Black Crows and Pink Skulls

My life, altar and dreams have been invaded by black crows and pink skulls. And I, my Wicked Luvs, am delighted.

Stacy and Oma Linda surprised me with these beauties. Aren’t they perfect?
A dream catcher protected by 13 black crows and a white daisy.
Pink and black heart with grinning skully girls wearing the cutest bow ever!
 “Sweet Dreams” by Magic Love Crow has found its home right above where I write and sleep when I’m at my writing studio. I’ve been so excited about it that the other night I dreamed about crows and daisies—Stacy, you are amazing. In case you didn’t notice, my Wicked Darlings, let me point out that there are thirteen crows and one daisy surrounding the dream catcher. This couldn’t be more perfect if I had dreamt of it myself.
Books, hats, a black and white bag with a skull and crossbones, a water bottle, my adorable dream catcher... and all the other lovely things that sit over me while I write and sleep. 
OmaLinda’s Practically Magickal ways have made it into my altar, in the shape of a heart covered with black and pink skulls and filled with deliciously calming seeds. The Crone Goddess has been rolling her eyes since the skully girls arrived because Old Man Death can’t stop grinning. Thanks so much, Oma, my altar and I feel extra loved.
The Crone Goddess and Old Man Death wondering how long will it be until the Maiden Goddess and the Young God come to take their place and celebrate spring ;-)
This picture was one of those accidents that tend to make one’s day—or at least my day. I’m not sure what happened, for I had done nothing to the camera settings. But look how dark it is. And how the crystal balls, which in my altar signify the sun and the moon, look to be shining with their own light.
Another pic of my altar, this one is a bit dark, with the moon and the sun bright, bright, bright!
Who was the last person to make your day? Or, like in my case, the last wonderful people to make your week and probably your month?

And while we are on the subject of gifts that make you smile, I invite you to stop by Kim’s blog for the chance to welcome the spring in a very magical way. This lovely faerie wand can be yours, um, if I don’t win it first that is ;-)
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  1. Linda Wildenstein2/06/2012

    glad the skelly girls conveyed to you my Valentoonie regards...........xoxo Oma Linda

  2. The sun and moon

  3. ForestWalkArt/laura kinney2/06/2012

    oh how i love love love these gifts!
    what a magical place to read, calm and meditate...

  4. Pinkglitterfae2/06/2012

    you are much loved by your friends, to get such thoughtful gifts! I can attest to Stacy being a sweetheart, and a talented one at that, and how cute is that little big heart with skullies!
    that's pretty cool with your crystal balls glowing like that, I have no idea how that happened, lol! Just amazing!
    hope you win that cute little fairy wand :-D

  5. Yeh!!! I am so happy the aceo arrived to you my friend, safe and sound! I didn't want to ruin the surprise, by telling you it was on the way! It looks great in the black frame! I love the heart from Linda ;o) Guess what, I got one too ;o) I will be showing mine off soon ;o) Your altar is beautiful and those glowing crystal balls, wow!! Very special! Big Hugs ;o) Oh, I forgot, so happy you went over to Kim's blog ;o)

  6. Your gifts are so beautiful, sweet Magaly. I just love both Linda and Stacy. I can practically see and feel the power of positive energy cascading from those magical photos. None of us can resist your witchy charms, my love.

  7. SunshineShelle2/07/2012

    OK Look at this LOVEFEST!!! Stacy's art - FANTASTIC - as like.. ALWAYS :) Linda's heart is in all its skully gorgeousness, both have found their perfect home, & that wand, well baby there's some competition over at Kim's blog... you may have to wrestle someone for that ;)

  8. They have indeed. I think I just heard them giggle ;-)

  9. Magical... that exactly how it feels.

  10. Having them in  my life is the greatest gift of all. I smile just thinking about it.

  11. Your surprise was a blessing. I opened my mail late, after I got back from school, and I cooed for ages lol I love, love, love it!

  12. Um, irresistible me ;-D

  13. "Lovefest" I will use that word many times today. It sounds like we need a bit of it in our lives every now and then. I got mine, right? And I'm all about spreading the goodness.

  14. Oh, you got a skull heart too, lucky gal! And Stacy's 13 crows dreamcatcher is awesome! Sweet gifts for a sweetheart of a person, Magaly!!!  Wow, that is soooo cool how the crystals glow! Don't ya just love those serendipitous accidents?! In ans to your question, my friend Jen at work made my day yesterday. I was feeling down and she pulled me out of it by being her wonderful funny self!!! I am thankful I work with so many wonderful people. Wish I could say the same for the owner of the company ( sorry, you didn't hear that last remark,lol!). Hugs, Deb

  15. Love the heart! And the crystal balls glowing are awesome!

  16. I love those moments, indeed. Just seeing how those who care about you are thinking about you when you most need them, and even if you don't; that is just what friends do.

    Hugs right back at you ;-)

  17. I just took  my first writing break (I have to finish working on a story, which is due tomorrow). I needed a brain break and some food and to bring that lovely Oma Linda heart closer to my writing space--it smells sooo good!