Frogs, Daisies and Skull

I’m enchanted by frogs, daisies and skulls. Aren’t these earrings just lovely?
Green Color Emerald Frog Stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Gold Overlay Two Tone Daisy Flower Earrings
Sterling Silver Skull & Crossebone Stud Earrings 
After saying that, let me move on to a bit that might make me sound like an ungrateful jerk.

I have very caring friends. One of them emailed me a few months before I turned thirty-four, and asked what I wanted for my birthday. “The Mother aspect of my Goddess really needs a Horned God,” I replied.

A few weeks later I got a package from my friend. I opened it with excitement (and a big knife) and found this:
“Really?” I said. “Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam for a Witch’s altar? Are you freaking serious!”

Thank goodness she wasn’t serious. The statue was a gag gift. She wanted to hear what I would say after I opened the box. I said a lot of things, but that would be a different post. My friend made it all better by later sending me this lovely Horned God.
He goes perfect with the Mother, doesn’t he?  

We have been friends for a long time, so she always knows what to get me. The truth is that a person who reads Pagan Culture doesn’t need to know me all that long to figure out the kinds of things I like. For instance, I did some ghostwriting for an author friend. She has helped me in the past, so I didn’t feel right charging her for the work. She wanted to give me something anyway, and she made my winter with the practical and super cute pairs of boots I talked about in my “Friday Lavender” post. 

I can’t say the same about some my closest friends and certain family members. They are not the best on the giving the right things department. Last All Hallow’s Eve, I got three copies of Kim Harrison’s Once Dead, Twice Shy; two copies of Llewellyn Witches’ Datebook, an illustrated Christian Bible and some gifts I still have no clue what to do with—I actually don’t know what they are.

This year, I’ve decided to make my wish list public, in hope that my darling family and friends will take a look-see when in doubt. I’ve even added things other than books to it. Okay, so I revised the list after someone made fun of me for wanting only books. Here are some of the things currently on wish list:
Oracle of Shadow & Light by Jasmine Becket-Griffin
Colorful Drip Candles
Mythologies of the World by Michael McKenzie 
And when in doubt, frogs daisies, and skulls are usually a safe bet ;-)

So… how many naked Adams do you think I’ll get this year? And what’s on your winter holidays’ wish list, my Wicked Luvs?

And are you wondering who won Dracula in Love?
The Wicked lucky winner is KimR
Congrats! Please send me your mailing info, and I’ll sent your book ;-) 

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  1. Beautiful Horned God!... no, make that GORGEOUS!

  2. My hubby bought me exactly the same Horned God last May. I love it! :)

  3. My hubby bought me exactly the same Horned God last May. I love it! :)

  4. I love this idea lol.
    Don't know what to get me?
    Well here, refer to the list I posted online.

  5. Congrats to the lucky winner ;o)
    I think your Horned God is very handsome ;o) And, I love you putting your list on your blog! Only you my friend ;o) 
    You know, I don't have a list? But, there is really nice lip gloss I told my brother about and I hope he gets it for me ;o)
    Big hugs ;o)

  6. Linda Wildenstein12/13/2011

    Hey, how would it be if I were to send you a frog skeleton covered in daisies.....? I'm bad too ya know. The above mentioned lack of folks knowing what to give this Aries is the reason....its' a secret.....that I buy my own pressies. That way I won't be disappointed. And if that is be it. But I have never gotten a present that I didn't know what to do with......that also is a secret. Oma Linda

  7. Firstly, congrats to Kim R!
    Second... Many of my family members aren't great with gifts either. I've ended up persuading a couple of people to just send me money since I'd rather that than the things they buy. I don't want to sound ungreatful, but if you pay attention to a person properly you can tell what they would or wouldn't consider to be a good gift, and if I don't know if someone has an item that I was going to buy but a duplicate would be no good to them, then I look for something else.
    My list is pretty simple; craft supplies and books make up most of my list, with some DVDs among them. Get me books and craft supplies and I'm happy. I'm also a big kid, so I also consider things like Lego to be great gift options for me. My favourite ways to spend those days that are just too nasty to be outside are curled up listening to or reading a book, or listening to a book while either playing Lego or making some kind of craft project. Make that possible and you've made me happy! :)
    I'll bear the frogs, daisies and skulls thing in mind for future reference...

  8. Gorgeous! it is then ;-)

  9. Yay! We can have a Horned God party one of these days lol

  10. Slommler12/14/2011

    On my list is a Kindle Fire...sigh!  Hope  hope  hope!!  Ha!
    Love the frog earrings!'

  11. Hey, you can't tell them they ruined things, if you don't teach them how to make it better, right? Perhaps a bit tacky, but sacrifice must be made. Ha!

