Double Witchy Cat Dare You...

Yes, cat; not dog. Who said puppies get to have all the daring fun?

I’m daring you to read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, a book that does something to remind you that “the planet that feeds you, dresses and shelters you…” needs help staying alive.

It might be a bit weird, but this nonfiction book has always felt like an example of real life urban fantasy to me. Carson was a heroine of her times, and ours, too. If you like books about individuals who kick butt, then go ahead and give Silent Spring a chance.

And in case you are not already tired of me running my pie hole about, um… myself, I’ve been multi tagged for more. Yep, the lovely and all around witchy writers of In The Arms of Mother Earth, That Witch Is True, Aoibheal’s Lair, By Land, Sky and Sea, The Silence of the Moon, and The Witch of the Howling Creek said I must bless you, although annoy you might be more accurate, with random information about me. I’m an Aries, so of course I’m just too happy to oblige!

11 Random Things about Me:
   1. I’m a giver, but not a very good sharer.
   2. I don’t like anyone sitting on my writing space.
   3. The same goes, times three and a few hexes, for my altar.
   4. Liars have no room in my life; even if we share blood.
   5. I don’t understand intelligent narrow-minded people.
   6. “God-loving” religions that condemn people to eternal suffering, just because they don’t share their views, make my head want to explode with confusion.
   7. Skinny jeans look ridiculous on me, and I’ve often tried them on and laughed at myself.
   8. I find freckles on pale skin extremely sexy.
   9. I can’t separate sex from love, and I like that about me.
   10. I believe that to be openly gay, and happy in today’s society, is admirable.
   11. I miss my dog every second of the day.

Now I’ll answer the 1st and 11th question from every person who tagged me. I was supposed to answer eleven from each, but that’s a bit much. I’m playing it lazy…

From TanaéWhat one piece of art has moved you more than any other? Frédéric Chopin’s “Vals Opus 69 No.1 Op. Posth.” performed by my Piano Man. It leaves me in tears nearly every time.
Name the first word or image that comes to mind. I thought about Sweet Williams after a warm Caribbean rain.
From Hannah: Where is your favourite place? Why? I love Flushing Meadows Corona Park in summer nights… when the moon is dark and the stars bright.
What is your favourite song? “Pelo Suelto” by Gloria Trevi; read You’ll Dance When I Die to know why.

From Vickie: Who is your favorite author and why? A Terry Pratchett, Gabriel García Márquez, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Neil Gaiman hybrid.
On the weekends, if you have time, sleeping late or afternoon naps? Definitely naps!

From Dana: You have 48 hours left to live: what do you do with them? I have no idea, but some of it will have to do with sex.
What’s your favorite secret indulgence? Dulce de leche ice cream and burned peach pie. Okay, so is not really a secret.

From Diandra: What was your worst date, and why? It was my last date before meeting my Piano Man. After I told the guy that I wasn’t interested, he told me he “could buy women like me a dime a dozen.” He yelled the words as I walked out of a crowded restaurant in New York City. Yep, Mr. Wall Street Broker was extremely classy.
Where do you want to be in three years? I want to be writing, loving and witching successfully.

From Willow: What is one hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try but have stopped yourself for one reason or another, be it a different hair color, extensions, whatever? None really; I’ve done anything imaginable to my hair.
Do you have, or have you ever made, a witches’ bottle? Yes, many times. Actually, I will make one to charge under the following Dark Moon.

Twelve questions, huh? I don’t like that number. Guess you—each of you—get to ask me the 13th question. Wouldn’t want me to have bad luck, would you?

Now, because I’m a bit lazy and because I would hate to waste perfectly questions, I’ll tag eleven Wicked Darlings, and suggest they answer the 3rd and 9th questions from the ones who tagged me. Yes, m’luv, you’re it!

1. KimR

Please visit any of the lovelies who tagged me for the game rules. And do share your thoughts, if you decide to take my dare and read Silent Spring. While you are it, stop by Tinga’s Reviews and see who else is daring you to read.


