The Skeleton Drowning in My Witchy Closet

Last week, I didn’t Get Off the Broom all the way. I drank less than one third of the minimum amount of water I was supposed to. There; the skeleton is out of my witchy closet.

My Piano Man was mildly disappointed in me… Batman looked really pissed.

But what can I do, everybody has a bad drinking week, right? The exercise part wasn’t bad at all. I walked over eleven miles, the last five days. I can’t quite remember how many times I climbed my seven flights of stairs… I should keep better track of these things.

I was pleased by one discovery: I can climb as many steps as I want, but the going down part doesn’t agree with my hip *I was going to rephrase the last sentence to get rid of the naughty ambiguity, but laughing is good for the soul, so roar m’luvs* This week, I’ll climb the stairs, and do squats while I ride the elevator down to the first floor—I can’t wait to see the face of anyone who happens to hop in while I’m squatting. Ha!  

Here is the plan for week two:

Mon and Wed – Walk 2 miles, Run 1.5 miles
Fri, Sat and Sun – Do crunches only. I’ll get plenty of exercise walking from booth to panel to booth during New York Comic Con!

Yep, my Wicked Darlings, it’s that time of the year again. I love October, skirts and knee-high boots, All Hallow’s Eve, candy, Comic Con, pies… what else can a geeky witchy girl ask for? My New York Comic Con 2011 schedule:
“Once Upon a Time”
- Zombie Apocalypse
- Grave Encounters
- Jeaniene Frost’s book signing
* And I’m going to a Kim Harrison book signing on Thursday night. I might have to enthrall one of my professors to convince him to let me miss class, but these are the kinds of things one must do in the name of the greater good ;-)

And yes, I’m doing something about my water drinking disability. I’ve filled three bottles with the amount of water I must drink each day, and placed them within arms’ reach. If I haven’t drank them by the end of the night, my Piano Man will go all sexy wicked drill instructor on me, and watch me until I’ve swallowed every drop.  

Unholy crap, I totally forgot about doing crunches last week! I’m sure your memory is better than mine, but here is a little reminder, just in case. Click on the creepy coins to enter the All Hallow’s Grim  2011 Giveaway.

Day eight to Get Off Your Broom, and The Real Witches of Halloween and The 2011 Countdown to Hallowe’en and yeah, party! Have you visited Danni, Lyn, Serenity and the rest of the witchy partiers yet?

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  1. Magaly.....Have you thought about making water taste better by adding the little crystal light packets and stuff to em???  I'm not a fan of how water tastes (and yes....I'm a firm believer that it has a taste) and when I discovered the crystal light packets, I was thrilled.

    Don't feel bad....I'm not doing all that great on my "get the hell off the broom" challenge either.  It's been a rocky start....but, have no fear...we'll get there!!!!

    xoxo...Tea Witch

  2. I've tried flavored water and the powder stuff... but they all taste too "diet" too me. I'll try more flavors and see if I can find one.

    And on water having a taste, YES it does! I'm always arguing with people about it.

  3. Hey, it's only week one, and I think you've done great so far! :)Also, I'm jealous... Kim Harrison book signing, and the comic con... Awesome!

  4. Ellen Abbott10/08/2011

    thanks for the reminder, I went and got a glass of tea.

  5. I'd love to go with you to see Kim Harrison *sigh*.

    If you need motivation to drink water, remember if you leave it till bedtime you'll be up all night peeing!

    I drink more water if it has a slice of lemon in it or if it's in coffee ;-)

  6. Emberthemuse10/08/2011

    You aren't the only one who didn't meet their criteria, sometimes life gets in the way of the best of intentions.  Water can be a difficult one.... I like herbal teas and drink them all through the day, it's still water and it tastes yummy, not diety, my favorite is ginger peach with a hint of honey.  I think you are doing awesome with your goals, you are my favorite blog to read right now and you inspire me to keep trying even when other things are bringing me down.  In other words you give me a lift at my worst moments... Thanks. :D

  7. SilverFox2210/08/2011

    I Am So JEALOUS!!!! I am waiting for the lesser con to make it's way to Toronto at some point when hubby is down or when we're actually in the same damn area code again. *whines* and I'm not even that far away from NY...but no passport....BLAST!
    *sighs* I hope you have fun *trudges off to mope*

  8. I'll tell you all about how it goes. No, seriously, I might talk about it until people get sick lol

  9. Mmm, tea. I'm about to brew some ginger.

  10. Don't give me any ideas about coffee being good for water requirements because I'll never touch H2O again lol. And oh my, last night I was trying to make up for not drinking (almost the whole day) and I had to go so many times... I was quite annoyed after the third time. So you are right, that is good motivation.

