Real Witches Do It All the Time

“I’m trying to make my witchy fitness updates sound a little witchier. I want to use them as my entries for other Halloween parties. Can’t you help?”

Yes, that was an email from a Wicked Darling. Care to know what I replied? Of course you do (if you don’t, just pretend). I said, “My dear, you’ve been a Witch since forever and a day. You do everything with a little witchy flare. Real Witches do the witchy thing all the time. Add yourself to your posts, and you’ll have entries that are witchy enough for anything.”

My Get Off Your Broom Witchy Update:
Calisthenics – Thrice a week
Walk – Twice a week
Run – Once a week
Reduced Caffeine and Sugar Intake – I went from 20 ounces of coffee to 8 ounces, and from 2.5 tablespoons of sugar to… are you ready? 1 tablespoon! That is a major dietary accomplishment for me. And I love the fact that I can’t really feel the difference. I used to drink 10 ounces of French vanilla yumminess as soon as I woke up, and then a second shot of sweet hot yum while I was in school.

On long school/writing days I would drink as much as 30 ounces of delight—I know, you don’t have to say it… Well, last week I began to brew only 8 ounces in the morning, and split that into two servings. I’ve been enjoying 4 ounces (very slowly) when I wake up, and the other half at 2:00 PM or so. And it’s working beautifully.

No More Stair Climbing Exercises – My hip definitely doesn’t like that activity. I’ve learned to listen to my hip, for she can make my life pure painful misery if I don’t. I’m okay with the change. I’ll be fine walking twice a week and running only once a week. When I do more than that, I’m too tired to write or to enjoy my family as much as I should; and my witchery, my loves and my writing are the three things I refuse to sacrifice.

And here are my 3rd Week’s Stats:
Calisthenics – Only one day of aerobic exercises this week, but don’t worry, my Piano Man made sure I burned a bunch of calories. Hm, maybe that’s the reason I’m so tired…
Walk – I went for 2 walks, a total of 5.5 miles. But I was on my feet for more than 10 hours at New York Comic Con, so that has to count for something. If you don’t think it does, ask my feet; they will tell you all kinds of things.

Last week, Serenity invited us to do a bit on research on emotional eating, which seems to be one of the big problems when trying to attain a healthy weight and body image. I’m not an emotional eater, I’m an emotional writer. When I’m sad I write; when I’m happy I write; when I’m angry a lot of my characters die in the most gruesome of ways. But I do have a problem that I believe interferes with my fitness goals: I don’t drink enough water. 

Actually, in NPR’s “Five Myths About Drinking Water” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb says that my water drinking habits might not be as terrible as I think. I’ve never been good at the drink 8 glasses of H2O a day bit. I’m more of an eat lots of fruit, drink some lemonade and then force yourself to drink a couple of glasses of water kind of girl. I drink my fluids, just not as much as most people I know. My body seems not to like that much water, and I’m okay with that.

I’ll just avoid those days in which my body seems not to like any water at all…

I hope everybody had a wonderful week. If you haven’t, visited the All Hollow’s Grim partiers and enter this giveaway and this one too. Lastly, do you have any advice for our Wicked Darling who wants to make her posts a bit witchier?

Lastly, again, some New York Comic Con 2011 Pictures:
 Spider-Man hanging upside down. 
Edward Scissorhands and Thor hanging out together.

She Loki
 Optimus Prime without his head. Dark Helmet with his ginormous headgear.

Butterfly-face person?

Day fifteen to Get Off Your Broom, and The Real Witches of Halloween and The 2011 Countdown to Hallowe’en and yeah, party! Have you visited Danni, Lyn, Serenity and the rest of the witchy partiers yet?

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  1. Diandra Linnemann10/16/2011

    Hihi, looks as if you had a great time. (She Loki is hot.)

