Brewing Tradition under an All Hallow’s Eve Moon

“Pick me up twelve times without letting go, then when I say 13 put me in bed and lie next to me to read the Magic School Bus.” Her voice has been raspy from a cold, so the words sounded extra cute.

“13 times?” I yelled, giggled and tickled her. “Why so many? You are going to break my back.”

“Because it’s your favorite number, of course.” She sounded like a little grownup.

And I teared up like a baby. You are probably wondering why, huh? Well, today was one of those days when most things didn’t work the way I wanted them to.  I couldn’t find the pot I needed to brew a special tea. Time kind of flew out of my hands and I didn’t have the house cleaned in time for a cleansing. My altar is not the way I wanted it for today. At the post office, I had to remind myself—more than once—that eye gouging the clerk sounded like a good idea in my mind, but it would probably be too messy.

Then, I breathed and closed my eyes. I thought about the way my Piano Man held me when we danced this morning. I opened my eyes, smiled at the post office clerk, and waited until the poor frustrated man figured out how to work a scanner.

My Piano Man and the Little Princess picked me up, and we went from the post office to the public library—I needed Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I was able to check out the last copy. On our way back, we played Simon Says. I lost almost as many times as my Piano Man, even though I tried to cheat. The Little is just too good.

My Piano Man went to work. I added a few hundred words to my work in progress. The Little Princess pretended that she was writing a book, too. Her book’s title was Hallow’s Eve. The story said something about pumpkin chili, pumpkin picking, frog costumes, dead people and chocolate eyeballs—yes, she is a little goddess after my own heart. She pretended to write her Halloween story on a book about Bible myths. 

I am amazed by the things the Little Princess picks up. That is the reason why I got so emotional when she asked me to pick her up and drop her in bed 13 times. I love the fact that she remembers my favorite number… and All Hallow’s Eve …and that she says things like “Let’s make a ghost hunt for Daddy! It’ll be hilarious! Or apparently, scary.” She loves big words.

I was a bit sad this morning and this afternoon, too. I didn’t think I would have anything nice to share at the Witches Tea Party under a Halloween Moon. I’m deliriously happy to tell you that I was wrong. I have so much. Here are 13 bits of visual proof which say that my family and I are brewing tradition under an All Hallow’s Eve Moon:
Two tea mugs and a creepy cup, three tiny pumpkins, pomegranate, apple, cinnamon,
fallen leaves, chocolate eyeballs and a painted ghost
Pomegranate, chocolate eyeballs and my tea mug
My Piano Man's tea mug, more chocolate eyeballs and a juicy apple
A ghost haunting one of my plants
A ghost haunting the piano and trying to scare a massive Jane Austen collection
A ghost haunting the Little Princess' plant 
Our dinning table set for tea. And a bag holding the Little Princess' All Hallow's Eve gifts
Same table, a little closer...
Now close enough to see Oma Linda's "Not Quite Right Heart," a skeleton holding a pumpkin,
a little witch with a bubbling cauldron, a ghost, and a few other friends
A bar of homemade verbena soap, which I'll use to cleanse my hot self later.
The verbena soap without the wrapping, isn't that pentacle just gorgeous?
And it smells good enough to eat, but I promise not to.
Thanks so much Tamara and Simply Soap!
A pumpkin drawn by the Little Princess. I love that it has suns for eyes and cherries for teeth!
Happy Halloween Little Princess style!

Day twenty-eight to Get Off Your Broom, and The Real Witches of Halloween and The 2011 Countdown to Hallowe’en and yeah, party! Have you visited Danni, Lyn, Serenity and the rest of the witchy partiers yet?

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  1. Linda Wildenstein10/28/2011

    You know there are precious things in life.....and I think you have found many already. The love of a good man, the warmth of feeling a child's love and adoration and feeling.....just feeling.
    What a lovely tea you have set  and so many heart felt and fun things to enrich your tea party. Life is a goodie and wickediest are you.
    Samhain Blessings on you, Piano Man and the Little,
    Oma Linda

  2. It’s amazing that amidst the outer perception of things gone wrong you realize all the things that have gone right.  You have so many blessings.  Thank you for sharing those bits of love & warmth with us.

  3. Slommler10/29/2011

    I don't was probably so tempting to jump over the counter and gouge away!!  Ha!  Good for you...remembering and restraining your sweet self!!!  Love the table setting!!  That soap sounds fantastic!