  1. Slommler1/19/2012

    I love Kenyon too and Prachett!!  Naps for me for sure!!

  2. I don't do the tag thing sweetheart...they remind me too much of those chain letters people used to send with a threat of bad luck if you didn't pass them on(I used to get everyone to pass them to me at school and destroy them), but I will say I totally relate to all your Random Things except #9......I love my husband dearly..but there are some men I would def have sex with regardless(no love necessary) :DXXX

  3. Ugh...fine. I'll do it. Stop twisting my arm lol ;).  Love your answers!

    and....secretly...I am with Georginamorley...shhhhhh.....


  4. My sign in changed. How annoying lol!


  5. The book sounds interesting; bet I can't get hold of an audio or braille version though.
    *Chuckles at "giver but not a sharer"*... I have the same problem. I love giving things to people, but my stuff is mine and you don't touch unless I say so!
    *Nods in agreement with #6*
    ROTFLMAO at your answer to Dana's first question; I so knew you'd have to include that!
    I've already done a post for today, but I'll do this either tomorrow or Saturday.

  6. Keltikmystique1/19/2012

    I'm cheating LOL... I was previously tagged; it appears this game is quite popular LOL here's the link... I will however answer the questions, since you have requested and when done, I will post the link :)

  7. Have they all popped yet? That would make my day. (And a few other peoples')  If not, I suppose you are still laughing which is not an unworthy pass-time. ;)

    As for this tagging thing... well, it reminds me of playground games. I was never very good at following the rules of games, always modifying them to fit my own idea of a "good game." I avoided a previous tag, but perhaps I will go along & do it MY WAY. (Invocation to Sinatra coming.) 

  8. Keltikmystique1/19/2012

    Ok Magaly, here is my post ...

  9. I believe that "Silent Spring" has been around for a while, hasn't it?  I have not read it, but have heard many things about it...Guess it's about time to actually read the book, eh?  Anyway...You've been busy with all your stuff to read...thanks

    Yep, those wall-street guys can be a bit full of themselves...

  10. Loved all the answers, and I still can't believe I am finding more out about you! Did, I read your post right, burned peach pie? Really burned? Interesting,!! I can't believe your ex said that out loud! Mr. Wall Street Broker was pissed! Good for you!

  11. I did it, I love this stuff. Except the asking questions part, I suck at that. An interviewer I will never be. Yoda will might be. =]

  12. And done! Thanks for tagging me :D

    I'll have to check into the book and see if I can squeeze it into the 10 books I currently have checked out.

  13. Gads! Exercise in narcissism complete! Whew!

  14. lilacwolf1/20/2012 - here you go.  :P

  15. What's not to love, huh?

  16. It might be possessed :-)

  17. This one might be fairly easy to get on audio, for it has been around forever and a few days. Yep, I'm kind of attached to what's mine.

  18. I waited over a week before posting my tag answer, it seems thing it's a bit viral *sigh*

  19. Silent Spring is, indeed, one of the best books ever written. The first time I finished, I couldn't believe my heart and eyes; what a jewel. I have not heard the Olivia Newton John's song, but I'm going to right now. I bet it's lovely!

  20. Will read it in a bit ;-)

  21. Since the early 1960s and it is still wonderful. I'm almost sure you'll like it, Judy. The writing is superb and the content, well, just give it a go and tell me what you think. 

  22. I will email you a picture of the pie I ate on New Year's Day. And I can't believe what people say sometimes. 

  23. You just made me roar lol

  24. I hope you can. I feel it'll be worth it. 

  25. I'm dyslexic so it makes Yoda speak easy =]

  26. It is always a pleasure knowing more about that fabulous mind and heart of yours sweetie.  And that date with a Broker? Another example that money does not buy class. 

  27. You are so true and so right, my friend ;-)