Skully Winter Solstice Blessings

Receiving blessings when I need them
is much more amazing than being blessed when I want to.

That was the song that filled my heart’s ears when I got Shelle’s Winter Skully. I love the sun on her chin, the bright yellow daisies around her eyes, the candles burning in the Yule Log, the snowy trees in the background, Froggy playing with her holly earrings… I’m enchanted by the whole.
I got Winter Skully a few days ago. I was feeling gloomy; so much that I woke up at 5:13 am—as always—but didn’t type a word for hours. I stared at my screen for a while, looked at pictures for another while, and cried for J-Man for the longest of all whiles. I was supposed to be writing “Kissing the Witch”… but couldn’t get myself to do it.

I opened my email instead, and saw Shelle’s name at the very top. She had sent me Pagan Culture’s new banners and buttons, aren’t they precious? Shelle and I had not agreed on a day for Winter Skully, but I got the ACEO exactly when I needed a bit of sunshine in my life. Arent they lovely?
I believe they are adorably appropriate, indeed... 
I also think that the best blessings are not the ones I plan,
or the ones I tell others I must get;
not even the ones I celebrate because of ancient traditions.
To me,
priceless blessings,
are the ones that brighten my heart and push away the gloom.

Bright pre-Winter Solstice Blessings, my Wicked Darlings.

And here is something I hope put a shiny smile on one of your faces:
This is all you need to do to enter this pre-Winter Solstice giveaway:
Mandatory Entry – leave a comment telling me about the last unexpected blessing you received. Include an email address.

Extra Entries:
- Become a Wicked Darling (follow Pagan Culture through GFC)
- Blog about this entry, and leave a link to the post
- Tweet about this entry, and leave a link to the tweet
- Stop by my Blog Circle, and grab a Winter Skully button… or three 
- Join my Witchy Books Reading Challenge 2012 
- Visit one… or thirteen of AstraeaSapphire’s Yuletide Blessings blog partiers, and come back here to tell me what you liked best.
* This giveaway ends December 23rd at 5:13pm EST.

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  1. Shauna M. Lane12/18/2011

    Very nice buttons!  I like your cute little winter skully.  :-)  And thanks for including my blog party in your giveaway.

  2. Linda Wildenstein12/18/2011

    Love the winter skully, Shelle is such an amazing artist. Love it.
    The last true surprise blessing was a friend asking me for advice on a life changing issue and appreciating the honesty with which I voiced my thoughts. It is always lovely to be happily surprised with new knowledge of the strength of a friend when you can say what you mean and mean what you say. Good stuff and a happy blessing indeed.
    Love the giveaway. You always have such great ones. Oma Linda

  3. Bernard-Charles12/18/2011

    The last unexpected blessing I received was a Yule gift from my dear dear friend in London. I had no idea when I was going to buy my other friend a gift for Christmas that I was getting one in return. This showed me just how loving and caring the community of witches are! It restored faith in me to keep following this path. 

  4. Bernard-Charles12/18/2011

    I tweeted about this blog and added you to it! You should get a mention notification :) THANKS!

  5. Bernard-Charles12/18/2011

    AstraeaSapphire’s Yuletide Blessings
    I loved The Multi-Faceted Experience the most because their tradition was giving aprons and making cookies. :) How cute to have a fashion show with newly made aprons! I thought that was very creative!

  6. Rebecca12/18/2011

    I think the last blessing that really surprised me was when my brother-in-law drove all the way down to ask me and my family permission to marry my sister.  I never had someone ask me that before and it felt nice to have my opinion matter.

  7. My newest blessing, is that a robin has returned to my garden, just in time for the solstice :D I hadn't even noticed he wasn't here til he started singing outside my kitchen window yesterday! :D XXX

  8. Kleaf1912/18/2011

    Love the new banner and buttons! Will be replacing my "Witchy Enough" button on my blog here in a minute, I'm already a GFC so I don't know if that counts, I've already joined your Witchy Reading Challenge, I just got done commenting on 'On The Broomsticks' post about Cranberry bread... And now my tummy is grumbling and I may have to make do with my store bought Pepperidge Farm cranberry bread... And I tweeted about the giveaway, though I don't know how to share a link... but I did mention you! 