  11. Ember (and I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again, you have such a beautiful name). And you just made feel better about my water failure. Ha! I just made myself sound like a power plant or something... 

  12. I'll see if I can get you some goodies! 

  13. Spa water, m'child. Slices of cucumber and lemon sitting in the water overnight. Actually any type of melon would work, too. Sliced orange and strawberries. Lemon slices and about a quarter-sized slice of fresh ginger root.  Orange slices and fresh peppermint. Fresh pineapple. Water can be infused with many things. Forget the powdered high-fructose-corn syrup or carcinogenic aspartame nastiness.

    Listen to the old granny, now. I've got to mix up my spa water potion: lemon-cucmber-ginger. Might toss in a clove or two.

  14. Diandra Linnemann10/09/2011

    Ah, all with you... if I don't pay close attention, I drink less than a liter per day, and that will be mostly coffee. Not healthy at all! Plus, I immediately start wrinkling - really! Two days without water, and I look at least five years older.

  15. Misty Fouquet10/09/2011

    Don't feel bad! I have epically failed this week! I have watched my portions but that is about it. I did lose a little but I know I can do much better! The water bottle idea is great! I may borrow it!! Blessings~

  16. Kim you are such a wise woman! I just remember how my grandma used to get me to drink water. She would put pineapple peel in it, overnight, and I would drink it because it tasted good. You rock!

  17. I break out like a fifteen year old when I go without water for long periods! You think my vanity will be more responsible and remember this fact when I forget to drink. 

  18. Portion watching is a very healthy thing to do. I need to work on my eating habits. If I eat at the right times and the right way, I eventually can see my abs lol

  19. MagicLoveCrow10/09/2011

    Magaly, that's one thing I do well, drink water! I am always drinking water ;o) I can picture you doing squats in the elevator! LOL! Have fun at the comic convention ;o)

  20. I need to take lessons from you, my Piano Man and the Little Princess. You guys are awesome water drinkers. I'm doing better today, but still making faces when I sip lol

    Thanks for the Comic Con wishes. My Piano Man and I are psyched! 

  21. Mina Crump10/09/2011

    You'll do better this week, Sweetie. (My psychic sense tells me so). I am so impressed by your exercise regimen with everything else going on in your life. You either have wicked great time management skills or an unending amount of energy. Do you sleep at night? Just wondering. ;-)

    Give Batman a huge hug and by hug I mean...wink, wink. He won't even be thinking about your water consumption. Have a marvelous week, my sweet friend. I am off to get my party post going. Hugs to you!

  22. great going on the walking

  23. I trust your witchy psychic sense, so I'll make sure to sip!
    And Batman will be hugged, often ;-D

  24. Autumnwindreno10/09/2011

    I have to second the spa water trick!!I love my water with lemons, I just heard about adding cucumber and melon. Delish! I want to work out like you do :) Have a lovely week!!

  25. Ok, I'll admit I didn't read through all the suggestions.  I have to have my water cold.  Ice cold is the best.  Yes it has flavor, whatever the city uses to clean it, if it is well water, what minerals are in that well?  We have an artesian well at the one trail we hike and I think it's magickal.  But sometimes my family has a hard time with it, I think it reminds me of the well water at my great grandfathers that I only tasted at Christmas.  lol

    But my suggestion is, keep those bottles in the fridge and hit the fridge every 15 minutes and chug.  ;)

  26. I like my water at room temperature, and if I chug I feel sick. Weird, huh? 


    I love your writing style! You are quite fun to read! It's nice to see other dark writers as well. I personally write dark paranormal romance (like Kelley Armstrong, JR Ward type stuff). I will definitely be stalking you now xD

    Don't beat yourself up too much about not getting things completed. You just have to take things one day at a time, with a firm plan/goal in mind! I am learning that when I don't get something I wanted done, then I don't get mad at myself. My motivation likes to leave me. Often. Haha. You will get to where you want to be!

  28. Try again always works too, doesn't it?