Blessed to Death

This witchy tale can stand on its own two little legs, but I promise it will be less wobbly—and a LOT more enjoyable—if you first read “Alexis’ Story” by Tori.

Here is a belated Winter Solstice gift for a friend who deserves much more.

Blessed to Death: Part II of Alexis’ Story
How do I tell a 12-year-old blind witch that she’s the only one who can vanquish the ancient demon who has been planning her death since way before her great-grandparents were born? That question flew around and around my avian brain as I circled over the witch in question. I decided to follow my gut. It was early, and the school entrance was deserted. I shifted from crow to human form right in front of the witch’s eyes.

She squinted up at me. Her short black hair made her look extra pale in an unintentionally Goth kind of way. She opened her mouth to talk, but closed it again.

“What were you going to say?” I sat next to her on the sidewalk. She stared at me, but didn’t answer. “You aren’t mute,” I pressed on. “I heard you talking to yourself.”

Her quick fingers leafed through the book in her hands. She looked back and forth between me and the yellowish pages, and muttered words I couldn’t make out.

I snatched the book from her. “I’m not the one you need to curse,” I said. A nervous witch chanting from a raggedy leather-bound book is never a good thing, especially for the one making her nervous. I wondered what teenage witches were learning these days. I glanced at the spot she had been reading, “Easy Everyday Blessings?” I roared at the title.  

Glaring at me, she got to her feet using a black cane for support, and resumed her chanting, “With the passion of fire, and with water’s strength; with the wisdom of air, and with earth’s grounding breath.” The witch’s cane shook in her grasp. “I command you… I…” Something that looked like panic or courage took over her face.
Her cane landed across my right ear and cheek, and she rushed back into the school building.

My face was throbbing. I could barely see through the pain. “Wait,” I stumbled after the witch. What’s her freaking name? I asked myself. I looked at a piece of paper she had been using as a book mark. Her name was written under a huge red F. Alexis. “Alexis, wait.” I yanked the door opened, and followed the witch’s scent into a janitor’s closet. I froze.

“They should stop sending little nightmares to do grownup demons’ work.” Stian, hiding under the skin of a middle-aged woman, held Alexis against his chest. They stood in the middle of a circle I couldn’t cross. Stian’s voice sounded strange and too masculine, coming out of a tiny woman’s mouth.

I looked around the room; we were alone. Alexis seemed to be in a trance. “Listen to me Alexis,” I swallowed and wished I had taken advantage of the little time I had spent with the witch. “That is not your teacher,” my voice didn’t seem to reach her. “Please, Alexis, you have to trust me. His name is Stian. He’s a rogue demon who’s here to kill you, but you can banish him.” My words sounded senseless to my own ears, but I had to say them anyway. “You must banish him, little witch.”

“Don’t be stupid, Mara,” Stian caressed Alexis’ hair. “Look into my eyes, child. I’m your teacher; you know that. Do what I say, darling. That woman is very, very bad.” Stian pointed at me with a cock of his head. “She is evil. I need you to hold my hands and repeat what I say, dear, or the evil woman won’t leave. She will hurt everyone if you don’t help me.”

Alexis nodded and I wanted to scream. “Don’t look in his eyes, Alexis. He is trying to suck your magic.” I saw as Stian’s aura flared. He was a halo of white fire about to consume the little witch. “He’ll kill you, Alexis. Run!”

But Alexis wasn’t listening to me. Her own aura had flared red, blue, yellow and brown, creating a double conduit between her magic and the demon’s power.

Stian opened his arms and dropped his barriers, in order to welcome Alexis’ soul.

The witch took a step back, picked up her cane with incredible speed, and used it to draw a smaller circle inside the one she had been sharing with Stian. The demon realized what the witch was doing and tried to escape, but Alexis’ circle held strong.

Standing straight and looking determined, Alexis yelled, “With the passion of fire, and with water’s strength; with the wisdom of air, and with earth’s grounding breath,” her cane smacked the ground three times, and with each blow the demon’s aura sizzled. “I command you, Stian, to be blessed to death!”

The demon’s white aura was absorbed into Alexis’ glowing colorful form.

“B… but,” my tongue felt too big in my mouth. “No one has taught you anything. The Coven sent me because you were… well, because you were weak and lost.”

“Things are not always what they seem, are they?” Alexis took her book from my hands, and walked past me.

I turned around when a question came to mind. “You used a blessing to banish a demon; why?”

“I didn’t banish him,” Alexis lifted her cane. “I consumed his energy.”

I blinked. I didn’t know of anyone ever doing that. “How? You need to curse a demon to take his power. To do that, you must look into his eyes. Looking into a demon’s eyes, grants him permission to steal your soul. You are still you, right?” She felt and smelled like she hadn’t change.

“Right; I didn’t curse him, remember? I blessed him into his dead. And I have been blind for quite some time. I can’t look into anyone’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see what’s inside them and around me. Also,” Alexis grinned and padded her backpack with the cane, “I’m pretty awesome at playing witch.”


  1. Awesome Magaly!!! Loved every word :D XXX

  2. I love it; great sequel to my story, Mags! :)

  3. lilacwolf1/04/2012

    Yum!  That was great!  I love how she blessed the demon.  And the matter-of-fact way she is about being able to look into anyone's eyes...or her inability to.  

  4. Slommler1/04/2012

    What a fabulous story!!!!!!  Applauding you!!

  5. I just finished a book about vampires and demons which was so amateurish it amazed even me...I don't normally recognize these things though I did finish the book...your story caught my interest so much better...

  6. Fantastic Magaly!!! Loved every word ;o)

  7. Great story! I want more! 

  8. Went back and read part 1, but there should be a whole story between the two...

  9. Judy, you are evil, and I know that somehow you've been looking into my head. I've been smacking my head for a while over this fact. I could have lived with it, if it was just me. I was nearly succeeding at lying to myself, lying to you is a whole different ball game. Now, I have to write that middle story. Yes, the one that explains the change in her personality.

    Thanks for the great reading, m'luv! 

  10. Maybe we can use our powers combined and create a middle piece?

  11. I like those bits, too. She's her own girl, isn't it?

  12. Glad you loved it, my friend.

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  14. PLEASE DO THIS. Seriously, it'd be incredible! :D

  15. Hm... we might just have to then ;-)

  16. Intense Guy1/09/2012

    Awesome!!  You and Tori make a great team!

  17. Intense Guy, I think you are on to something ;-)

  18. Wonderful sequel! I love the way Alexis blessed the demon to death rather than cursed or banished. It brings a beautiful acceptance and peace as well as a surprise twist. You are amazing my lovely friend.

  19. I like Alexis. She wouldn't let anyone tell her how to live her life, or her magic
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  20. ljrich1/14/2012

    Ooo, I like this!

  21. Oh this, and the intro story from Tori, are AWESOME! Miss Penny of "The Witches' Grove" might like to meet Alexis. Perhaps I'll try and put them together for your Sexy, Dark and Bloody 3rd Blogoversary Party. :D

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