My Witchy Lady Hump

I just realized that I didn’t go swimming this year. It feels nice to have a good reason to put on a bathing suit. Well, these are actually running shorts. My witchy lady hump never finds bikinis or swim shorts that can fully restrain its greatness, so I’m all for square cut shorts and random bikini tops.  
- Bust – 36”
- Waist – 29.5”
- Hips – 38.5”
- Left big toe with adorable glittery fingernail – 3.25” And if I have to discuss the length of my two middle toes, I might have to kill the frog. Stop laughing!
About my weight… I’m somewhere between 118-126 lbs. I’ve been as light as 111lbs (when I first hurt my hip) and 131lbs (while I was working out like a maniac and my legs, back, arms and butt looked like those of a Fantabulous Queen a.k.a. Cogent in drag). I’ll share my exact numbers as soon as I step on a scale. 

Exercise plan:
- Calisthenics – 13 exercises – 13 repetitions – 3 sets – Mon, Wed and Fri 
- Crunches – 113 repetitions – 3 sets – Mon, Wed and Fri
- Run – 30 minutes – Mon, Wed and Fri
- Dance – 30 minutes – Sat and Sun

- Water – 3 bottles (60oz) a day (I can’t stand water)
- Make it a point NOT to write my way through meals
Yes, that’s all I’m doing. I refuse to diet. I won’t do any more than this. Dieting is unnatural for this Witch. I like food too much. So you can’t make me. Don’t even try because you’ll lose and I’ll hex you. My sweet French vanilla coffee is sacred, so back off!

*Breathes deeply and visualizes sweet, hot French vanilla coffee* I tend to eat healthy. I’m not crazy about meats. I eat pizza about three times a year, if that. I refuse to spend money on fast food. I love the frozen BBQ wings my Piano Man and I get from the grocery store… in bulk. I adore my weekly box of mangoes. I go weeks without eating bread, but when I do, I can devour half a loaf—I’m not ashamed of it. And no, I won’t stop. However, if I happen to down a loaf of enchanting freshly baked white Italian magic, I’ll add 15 minutes to my next run. And 15 more minutes for any Dulce de Leche ice cream that might go missing on my watch.

Witch’s Ladder
I received a few wonderful pieces from Tribal Horse Designs. Stay tuned, for I’ll have a review and giveaway in a few days. The artist included a large orange bead, which has a green and a white smaller beads, attached to it with artfully twisted wire. The moment I saw the trio, I knew they would be perfect for a witch’s ladder.
I thought it would be a wonderful All Hallow’s Eve project, and a great piece to focus my energy on when wishing my friend’s work situation to improve.
13 vibrant beads…
13 loops and a knot…
Endless positive energy…
And your work troubles will stop.

The Real Witches of Halloween:
Lyn is giving away a copy of Daughters of the Witching Hill by Mary Sharrat. I haven’t read this author, but according to someone who has enjoyed her writing, “No one casts a spell like Mary Sharratt.” I’m very interested. If you are curious too, stop by the Witch Blog and check things out.

Day two to Get Off Your Broom, and The RealWitches of Halloween and The 2011 Countdown to Hallowe’en and yeah, party! Have you visited Danni, Lyn, Serenity and the rest of the witchy partiers yet?

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  1. robin carpenter10/02/2011

    lol. I had to laugh at your comment about your french vanilla being sacred. Before I got pregnant with my son last year I was trying to loose weight. i was watching calories and going to the gym 3 times a week. Then I broke my foot in a horse accident and was out of commission for awhile but still eating right. Then got pregnant and stopped dieting too. So now a year later I'm blessed with a wonderful son, but still have my fat ass and even bigger boobs (I breast feed). And no, bfing isnt helping me loose weight! arg.. Good luck on your dieting! Btw, really helped me track my calories and exercise routine. 

  2. Wow Magaly, you look awesome, I dont se anywhere why do you need dieting and stuff! And what is the best on you is your smile:):)

  3. Dark Mother10/02/2011

    Girl, you are hawt.  I hope you are not trying to lose weight.  You are a real woman and a great example of what a real woman looks like.

  4. I wouldn't last  3 seconds counting calories, thank goodness I don't want to. I like eyeballing my food, if it's bigger than my head, I won't eat it... unless it's a pineapple, then all bets are off. Even if my tummy hurts afterward...

