Two Halves of a Dragon’s Heart

Journeys are full of challenges and admissions… the story of me—particularly my heart’s journey—is no different.

I’ll begin with a quote from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

“You must understand that love never keeps a man
from pursuing his Personal Legend.
If he abandons that pursuit, it’s because it wasn’t true love…
the love that speaks the Language of the World.”

And I’ll finish with the tale that made me fall in love with stories:
Two Halves of One Dragon’s Heart 

I can’t remember how old I was when the wisest Witch I’ve ever met told me that every living thing begins existence as a dragon. “A human being,” she said “is a tough dragon soul, formed by opposite halves of a perfect heart. So flawless and so in love is this Dragon’s Heart that the Gods get envious; out of jealousy, they cut the heart in half before birth and send the pieces in separate ways.

The human body then becomes fragile. But sometimes—many times, actually—a person gets lucky enough to find his or her other half. When the two halves come together, they transform and become a complete Dragon’s Heart: perfect for each other, unbreakable and strong, in love, one.”

I gave my heart to a man many years ago. He gave me his, too. We were happy. We got married. We loved and hurt each other… a lot. I ran from the pain that was him. It felt like we gave up on each other. I was pretty sure the other half of my dragon had stayed with him.

Then I met my Piano Man and  began to wonder if the Gods in the witchy story didn’t, perhaps, bless humans with their cutting curse. If the dragon is born whole, the two halves never get to choose. But after the severing, the decision of whom we allow to complete our Dragon’s Heart becomes ours and ours alone. Mine...

If I’m the everlasting owner of half of my Dragon’s Heart—and I know that I am—then I claim the right to author and live my own story.  I get to choose the love legend “that speaks the Language of [my] World.” I love that… a lot.

And I believe that outlook on love is not limited to romantic relationships; at least not in my case. For it extends to the way I relate to my family, friends, and to my spirituality, too.

I love my kin because they deserve it;
             not because we share blood.
I love my friends because they are amazing;
             not because it’s the right thing to do.
I love my witchery because it’s part of me;
             not because someone says I’ll burn if I don’t.

I love my Piano Man because his love helps me understand all of the above. He knows what I have to give. Yes, his half of Dragon’s Heart makes my half feel more whole than it has in a long, long time.

I don’t love my Piano Man because he loves me,
            but because loving him brings out the best me there is right now.   

What about you my Wicked Darlings, do you believe in one fated love or do you think that the choice lies within the heart of the lover?
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  1. Linda Wildenstein12/28/2011

    Oh my darling one....this is the most beautiful explanation of the essence of love I have ever read. Absolutely amazing. I love your strength, courage, tenacity, insight and most you because I can. Oma Linda

  2. I love what you have written today, so passionate and strong. I have been lucky enough to find my other half early in life...I say lucky...I mean careful :D Even as young as 3, I knew what my other half would look like, and would watch for him through the garden gate. As a teenager I thought I'd met him twice, but on stepping back to take stock I walked away from those 2 men. The 3rd meeting was the right one, and we have been complete and together for 30 years, and I have never once doubted he is the other half of me :D XXX

  3. You are so beautiful when you write from your heart.  I personally believe there are multiple compatible halves but some are more compatible than others.  I know who fits me completely, but I chose to stop waiting for him and have found others that fit me well.

  4. And I don't have to tell you how much I love you, my Oma. But I will because I, too, can and like saying so. I love you, the way you've helped me, the things you bring to my life. 

  5. The third is the charming who charms your heart. How amazing! I think I'll be saying the same when I'm sixty. I feel it in my witchy bones, and the thought makes me smile like a loon ;-)

  6. It is all about choices, isn't it? I think we have different halves that fit at different times in our life. Even halves that make us better for the things to come. And then we find that half that tell us "I'm it" and we say, "Yep, I was about to say that."

  7. Someone asked me many moons ago how I decided that Hubs was the one to marry...I told him that I had found the other half of myself...don't know if I still feel that way, but we're still together through rough and even...

  8. Ah, love.. and I adore your love-posts most of all!! When you write about your Piano Man, your words just glow! 

  9. Lynn Kelly12/28/2011

    We make the choices that predict our now and our future. There will be scope for many soulmates along the way, the alternative is that one wrong choice would forever deny you your soulmate. No, I do not believe that. My life has been blessed with love and warm feelings of love remain for soulmates who have moved from my life.