    And my surprise blessing... The other day I had a flat tire in the car rider line at my daughter's school. I was very pleasantly surprised that no less than half a dozen people, maybe even 8 or 10 stopped to make sure I was okay, and if I needed any help. One guy even came back around a second time after having picked up his kid when he saw me still sitting there. I had my brother on the way, but it was nice to know that there are still people out there that would help a stranger. It made my day!

    Thank Magaly for hosting this great giveaway! 


  9. Aww... thank you so much! :)

  10. Thank you for hosting a lovely party!

  11. I agree; what makes a tradition incredible is the professionalization of the celebration, and 
    Shauna  does that very well.

  12. Your brother-in-law is a keeper. Your sister is very lucky, but I'm sure she already knows that.

  13. Yay! That is one of those blessings that keeps you smiling for days ;-)

  14. Everything counts, luv ;-)

    And how nice that so many people stopped to help, that always makes my heart leap. The other day I was walking around a part of Harlem, New York, which everybody says is a dangerous place. They also say not to look at the people because they are terrible (I know how stupid that sounds, but they do say it) anyway, I walked around for about 45 minutes and was blessed with wrinkly smiles, giggly hellos and I have not idea how many "Blessed day Miss!" It was a treat ;-)

  15. Shelle is such a great artist ;o) And, she has such a special soul ;o) I received 3 unexpected blessings, just this past week, when I needed them most ;o) A little clay crow, a knitted crow and a beautiful glass pendant ;o) They put a smile in my heart ;o) Big Hugs my friend ;o) 

  16. well my last blessing that was unexpected was TRULY Magic, and it is going to be my YULE MAGIC post on the 21rst. so another unexpected blessing was receiving an unexpected gift of a British "Cracker' (Christmas) which in addition to the silly crown, and the joke, and the popper had chocolates and a some art stuff inside!!

    I have just started on the blog hop but I enjoyed hearing about multifaceted's parents being so involved with her girls...aprons and santa hats!   truly wonderful. 

    I am considering the witchy book challenge for 2012 but I was under the impression it was being hosted by The Domestic pagan. I have not decided which category to sign up for. Especially since being newly appointed as a Design team member for one stamp company , and a product designer for another stamp company.

    I need to understand better, Magaly, about circles, before taking anything. LOL

    You unexpected, but expected blessing is lovely! the banner is adorable!
    Blessed Yule!
    love n light,

  17. The new Skully looks great! The most recent blessing I've had was the little kitty outside not running away from me. I didn't think she'd come around as quickly as she has - and she definitely has been. When we first met, she'd run away if I even looked at her; apparently not anymore!

  18. Thank you Magaly! Ya'll are making my day! I'm glad you enjoyed my post! 

  19. Thank you so much Susan for mentioning my post! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! {I've replied to you on my post as well :)}

  20. natalie_adair12/18/2011

    My favorite blog so far has been Kortney's with talking about making cookies with her daughters just make me miss having both my girls home. And my surprise blessing? Thats hard, this year has been really hard(my daughter was raped this year)on my family but honestly I think the two biggest and unexpected blessings this year was that I joined Goddess Circle thinking her training would help my business and found love and healing there too, the second blessing was that I started a blog just to have some where to 'vent' and found even more love, friends, and wonderful women! The Goddess likes to balance our lives out doesn't she? bridgetsdaughter5  (email

  21. Diandra Linnemann12/19/2011

    I am sorry for your loss. And yes, the banner is just right. It suits you.

  22. Slommler12/19/2011

    Love the is adorable!!  The last blessing I received was an unexpected check for $80.00!!  Woot!  So cool!!
    Be well dearest one...Hugging you

  23. lilacwolf12/19/2011

    Love it!  Shelle does great work!