  5. I just smiled bigger. Let's thank the gods that I don't have to diet, if I did I would probably be a very angry Witch.

  6. Gods no! No weight losing for me. But someone needs to get on my case about drinking water and about eating all my meals on time. A regular workout schedule would be nice too. I stopped working out after my doctor told me I could no longer run (I think I was rebelling because running is what I love most) but now I know that I just need to pace myself. I can run if I keep it at about 8 minutes per mile, I just forget and I sprint, and then my hip reminds me why I should have thought about it...

  7. Ellen Abbott10/02/2011

    I much prefer square cut shorts, or boy shorts, for swimming, with a tankini top.  When I go swimming, which isn't much.  Just not a big fan of swimming.  I like to sit in the river or on the edge of the ocean but don't care for swimming pools.

  8. Cogent Ascending10/02/2011

    I actually do have pics of me in drag buy unless you look like Latoya Jackson post surgery, which I doubt, your but is probably the only thing that looks like me in drag. Be eternally grateful for this lol there is a good reason that has never been my profession of choice. And your stats are awesome! I was browsing your FB pics the other day when I say the big hair one pop up on my side scroll an kept thinking to myself "omg she is so pretty, omg she is so hot, omg she has such great hair!!" then I had a Brittany moment and shaved my own head.

  9. Good luck!  I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.  Cheers!

  10. Well aren't you sexy!  Don't go changing too much, you're beautiful! 
    That book - omg, it's one of my favorites!  It's like reading my family history...
    I had never heard of/seen a witch's ladder before.  Is it that easy? 13, 13 and a knot... finished? 

  11. MagicLoveCrow10/02/2011

    Magaly, you are adorable! I don't think your shorts, would fit over half my witchy lady hump! LOL! I know you will do well! Unfortunately, I have to "diet", or I wouldn't be losing anything! I bet your Piano Man, loves your two middle toes ;o) It's those little quirks, that make us special and unique ;o)  I love the witches ladder! I hope your friend is doing well ;o) Big Hugs cutey! 

  12. SilverFox2210/02/2011

    hunni, you're freaking gorgeous!! I'd be all over you if I had the good luck on your plans. I'm kicking it into high gear this month. I've gained so much with the stress of my last roommates and moving and switching shifts all over the place, and of course personal added stress. 

    Thank you so much for following me over as well. I've missed you too! <3

  13. LOL@ you measuring your toe!

    I think those are reasonable goals; good luck with them! I'm with you on the no diet thing. Restoring - or creating - habits that will enable you to live a healthier lifestyle, and keep yourself healthier, is more important.

    I've visited Serenity and the others, but commenting was a bit hit and miss (darn word verification, plus errors from posting attempts sometimes on embedded comment forms). Well, I visited the people I could anyway; the people Jaws would let me visit.

  14. I must admit that after swimming in my Caribbean rivers no other waters have appealed to me, but I do jump in every once in a while. And I okay with pools, especially late at night.

  15. I think we've all had a "Brittany moment" some of us are just lucky not to have clippers handy ;-)

    And thanks for the kind words ;-D

  16. I just want to reclaim my workout schedule, you know, we must be healthy. I can't wait to read the book, I'm hoping to win it *crosses fingers* if not I'll buy it. 

    A witch's ladder is a very eclectic magical tool. I use it to focus, mainly. I've also charged a few and giving it to friends. I think of it as a candle that doesn't burn. The magic of the ladder is in the creating process.

  17. Well he better love my freakish toes because two pairs of them ;-)

  18. Hope everything gets better and you find your center. 

  19. Hey they were there and I didn't want them to feel left out ;-) 
    I sure hope more people make their blog blind friendly. Hm, maybe we should have a Getting to Know Your Readers blog party to spread the word.

  20. smyles23810/03/2011

    Woo! Another person who refuses to diet! :D I love food too. I don't know what I'd do with myself if I were to diet, probably wallow in the closet or something. Seeing your exercise plan makes me inspired though! I feel the need to make a better one for myself now that I've seen yours, not just the oh-I'll-get-to-it kind I've had for the past few months. Thanks! Light and love! Best of wishes! Etc. Etc. :)

  21. spiritrunner10/03/2011

    dont feel bad, my toes are just like that too:P my husband gives me crap about them all the time

  22. robin carpenter10/03/2011

    Oh well if you don't want to count calories I heard a trick about using saucers instead of a full sized plate. It helps you keep your portions down. I know for me if I have a full sized plate its getting filled to the max. Its just habit. 