  10. Jonquil12/28/2011

    I have never believed in the Prince Charming/solitary Soulmate theory.  Rather, my heart is mine to give to as many 'Whom' as i have the desire to do so.  Lovely post!

  11. Maybe you guys are just jiggling around a bit, for a long bit, to fit things into place.

  12. "solitary Soulmate theory" doesn't even sound right, huh?

  13. Oh my beautiful Magaly, tears are rolling down my cheeks as my heart fills with all that is love and light. Your words, your journey, your  insight of the soul, speaks volumes that others may not ever hear if not for the gift of you.

    Our dragons are passionate beasts, are they not my sweet? But our hearts...our souls...well they know what they want and they will not be denied. Ever.    

  14. Lisa Wright12/28/2011

    I learned that being true to yourself keeps your dragon heart beating strong and so, by that same token, you should allow your other half to be themselves too.

  15. Magaly, this is such a beautiful post! I had to read it a couple of times! My heart is filled with happiness! I love dragons! They are strong and passionate! 
    I have never found that one true love. I have found some wrong ones! LOL! I think personally, I have never found that person who completes me, because I had never truly loved myself. And, I think to truly love another, you have to love yourself. 
    Things have truly changed for me in the last few years. And, I know, I will find "my piano man" ;o) 
    I do think there is that one true love. Maybe, it's the romantic in me ;o) 

  16. Autumnlovei12/28/2011

    I think you choose love as you've said, and I think that we have more than one person to choose in a lifetime.
    continuing a tad off topic...
    I think love is love. At 14, 17, etc. and again later in life, its just a different level/power of love,
    I have been in love 3 times in my life..and I chose love all of these times. I think that I probably could have made marriage work with any one of them, but married the last of my three loves. I think staying in love takes a lot of work and attention to your relationship. I am so happy that I choose to stay in love and be happy in my marriage. :)

  17. Diandra Linnemann12/29/2011

    It's too early to think about stuff this heavy... once, in a dream, I was standing on a stone plateau with a man, and I knew I loved him and had done so in another life, and we had promised each other eternal love. And in that dream we said good-bye to each other, and I freed him of his promise because there was no way for us to be together, and everything else would have meant constant pain for both of us.

    Shortly thereafter, I met the BF, and what can I say? I am a lucky girl. ^^

    I guess we get to choose whether we want to accept "our destiny" or build a new one - and since there is neither right nor wrong when it comes to living...

  18. Playing Skyrim and obsessed with dragons lately and instantly loved this post because it sounds a lot like a passage from one of the millions of books you can actually pick up and read inside the game.

    I do believe the gods forgot about me.

    Think I may have a whole heart instead of just half of one.

    I like this outcome better :)

  19. lisa brawner12/29/2011

    I love it..brought tears to my eyes............. 

  20. I believe that sometimes fate helps to guide you, but ultimately the choice lies with you. You can choose if you want to love and let your heart be warm or if you want to let the fire within grow cold and refuse to let love in; nobody can make that choice for you. That's what I believe.

  21. lilacwolf12/29/2011

    So interesting.  I think fate plays it's part, after all if one little thing were different in our timelines, we never would have met.  I love him, and I am committed to him.  But I don't ever assume it will be easy, or always perfect.  We will fight, we will love, we will always help each other.  But do I believe we are true loves or soul we just work well together.

  22. The world is full of choices. Eventually, we are led to the right ones. Even if we make wrong ones to get there.

  23. Our dragons are passionate beasts, indeed. They are complicated, too, aren't they? I'm grateful to have friends who understand me and let me lean on them when I need to. They make my dragon strong and confident! 

  24. I think our love is as true as we make them. If you believe there is only one true mate, then yours will be just that. He will know how to play the notes that make your heart dance and the rest of your body hot and bothered :-)

  25. I like the idea of different levels of love and different ways of loving. I think we need different people at different stages of our lives. 

  26. Can I chose to accept my destiny with a remodeling clause? lol 

    I, too, believe Fate nudge us in certain ways, but in the end we are the one taking the steps.

  27. I can not tell you that if you have the whole thing maybe you should play with yourself a lot. Sorry, couldn't help myself lol.