    Now for my entry, I'm dying for a new set of tarot cards.  :-D

    My last unexpected blessing...sent husband to the store with a list for my Christmas stocking...which of course he stuffs and then makes me open because he can't wait to surprise me...he picked out these adorable socks that are the exact colors of a sock monkey.  Plus they are soft and warm.  Yeah, I'm gonna keep him.  ;0)

  24. lilacwolf12/19/2011

    I'm a wicked darling.  :o)

  25. lilacwolf12/19/2011

    Tweeted -!/lilwolfmama/status/148740415116410880

  26. She is indeed, and mm, mm, mm, crow blessings!

  27. lilacwolf12/19/2011

    Yeah, or 3.  lol  I grabbed the new buttons.  I love the colors.

  28. I shall stop by and read about your blessings.

    I just went and read Serenity's reading challenge (thanks for pointing it out) I will join that one, too. I feel they are a bit different as my focus is fiction with witchy elements, and the Pagan Reading Challenge is more general. Also, Serenity's seems to have nonfiction as main focus, although fiction is welcomed, too, while the Witchy Books Reading Challenge works the other way around. 

    I'm sure you'll have fun with either of the challenges, and would have a BLAST if you enter both!

    Winter Solstice Blessings to you, too ;-)

  29. lilacwolf12/19/2011

    Just sent you the link for my Witchy Reading challenge.

  30. That is a wonderful blessing indeed; getting to know a new furry friend always is.

  31. A new circle, how lovely. And I'm on my way to check out your new blog.

  32. WoooHooo! unexpected money blessings lol

  33. That sight had to be a wonderful blessing, indeed. It even made me smile.

  34. lilacwolf12/19/2011

    Love this pagan homeschool entry.  :)  Great ideas.

  35. I love the colors, too, and the way Shelle translates what's in my mind. She is a genius, isn't she?

  36. lilacwolf12/19/2011

    Blogged -

  37. My last unexpected blessing seems silly but it was randomly meeting my daycare-mom in a target parking lot and sharing a non-kid related cig.  She's awesome and we really needed that connection moment


  38. Unexpected blessings...hhhmmm???  Sat on the bench overlooking the lake yesterday and so enjoyed the sunshine on my face...brought a warm feeling to me soul even though it was a bit chilly out...

    Really like the new buttons...but was sad to see my witch leave...everything changes...

  39. Bernard-Charles12/19/2011

    I blogged about this giveaway!

  40. I agree; the best blessings are the unexpected ones.
    I was feeling a bit low this morning, but was cheered up by the arrival of a tactile and brailled card a friend had gotten made for me. It has fuzzy Christmas trees on the front of it, and a nice message that he had brailled inside it.
    I'm a follower, as you know.
    Oh, and I haven't visited all the partiers yet, but I've visited a few. And as for what I like: I like how - regardless of what each person's traditions are - everyone seems to have their traditions centred around their families. I know that's pretty vague, but that's what my favourite part about this time of year is in general; people remember to be greatful for their families, and remember to spend time with them. :)

  41. Rachel K Welton12/20/2011

    Lol! I read this as Sulky Solstice Blessing! Hope you're having a good one. :o)

  42. gergininaki12/20/2011

    The banners are adorable. 
    The last unexpected blessing i received was when Eleftheria my mom's goddaughter, who we are more like her guardian family, although she only spends weekends and holidays with us, gave me a very big, long, squizzy, leaving me breathless and almost passing out hug! She does n't show her emotions easily and when she does it makes my heart melt! 

  43. Ironically, the last unexpected blessing I received was today. My mother-in-law, who has for 20 years, pretended that I'm not married to her son, sent us a Christmas card. It was, for the first time, addressed to both of us, not just "Mr. & Mrs." but with my name. It didn't hurt that there was a check in it, either!

  44. Azure_blue_dragonfly12/20/2011

    My last blessing was my 4 yr old son asking me in his gorgeous little voice "Are you my beauty"? My heart melted! And of course he is a blessing to me every day as well!