  2. Isn't she? And she seems to have a lot more patience than the Trickster God. At the moment I took that picture there was guy going on about who knows what--and looking at her like he wanted to take a chunk off of her thigh--and she just stood there smiling. I thought it was grand, even if she was planning his eternal demise at a later time ;-)

    I think you would love Comic Con... 

  3. Busy girl!  And yes, your 'other' activities with Piano Man totally count toward your work-out goal!

    Comic Con looks like so much fun! 

    I have a hard time with water consumption too (and too much coffee.)  It's a work in progress...

  4. Autumnwindreno10/16/2011

    Love the pictures! My daughter went to the Comic Con in San Diego this year. She loves it.
    One of my goals is to stop drinking caffine completely. I applaud you for cutting down your caffine and sugar intake!! Now to try and follow your example...

  5. love the pics from CC. Someprogress is better than nothing. You go girl!

  6. Well done! I'll bet you could add a couple of miles just walking about the convention.

    I used to go to Star Trek conventions in my younger days. I'll always remember the late Jimmy Doohan singing to me in Welsh. Good memories.

  7. We shall work on our water and caffeine issues together then!

  8. Comic Con was a blast! 

    I will never stop drinking coffee. I don't want to lol. But I wish you the best!

  9. I haven't been at a Star Trek convention in two or three years. I love those too. There is something wicked sweet about collective geekiness ;-)

  10. Autumn Eyes10/17/2011

    Comic Con looks like it was fun! A bunch of my friends went this year.. Too bad I'm out West or I would've joined them! And I'm sure walking all over the convention definitely added up... Just take it easy on your hip, girl! My right side hip & knee are all busted up too, so I know how you feel...

  11. Slommler10/17/2011

    Great pics of comic com!!!  Loved butterfly girl!!  Ha!!
    As soon as I can I will be out walking...still recovery mode.  I can finally sit upright!!  So I am happy girl!!
    Hugging you

  12. It was fun and packed this year. 

    The hip is okay, thank goodness. I always make sure I wear the right kind of shoes and that helps. There is always a bit of pain, and that can't be helped, but it is not terribly bad.

  13. Yay for sitting up! I bet you are getting all kinds of pampering, aren't you? I'll stop by your cyber home to see what you're up to. Can't wait to see some pics!

  14. Darkwench10/17/2011

    I hear you on the water front Magaly - I have a bit of a problem getting the so called required 8 glasses per day.....can I say.....BLECH!!!!  With your lifestyle I reckon you get heaps of exercise - being on your feet for that long!!!
    Here's to another week of "united-witchy" weight loss..LOL!!
    Brightest Blessings,
    AJ (Darkwench)

  15. Misty Fouquet10/17/2011

    The butterfly face person is awesome!! I want you to know you are really inspirational first of all for letting other witches and magical persons that we don't have to be the stereotype everyday because we live the real magic everyday! Secondly because you are real!! You make me really want to succeed in this challenge. Congrats for cutting the caffeine and sugar!! I used to put 3 teaspoons of sugar in my hot tea not I used 1 teas. of agave instead and I can't imagine having it that sweet anymore!! :) Good luck this week and take care of your hip!

  16. AJ, I love the united witchy weight loss bit ;-)

    About 8 glasses of water per day, I might never attempt it. I feel a little sick just thinking about it; not to mention that I'll have to go to the bathroom thousands of times a day lol.

  17. Misty, you are too sweet. The butterfly face guy (yep, my Piano Man reminded me that the person was a 6' tall guy on platform shoes) was amazing. His make up looked kind of ethereal, didn't it? 

    I hate stereotypes, hence my practices are so eclectic. I think one of the things that make the world worth living in is the fact that we don't have to look alike or do the same things to be awesome.

    Congrats to you for taking way less sugar! I can't wait for the day I look  back and say, "My goodness, how did I ever take 1 spoon of sugar on my 8 ounces of coffee?

