1. “I’m NOT Dead!” Roared Lugh
2. Itch`
3. Regret`
4. Gardens and Thorns`  
6. Night Terror`
7. Rebirth of the Nightmare`

“The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in shockproof, shit detector. This is the writer’s radar and all great writers have had it” Ernest Hemingway.

“At the moment, my ‘shit detector’ is a springy child. I hope it grows tougher as it writes, reads, listens, rewrites, rereads, learns…” Witchy Me 
8. Darlene`
13. Stupid`

*The initial ideas for “Blessed to Death” and “Witch by Design” were born in the wicked darling minds of Tori Zigler and Polly Taskey, respectively.
I borrowed this interesting bit from nobulb
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  1. Kristy Wren2/24/2012

    look at you, inspiring the teacher.  That's epic.  Good luck with classes!  ~)O(~

  2. Hooray for you!!! :D If you hadn't been the honest open witch that you would be pulling your(and numerous other peoples) hair out right now with stress and frustration :D XXX

  3. Slommler2/24/2012

    What a wonderful gift you have received.  And a teacher that encourages and supports...who'd of thunk it!!!!  Amazing
    Woot!  Woo!!

  4. I like your prof. I wish I could take the class.

  5. That was wonderful. It is always good to have a wonderful techer who understands you. It makes all the more interseting when you start inspiring your teacher. 

  6. Sweet Zombie Goddess2/24/2012

    I have so many words and stories inside of me, but nary a bit of talent I figure.  Wish I could use your brain for a day :).


    p.s. no one, except for my bestie, whom I make stuff for all the time, want to do the "hands" challenge.  I would feel truly blessed if you allowed me to create something for a witchy giveaway for you some time...something to give back for all I have been given.  Is that too bold lol??

  7. Yep, honesty doesn't always render the best results, but this time it paid off ;-)

  8. Common sense is a great thing to find in a person.

  9. Hm, I just picture you holding my brain... nice imagery. You should write about it lol

    And about a giveaway, OF COURSE; I'm sure every Wicked Darling would agreed, too. What about sponsoring the Sexy, Dark and Bloody Fiction Blogoversary Party?

  10. This is very exciting news! If you're anything like me, all the "partially-done" stuff you've left in the shadows kind of gnaws at you in an annoying way. I'm so happy for you! Your instructor will be pleasantly surprised!

  11. Fantastic Magaly! I am so happy for you!!! Great teacher to listen to her student ;o) Have a great one ;o)

  12. brandi2/24/2012

    ~the forgotten...i like her thinking...and it is a wonderful way to reflect and see how your writing has evolved...i am so happy this worked in yoru favor...serendipity...moments that make your spirit sing!!! much love light and happy writing days to you~

  13. SunshineShelle2/24/2012

    Smart teacher, probably realised her reading will be much more fulfilling if the students are inspired by what tales they are creating rather than working on an uninspired piece for assignment purposes only... this makes me happy Magaly :) Win/Win for all parties!

  14. salemwitchchild2/25/2012

    That's awesome. So glad your going to be able to finish up your previous works. I also hate to start something new without finishing the old. But sometimes I just have really good ideas that need to be written down first.

    Good luck with you assignment. Though I'm sure you won't need luck. ;) 

  15. Angie Quinby2/25/2012

    I needed to read this today. Positive! How awesome to have an instructor that understands and is willing to work with her students in the best way FOR that student.  

  16. lilacwolf2/25/2012

    What a good teacher - she made me smile.  I've seen authors, even Stephen King release something they started on like 30 years ago.  Sounds like she's a real writer and not just an instructor of writers.  :)

  17. I hope your "partially-done" stuff gnaws at you enough to make you make finish them ;-)

  18. Her thinking is quite fresh; I like it, too.

  19. Win/Win, indeed. Most of the time, I give up  on the idea of an instructor who wants to "really" read a student stuff. Not that they aren't out there, juts that they aren't all that regular.

  20. When I get one of those awesome great ideas, I go ahead and outline them out and go back to the stuff I was working on. If I don't do that, I would never get anything done lol

  21. I'm glad it was good for you, too!

  22. salemwitchchild2/26/2012

    Thats probably the smartest thing I do. But I just start writing whats in my head. Most of it starts out as dreams, so I just write down the dream.

  23. ljrich2/27/2012

    There is no way I could keep up in that class. I'm far too lazy.:)

  24. I think you might. You are a fast writer; once you figure what you want to write about, I think the story would just flare out.

  25. What an awesome instructor! And OMG! Look at all you have written. I am beyond impressed with both the quantity and quality of your wonderful work, my talented friend.

    Ha! Love the Hemingway quote.

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