  12. Hm, I wonder what you do with your uncanny presents... 

  13. Books always go great with me, too. These days, ebooks will go a longer way--I don't have much space. And gift cards are always winners ;-)

  14. Diandra Linnemann12/14/2011

    What is wrong with only wanting books? Some people refuse to give me books, because they say it is boring. I say, "Yeah, great. I love you anyway." ^^

    (My amazon wishlist has got about 500 items, 99,5% of them books. What else does a girl need?)

  15. I wanted a Kindle Fire, too. Then I used one and the glare of the screen disappointed me a little. I hope they find a way to make it less migraine-inducing ;-(

  16. My point exactly. But there is that awful thing about making the ones you love feel great. Wait a minute... shouldn't that go both ways? Yep, books... lots of them. I want to swim in yummy tales!

  17. I love the horned God statue. And I have friends that do the same thing, one friend that knows me too well and once got me a book that I had just bought for myself.

  18. I love the earrings!! They are adorable! And the Horned God is wonderful.. I doubt most of my family can't figure out what to get me.. My friends on the other hand don't bother trying to surprise me anymore. They just ask if I already own something or if I like something...

  19. To have people in your life who can read you so quickly and well - and still feed your fiendish sense of humor - gotta love it.
    Congratulations to the book winner - that's a great idea by the way. I'm always looking for new reading material and winning it is a good way to get people to come back to the blog. (I believe I'm hooked after 30 minutes of reading.)
    My wish list - I don't have a wish list. I cannot afford a wish list - I give all that I have to raise 2 kids. With today's financial woes all around me I can only hope that St Nick will be kind to my children. I never turn down an offer for help and never speak loudly of my fears. ... I guess there is one thing on my list of wishes - I wish for a great holiday with my children's laughter and bright smiles around me, the smell of freshly baked cookies from the kitchen, and old holiday songs playing on the stereo, the freshly fallen snow turning the world into a blanket of shimmering beauty. Happy Holidays and blessings to all ...

  20. LOL! How wonderful to have such fun spirited friends.  I know exactly what you mean on the gifting challenged friends and family. And like you, it is not that I am ungrateful, but I think, "Really? Do you even know me?" And...dare I admit...the majority of my wants are books.;-)

    A huge congrats to Kim R! Be well, my sweetest wicked friend.

  21. lilacwolf12/14/2011

    I have no wish list, but if you get an extra llewelyn date book, dibs?  ;)

  22. The Horned God Rocks!  But sometimes I’m a little greedy so I like the naked Adam too.  After all, you need to have balance – light & dark, especially when one of them gets tired.  he he   Oh that’s right, we’re talking about statuary.  I’ll get back on track.  Ahem…being a mom and putting the family first, I never had a wish list.  However, this year is different and I’ve made a few things known.  One of them is an Amazon gift card so, you guessed it, I can get books. I remember you suggested a book to me some time ago, so I can get that.  I read Kim Harrison’s books so I’ll get the latest one as well.  I would love a custom recurve bow – those are a few hundred dollars so I can’t ask the kids for that.  Maybe the Holly King will hear my wish and leave it at my door step this Yule.  I’m also itching for a new fantasy sword or dagger. 

  23. salemwitchchild12/15/2011

    Beautiful alter.
    Right now a home and a job to support us is all I want. Anything else I simply don't have room for. It sucks not having my own home! And I've lived on charity for far too long. I'm have always prided myself on making my own way. This year has just been too rough, and I don't know how much more I can stand.
    Sorry to be such a downer.

    On a happier note, I hope you get all that you wish! As for those gifts you have no idea on what to do with, pay them forward. Who knows, perhaps it's something someone really wants.

  24. Someone I love very much did the same, and I have never said a thing lol

  25. Going with practicality is always a great idea.

  26. I think the present you ask for is the most amazing. Nothing like spending the holidays--and every day of the year--with the ones you love most.

  27. That question has gone through my mine many times lol And yay for books!

  28. Mm, a custom recurve bow sounds sexy; hope you get it. And a swords and daggers? I'll just say, I LOVE blades!

  29. I hope you get all you need, especially the things you haven't asked for. 

    Some of the things I got, I don't dare give them forward. I should admit (and this might be distasteful) that I don't think the gifts were given to me with the best of intentions. Weird... 

  30. I told her, she asked. She took me to go get a different book.

  31. My family doesn't even ask. They just send me cards. I think I'm better that way since they used to buy me gifts. I have 6 copies of the Christian Bible, I guess my mother figures that if one wasn't enough, 6 should be. My family has horrifying taste in clothing, jewelry, books, brother is the only sane one. LOL

  32. Let the cards flow in ;-)