    Maybe your other half or that perfect (for you) guy who is walking around with an empty heart is not ready for you yet. You know, my Piano Man always tells me that he is extremely happy to have met me in his forties. He believes that he would have probably ruined everything if he was younger.

    He is probably feeling a bit forgotten, too. Somewhere, waiting for the guy who carries his heart.

  28. I'll admit that it took me a long time to write. It was a tear-bringer for me too.

  29. I think it's a bit of both. Maybe we share a fate with many halves, but in the end we are the ones who jiggle things around until they fit.

  30. Sometimes the wrong ones are the ones who guide us there...

  31. Magaly, I just came back to read some of your comments, because I love what you write and I have to say, what you just wrote about sometimes the wrong ones are the ones who guide us there, really touched my heart! Thanks ;o) 

  32. Greekwitch12/30/2011

    You are the sweetest person with the sweetest heart and i am sure the other half is also just like that. Have a blessed New Year with the people you love!

  33. AWE! MAGS! Squish!
    That was so sweet.
    Aren't you full of romantic juices these days.
    Oooh bad analogy.

  34. Terrible analogy, indeed. My Piano Man squeezes my romantic juices regularly, so I'm never full. Ha!

  35. Someone else said that I "glow" when I write about my Piano Man. That person is right; there is something magical about the inspiration we get from love. From romantic love, and from the love of friends who walk through life with us. 

    I have taken many wrong steps, Stacy. I love where they've taken me, I believe the same will be true for you. You are too amazing for anything different. Hugs!

  36. And you, my delightful Greekwitch, just made me grin so hard that my fact hurts with joy ;-D 

    I wish you the same during the year to come and all the others. May the newness be filled with the best old things, and even better new ones.

  37. Esther Bernstein12/30/2011

    I've always loved the "two halves of one soul" idea, and I love this depiction of it! So beautiful! I believe that there is one fated partner for each person, but that ultimately our choices determine who that fated partner is. Sort of like sub-atomic particles, where which direction they spin in depends on our perception of them. :)

  38. salemwitchchild12/30/2011

    I guess my answer is both. I do believe we have soul mates. But that doesn't mean only lovers. They are our family and friends too. And even if they are our lovers, they may not be fated to stay with us forever after. It could be that the relationship is only suppose to last a short time and then the two spirits need to move on to grow and learn other lessons.

    I've been lucky in love. My husband is 10 yrs older than I am and at first it was a fight for us to date. I was underage and no one believed a teen could know her own heart. I certainly showed them. 14 years later our marriage is strong. And theirs, well they've moved on. Not that I enjoy their pain, but there is a certain satisfaction in being right.

  39. Beautiful post my dear! I absolutely loved every word of  it! I know that my husband and I were destined to be together. We make each other whole. We've created a beautiful life and family together. For me though, there will always be the 'what ifs'. So I suppose its both. I know I belong where I am, but can't help think that I could belong somewhere else too. 


  40. Twinflame Studios1/01/2012

    Magaly, there are no words to express, yet somehow you've found the perfect ones for those such as ourselves. I've often searched for the words to express my journey with my Dragon (which, by the way, is what I actually call him!) and this... this is my heart laid out in another's words. I'm a writer (of poetry, fantasy and sci-fi, that is) and I've never found the words. Thank you for sharing this. It is beautiful, as is the heart and soul that poured it forth :) <3

    I believe that it's something of both fate and choice - I believe there is one perfect match, a perfect balance, but at the same time we choose ourselves, our nature and what makes us happy, so I think it can be a little of both.


  41. Hm, the "sub-atomic" love theory... I like it ;-)

  42. I don't understand why some people pretend knowledge and love are attached to age; it just isn't. Some very young souls are very wise, while many old ones have spent many years being wrong to death. 

    I can understand where your "certain satisfaction" comes from ;-)

  43. It is lovely to own a heart, so free and full, that it can't belong anywhere. 

  44. Dearest Fox, you've put a smile the size of the universe in my face. Your excitement and love for your dragon leaks through the screen. It is amazing to touch that feeling, even from a distance. 

  45. salemwitchchild1/01/2012

    Yes your right and I'm very glad that I had a mother willing to listen to me rather than not seeing past the social "norm". After her initial shock she could see that we really did care for one another. I think in a lot of ways she's envious that I found what she's been wanting her whole life. She's in a loveless marriage because she gave up and settled for just companionship. Its been the cause of much chaos in her life.