Secluded No More… Almost

My so called writing seclusion will come to an end tomorrow evening. I did terribly. I didn’t get done half of what I had planned, and that made me feel crappy—not literally, but that’s another post—and there is not a damn thing I can do to get my time back. Oh well, maybe I could bitch a little less and bring some balance back into my witchy life.

Last week, Serenity invited me to Get Off the Broom, again. She said to make a list of the reasons or excuses that explained why I haven’t been taking the whole getting my butt in shape bit as serious as I should. Um, that answer won’t take long: my body wasn’t inspired. And when in a state of blah, my flesh and bones are worse than the mind of a mule that is extremely proud of having its picture over a ginormous pin that screams, Got of Stubbornness?     
Stubborn Mule Sticker by Inspirationrocks 
But school is back in session, and the long days of writing, reading and arguing will push me get back in track. Weird how people—and by people, I mean me—are more productive when extra busy…

Tomorrow, I’ll do my Daily Thirteen while listening to Here Comes Science by There Might Be Giants. I’m blaming my “Bloodmobile” addiction on the Little Princess.  

And because I luv you a whole freaking lot, let me share bits of the readings that have kept me going these last few days:

Truckers by Terry Pratchett
“Granny’s remedies, made from simple, honest, and generally nearly poisonous herbs and roots, were amazing things. After one dose of stomach-ache jollop, you made sure you never complained of stomach ache ever again. In its way, it was a sort of cure.” A week ago, my stomach was mean enough to make me miss my grandma’s “nearly poisonous” teas.

Snuff by Terry Pratchett
“The colonel was, by inclination, a live-and-let-live personality and, frankly, if a gel wanted to go around with another gel who wears a shirt and tie, trains horses and has a face like a bulldog licking vinegar off a thistle, then it was entirely her business. After all, he told himself, what about old “Beefy” Jackson, eh? Wore a dress every night in the mess and rather flowery aftershave for a chap, but when the call of arms came he could fight like a bloody demon. Funny old world.” You can’t deny it, my Wicked Darlings, Sir Terry has many ways with words ;-)

          “Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference.” I think Stephen King pulled this out of my soul, so that my Piano Man could see it in print.

Life is good… 

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  1. Slommler1/29/2012

    Be creative is a lonely job!!  And having someone believe in your vision makes all the difference.  Amen!!!!  So true!  I thank Dr. John, entirely!

  2. Perhaps with more happening to inspire you ideas will flow more freely?
    I posted a couple more reviews on Friday, which you may be interested in.
    The Bromiliad Trilogy is my favourite of the Terry Pratchett books; after reading it as a child I became convinced that gnomes (or borrowers, I couldn't decide) lived under my bedroom floor. Used to push sweets through a hole near the skirting board in case they fancied any.Good luck getting back off your broom!

  3. Isn't Stephen amazing?  I've loved him since I was a young teen.  Inspiration comes and goes, ebbs and flows.  Imagine being inspired all the exhausting.

  4. Some of us need to be busy to function :D Time to think and plan is such a rarity to us, when it arrives, we can't do anything else lol :D XXX

  5. We have been blessed with great men, haven't we? And they are handsome and talented, too!

  6. I think you are on to something about the flow of ideas bit. 

    And I still leave sugar water and hard candy for the Faeries.

  7. He is amazing, indeed. 
    WOW, my head just heard a bit... it was trying to imagine being inspired all the time.

  8. That's what sleep is for, isn't it? ;-)

  9. Loved all those quotations! 

  10. Loved all those quotations! 

  11. I am having a total motivation meltdown for exercise and an out of control carb craving lately.  Why can't sugary chocolate be full of antioxidants and broccoli a chemical laden toxin??? ;-)

    Don't be so hard on yourself that your goals that did not come to full fruition. Sometimes an idea is not ready to materialize and needs time to be nurtured and allowed to grow on it's own time. One day when you least expect it, words will spew from your mind like a beautiful crystal waterfall.  Have a wonderful week, my lovely Magaly. 

  12. Hey Magaly, I have to get my butt back in gear too! Majorly!! In the mornings, till the afternoon, I do great, then at night, look out! Anyone calling for chips and dip??? Tomorrow is a new day  ;o) I know you will be writing freely again soon ;o) You are the writing queen ;o) Have a great week ;o)

  13. It is not very nice, but I feel relief to know I'm not the only one going through an exercise rough patch. Guess workout blah likes company...

    You are right, I have to be nicer to myself when it comes to getting stuck every ones in a while. No one can't get everything they expect from themselves all the time. 

  14. Treats do taste better at night lol

    And you were writing, the writing flow is back!

  15. Nice "bits" Magaly. I love the Stephen King quote. We took a spur of the moment jaunt over to China Town San Fransisco (3 hour drive from here!),wow, do they have culture there! We were in a bar watching this killer great funk band  and in walks a parade of clowns, I mean that literally, there were about 20 of them. Usually they kinda creep me out , but to see them all jumpin and jivin with drinks in hand, and gettin the rest of us out on the dance floor too, is a sight I'll never forget. What a magical place, yes,life is good indeed!!!

  16. lilacwolf1/30/2012

    Welcome back again.  Writing is hard work, and I was someone who didn't appreciate that until I started pushing myself to do it.  I'm still having a hard time pushing myself.

    Don't beat yourself up too much, even though you didn't get where you wanted to be...maybe you are where you should be.  :)

    Good luck with your daily 13!  *hugs*

  17. Karen N1/30/2012

    I love the Stephen King quote too--On Writing is one of the most inspirational writing books I've ever read.  I don't know what I would do without my friends' encouragement somedays.  As Anne Lamont says in Bird by Bird (another great writing book), we all need our own little cheering section.  Thanks for posting about this.  I thought I was the only one with a case of the winter doldrums.  I wish you the best of all possible weeks, Magaly!

  18. That sounds fantastic! I wish I had been there taking pictures and probably dancing like a loon, too.

  19. You are right, I'm where I'm supposed to be. If not, I would be somewhere else, right?

  20. I think being blue during the winter is pretty commons, especially for those of us with fiery souls. I miss the color and heat of the warmer months, that keeps me cheered up as a good book. Okay, almost ;-)