  4. Diandra Linnemann10/29/2011

    Kids pick up so much more than we realize... scary, right?

  5. ForestWalkArt/laura kinney10/29/2011

    aaaaaw...nice to read about the warmth...and love...especially following the (near) madness at the post office!  i have little skeletons watching over my home right can spot them in the craziest places....i hear creaking at night...when i stir in my sleep...and think they're in the other room...dancing...trying to be quiet, trying not to wake me...but they're joints need oiling.  :)
    LOVE your table setting...and the soap sounds yummy!  OH, and the little one's pumpkin face...are you sure the teeth are cherries and not chocolate eyeballs?!

  6. Robin Larkspur10/29/2011

    Hi Magaly, what a sweet post about the Little Princess. Love your tea table and all the little ghosts haunting up a storm in your cozy home! It is a great process when the sadness hits us, then moments happen that whisk those blues away. I am glad I didn't have to read headline:"NY Witch Removes Postal Clerk Eyes in  Savage Rage"  Happy Hauntings!  Robin.

  7. Ah this is a super tea party, Love the pumpkin picture by your little Princess, So sweet, Hope you have a bright and Blessed Halloween, Love HAzelxo

  8. I think it's the weather.  It feels a little like I am getting closed up just like Persephone.  Not that I don't adore my husband and children, but being stuck indoors through the harsh weather makes me long for one more summer day.

  9. AMY PYTLIK10/29/2011

    Thanks for sharing your tea party collection, I especially like that heart and the soap.  Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog and  enjoy your tour around the party :)

  10. This was an awesome post, and the little princess is so adorable! I hope I have one like her one day! Her story sounds good, actually... Sounds like one of those unusual ones you enjoy because it's so different! :)
    For your "Spell To Atract Blog Readers" post:
    I think you just worked the spell. I mean, a spell is words sent out in to the universe with energy and intent behind them, is it not? Isn't that more or less what this post is? ;)
    For your "Daily Thirteen: Marine Style Witchy Fitness" post:
    Thanks for the share. I'm going to have to do a few exercises indoors, I think; my dog and hubby wont walk in the rain, so I end up missing my walk when it's raining, since I'm unable to take myself yet.
    Awesome about the water thing! :)

  11. It's a perfect party post, sweetie! :) I am so very behind with decorating, but I have high hopes for tomorrow.  In any case, I got into the right mood seeing all your Halloween stuff.


  12. Lisa Skiles10/29/2011

    I think you had a perfectly delightful party post.  It is full of love and magic of the very best kind - and I have to say I love the abundance of chocolate eye balls!  Hope you weekend is full of fun.

  13. Momentsinaneye10/29/2011

    What a great and wise party you had. I loved everything about it and oh so magical. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:

  14. Greenwitchwithsprinkles10/29/2011

    Magaly, you are living a life that dreams and myth are made of. Everything that is chaos turns to order when your loves are with you, whether that be physically or soulfully. How very blessed you are, my sweet. Thank you for sharing your precious and enchanting newly created traditions of the Witches Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon. Sending All Hallows Eve love to you the Piano Man and the adorable Princess.

  15. Magaly, this post was wonderful.  I loved your Little Princess' drawing of a pumpkin, she has a great imagination.

    Samhain Blessings to you, your Piano Man and your Little Princess

    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed your post!  Your Little Princess sounds precious!  I have that same soap and I LOVE it!  I just used it in fact, carving massive pumpkins gets one so icky!  lol

    I hope you can fly over for a visit and some tea!

    Rinni @ Rinni'sPlayground

  17. Celia Bradshaw10/29/2011

    What a fantastic party....and you had one of my very favorite fruits.....Pomegranates!! Thank you for having me!

  18. Cataldo10/29/2011

    Hi Magaly, You have a great tea! I especially like the punpkin crayon pictures!

  19. Betsy Bailey10/29/2011

    What a beautiful and special tea. Especially when it is shared with special people. Thank you for letting me be part as well. 


  20. What a fun post! Your 13 bits of family tradition are very special. But, my favorite I think, is the sweet pumpkin drawing by your daughter.

    Happy Halloween!