  45. I don't think it's silly at all, to find a difference aspect to a friendship is a blessing indeed.

  46. I've been looking at a very beautiful card, too. I love the glitter, the way the figures pop out of the front, and most of all that a very special person made it for me *wink, wink*

    And it seems we love the same about the parties, for I, too, agree that the most beautiful thing about this and any holiday is the fact that we all celebrate it!

  47. Aw, those hugs that remind us we are alive and someone is really happy about it... yep, priceless.

  48. That is a grand blessing indeed. I've there, suffered that, and hated the shirt so I burned it lol.

  49. You just made me make the most adorable of sounds, loud enough to wake every living entity in the room. That is sooo cute! I hope you told him, "Yest my prince!"

  50. Bernard-Charles12/21/2011

    Esther's story and the gift was touching!!! I asked her a Q, hope I hear from her! :) Happy Yule

  51. Sweet Zombie Goddess12/21/2011

    Well, no need to tell you that you are my favorite lol, but I also loved Burning Moonlight.  A very real lady and a nice blog!


  52. Sweet Zombie Goddess12/21/2011

    Oh, forgot to tell you that I am blogged about ya too :). 

    Ta da <3


  53. Love the winter skully.  I was wondering when she'd be getting an update!

    I am a big fan of unexpected little blessings.  I think I might consider Pride and Prejudice to be my most recent unexpected blessing.

  54. Jonquil12/21/2011

    My newest unexpected blessing was my daughter going out of her way to buy me some red cherries (the kind you find in fruitcakes)...the prices are nuts, thinking of seeing how i can make my own next year!  Oh...the cherries are for 'Santas' Whiskers' cookies.

  55. Jonquil12/21/2011

    I'm a Wicked Darling, under 'Petoskystone'.

  56. Sunshineshelle12/22/2011

    Magaly, not usually lost for words but after being unexpectedly  'internetless' for my Sydney sojourn I (here back at Wooli) turned on the computer now to be bowled over by your kind (like SUPA-DUPA KIND) post, a million thank-you's for your precious words & my appreciation for not only spotlighting my artwork but for magically weaving it into your blog posts as banners & buttons... it makes me smile... like totally :) totally love being a visual part  of the creative world and wicked insights that are uniquely Magaly ;) 

    This post was a unexpected blessing... 
    another happened Tuesday... 
    long story but due to unexpected circumstances my babes Memphis & Trinity & I got 'caught out' while on a walk with my friend we were visiting who has had a stroke... we took shelter in a 'New Age' place who just happened to have a physic tucked away upstairs, only comes in once a fortnight, just happened to be the right day... as the rain poured down the sweet shop owner got a chair for my friend and the girls wandered around the shop... Then it struck me, the girls should see the physic as she is very good with 'auras' & energy levels, so I asked if she could see each of them...
    Amazing experience for both, she had quite an uncanny ability and without them giving much away she seemed to pinpoint Memphis as a writer, Trinity in the arts, specifically photography, there were many other things, but the 'gift'... the unexpected blessing?
    She told Trinity she knew the girls were close to their Grandma... Yes said Trin... the man who is married to your Grandma, would you call him pop? Yes said Trin, well he is laughing & he is here... he is so happy, it was my dad, and he stayed while she spoke after to Memphis... my dad had died before my girls were born, I always regretted he wasn't able to meet them, I believe this was a gift, that he met them and asked specifically for them to say 'hello' to mum & I...  it was very special :)

  57. Happy Winter Solstice to you, too!

  58. Must go and read more Burning Moonlight!

  59. Hm, I wonder if you will like Pride Prejudice and Zombies...

  60. I thought you were just wicked ;-)

  61. Every hair on my body (and there is quite a bit of it) is standing on ends. What a lovely, priceless, and totally personal surprise. How great for your girls to have the chance to meet their grandpa!

    I hope your friend is doing better. And I'm all smiles, too, because blessings seem even more amazing when they work both ways. Thanks for making my day, and probably much of my month, with pretty Winter Skully!

  62. I can't wait to see Spring Skully.:) I love them!