  18. I can drink too much water, so I understand the water woe just in the opposite direction!

  19. Dark Helmet!!!!!! I love him! No....I really do! :):):)

    I eat no sugar. Yup, none. And, now when I eat it, I get sick. I found the yummiest sugar free candies! Go Natural hard candies!

  20. Too much water can be dangerous, and if it gets to the point of hyponatremia, then it can be lethal. I guess, it's all about balance, huh?

  21. I love Dark Helmet too, he is too hilarious and his badness can hardly be seen over the silliness. And this guy was really in character, you should have seen the faces he made.

    No sugar, wow, I can't see me there. I eat a lot of sugar free candy (that tastes really good) but if it tastes bad forget about it, I won't touch it. Yep, I'm bad to the bone lol

  22. Dark Mother10/18/2011

    Congrats on your dedication to making positive changes in your health.  Quick question, did you have physical withdrawal from reducing your caffeine and sugar intake.  I did that a couple of years ago and felt like I had the flu.  I finally gave up on day 3 and drank a coffee the size of my ass.

  23. MagicLoveCrow10/18/2011

    Busy lady, good for you! Keep it going! I love the pictures from the show! Butterfly face is wicked!! 

  24. I didn't have any withdrawals. If I stop completely, which I've done at times because, um... I forget my much on the counter and I can't stand any coffee other than the one I make, then I will have a bit of a headache. But reducing the size doesn't make me feel bad. 

    If you are thinking about it, I would try reducing a bit at the time.

  25. Isn't he great? He looked so confident and realistic as he strolled around the Con, with his incredibly high platform shoes and his wings--it was lovely. 

  26. I both love and agree with your reply to the person who e-mailed
    you! :)


    Awesome about the caffine and sugar reduction! :)


    Absolutely! You need to exercise, but you don't need to suffer
    or sacrifice things you love to do so! As long as you're getting in exercise
    then that's what matters! :)


    *Chuckles at your comment about your Piano Man helping you to
    burn calories*


    I think that counts, so I say you had loads of walking exercise!


    I think the important
    thing is to get lots of fluid in; doesn't matter if it's through fruit juice or
    water, as long as it's fluid. Most fruits have plenty of liquid in them, and I
    personally think that counts for something. I'm terrible for the drinking thing
    myself, and I'm sorry, but I just can't do plain water; I need to taste what
    I'm eating and drinking - and enjoy the taste - and water... Well, it just
    doesn't taste of anything! I can guarantee I would drink even less than I do if
    I tried drinking plain water; I'd refuse to drink it in protest! (Everyone who
    knows me well knows I have to be VERY desperate for a drink to drink plain
    water). I get my water with my herbal and fruity teas, and in my foods,
    otherwise it's fruit juice (and the odd drink of fizzy drink, but I'm getting
    better at not doing that one).

  27. It feels nice to know that so many others agree water doesn't taste like anything. I tend to get funny looks when I say that. 

    I'm kind of excited because I've been good about drinking lately. 

  28. Greenwitchwithsprinkles10/19/2011

    What fabulous pictures! It is so much fun to see people who are truly having a good time and who doesn't like to play dress up? ;-)

    I  am so impressed with all of your fitness and food successes. So if there is a falter, look at how much GOOD you do yourself. And kudos for listening to your sexy little hip. I know she appreciates that.  

  29. Fun, fun, fun! Today I followed her around as she pretended her Barbie convertible was a firetruck. I love her imagination.

    And my hip is very happy indeed. She hasn't been a pain in my behind in a few. I appreciate that!

  30. YAY for managing to drink more!
    Well, it doesn't taste of anything, so ignore the funny looks and be secure in the knowledge that you know what you're talking about! 

  31. The Domestic Pagan10/21/2011

    Real witches do it all the time...boy do I wish I had come up with that. Maybe I'll get you to start naming my series and challenges. ;) 

    I love the Comic-con pictures. I was surprised to see someone still dressing up as Edward Scissorhands...but he is a classic, right?

  32. There were about four of them; some looked quite strange.