  23. Why on Earth should you diet? You're super fit (judging by the picture). My measurements are more like 'Oh My Gods, Why doesn't She Topple Over?'. So I still have 20 lbs to loose :) I've gotten rid of 32 so far.

  24. I'm willing to give up a lot of things (well, a few) but food is not among them. I am EXTRA glad that I don't like some of the most fattening foods because if I did I would probably be really pissed having to make myself not eat them. It is all about compromise. Work hard, play hard, you know? I eat a lot, so I make sure that I workout just as much to keep things balanced. 

  25. Hey, according to some lore, we could be werewolves together, so tell your hubby to back off or hairy and scary is next lol

  26. I should probably say that when work or other bits of life I can't avoid, make it impossible for me to take care of my body, I watch what I eat. I understand my body enough to know what makes me blow up, so I eat it but never in excess (at least not more than once the same month ;-) and if I do I work out until the burning of my muscles remind me why I should think before I binge. Hm, that sounds like a great title. Guess I'll use it ;-) 

  27. The 'think before binging' is my problem. Not that I go to the same excesses as I used to. But if I'm having a bad pain day, my braid shuts down.

  28. Okay, first of all,  you are cuter than a button, my dear. You exude happiness and positivity and I just love it when someone is able to do that so naturally, and you do as far as I can see. 

    I like your approach to this... movement! I don't count calories either. I hate doing that. It's just too much work for me. LOL It's boring... I have better things to do. ;-) And I'm not much a dieter, so I'm just improving the quality of food I'm eating, and moving more. That's my approach. I haven't posted my weight or measurements yet... but I will this coming Saturday's post. (I may never post a photo... we'll see.)

    Oh yes, and I love the Witch's Ladder you made. We were just talking about making some here for this month... I love what you constructed yours from. They're beautiful.

    Brightest Blessings,

  29. Yay! for eating healthy working out hard (not to hard that one might get hurt though) and feeling great. I'm watching my portions and paying enough attention to stop eating when I'm full.  Of course that doesn't apply to fruit, a girl needs her luxuries ;-)

    Can't wait to see your ladders!

  30. I'm about 120, today, and I don't do anything but sit on my ass and be sick. I hate my weight right now and would like to gain some more, frankly. I'm 5' 3" if I'm lucky and 115-120 makes me look anorexic. I've done no exercise, because I R a Slacker.:(

    If I posted pics of my feet, your two long toes and my toes that are shaped like cartoon sperm could have a square dance.:) 

  31. I'm 5'4" but my torso is really short. I'm all legs, monkey arms and gorilla toes. I just roared at my gorilla toes square dancing with your sperm shaped ones lol

  32. Danielle Suplicki10/03/2011

    Dude, this sassy girl is echoing the last one. You're one hawt ass momma!

    While I could stand to lose a few pounds, I think my eating and h2o habits are my main sticking points. I much prefer things that are flavored (like tea) to water and I sometimes wait until my belly is trying to gnaw its way out to eat, mainly because I'm in the middle of doing something else. So yea, I'll be here trying to choke down lots more water with you! 

  33. Diandra Linnemann10/04/2011

    You know, you're really hot. You don't really want to lose any weight, right? Where would you want to get rid of it anyway? (I'd kill to have your body. Really.)

  34. I'm the same way. I'm always to involved to get up and eat. My Piano Man is an angel though. He'll bring me food and I'll shove it in my mouth between lines. And I need to emulate his water drinking habit; he is so good at staying hydrated.

  35. Yay, my hotness lol. I don't want to lose weight, just tighten things up and accustom my body to following a workout schedule.  

  36. Heather Diesing10/04/2011

    Wow you look amazing and your smile truly lit my screen up!! had to laugh at your toe pic though, got the same kinda toes, like fingers they are!!

  37. Mina Crump10/04/2011

    Magaly, you look amazing and I adore your unique little toes as well! With that exercise regimen you probably wouldn't need to diet anyway. You'd be hard pressed to keep enough fuel IN your system.