  21. Love is a goodie indeed, my beloved Oma, and when it reaches our lives it takes over like the most beautiful of sunshines. People are wrong about one thing, love doesn't conquer all, it just puts things enough in perspective to let one know that you don't have to conquer everything to be super happy. 

  22. You are very welcome, Carmen. I think Mother Earth smiles when we share the things that make our lives wonderful.

  23. It was tempting indeed lol, but he looked so frustrated that I had to give him a chance lol. And the soap is, really it smells sooo good!

  24. It is both wonderful and scary. Wonderful because most parents and caregivers are great at exposing children to things that make life easier and fun, but the thought of what some people put into the young ones sponge-like brain is terrifying.

  25. I bet it is fun to bump into a skeleton every once in a while. And you know what? I miss living in a big house where things creak. Those sounds keep the blood pumping ;-)

  26. Ha! That would totally bring down the witchy community and ruin my social life lol.

  27. Blessings to you too ;-)

  28. You know, I give people a lot of breaks in the cold months. The winter blues can be a real pain. 

  29. This was an awesome post, and the little princess
    is so adorable! I hope I have one like her one day! Her story sounds good,
    actually... Sounds like one of those unusual ones you enjoy because it's so
    different! :)

  30. You should hear her making up story, it's wonderful. And when she
    brings her toys into the mix the plots can be quite complex. I love the fact
    that she likes words, books and plotting; it is just too sweet ;-)

  31. I'll try to make up with my lateness for the Winter Solstice. It seems these last two years time has just gone a mile a second.

    Glad our display got in the the right mood ;-)

  32. Chocolate eyeballs are always a hit lol

  33. I must agree with you, and I should also say that I think most of the credit goes to my Piano Man. He is an incredible soul, Mina. I'm not sure how he does it, but only something absolutely rotten stays dull after he has touched it. He is giving, loving, and amazing at a level that makes great dreams sound like writing on public bathroom walls.

    All Hallow's Eve blessings to you too dear!

  34. She has a great imagination indeed ;-)

  35. I shall you my soup after we get messy carving today ;-)

  36. It's not All Hallow's Eve until someone cracks the pomegranate ;-) 

  37. You are absolutely welcome, Betsy! 

  38. Happy Halloween too. I love her pumpkin too. She is sooo imaginative! 

  39. Spiritdogstudios10/30/2011

    What a wonderful party post.  We all have times when life takes us to that not so nice place and makes us miserable. So when the sweet times arrive, that makes them ever so sweeter. And isn't it funny that when we are at our most vulnerable, all it takes is a small sweetness to really open our eyes? 
    I love the soap, and of course the ghosts. I grew up in a 'haunted house' so I am very familiar with them!

    I hope you and your wonderful family have a Magical Halloween! 

  40. MagicLoveCrow10/30/2011

    Magaly, what a special post! Isn't it funny, when you think it such a horrible day, you can just shut your eyes, and think of the special things, and it wipes all the bad things away! I had a smile on my face, thinking of your princess, asking you to pick her up 13 times! I love the pictures of all your special items! Linda's heart looks great among all you other terrific items. I am lucky to have one as well ;o) Big Hugs My Friend ;o) Oh, enjoy the soap ;o) 

  41. Yay haunted houses! 

    I was just telling my Piano Man how lucky I feel to have him. I also told him how much I love a pair of green, black and white spiderweb knee-high socks he got me. I like them because, well, they are so witchy, but I love them because they are something I would have never bought for myself. There are times when I'm practical to a fault, and if  I don't need something I don't get it. My lover gets me what he thinks I'll like and when I see I notice that I indeed needed it. Yep, life is wonderfully strange.

  42. She looked precious when she asked, even if the 7th time I lifted her and put her down I thought my back was going to break lol. She is a riot. And so is Linda, and her hearts, aren't they?

    Hugs right back at you!

  43. She is truly an adorable little one. I love the Ghosts! I think I'll have to do that for Nate next year and give him a big prize for finding them all. Great idea =)

  44. Mm, the giving a prize for finding the ghost sounds like a great idea! I might borrow it too. 

  45. Awww, Happy Halloween to you guys (belated because my life has been very stressful for the last 2 1/2 weeks, more on that later). I love the Little Princess and I've never met her.:) Cute "Or apparently, scary." *squeeeeee*

  46. Ha, "apparently" lol
    I hope the stress level goes down in the LJ household. I'll keep an eye open.