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I participated on Prosing Your Poetry, a Halloween event for writers. I read “Blood-Shod Witch Can’t Tell The Old Lie,” “Sexy, Dark and Bloody,” and “Into the Darkness.” I was nearly in tears because everybody loved my dark and gory tales, except a person who prior to that night, had only been exposed to my “scholarly” writing.

He pulled me aside and told me, “Magaly, I see why they went wild over this. They are a simple crowd,” he framed the audience with a wave of his withered hand. “You didn’t ask them to think about life’s mysteries, and they liked that. It is perhaps even easy to write these things,” he pointed at the pages in my hands. “I wouldn’t know; I have never tried it. However, I must advise caution. Gratuitous violence and darkness might lead a more intellectual audience to think you are wicked, and mark you as something you are not.”

I stared at my former professor for a long time before I spoke. I didn’t want that night to be one of those instances I would remember in the future, and hope I had said something different. After a while, I looked from my writing to his face. I folded the three pieces of paper, and secured them in my bag. I wanted my hands free of distractions. I wanted the man standing in front me to see and understand I was focused. I wanted him to know that I had thought about the upcoming words.

I crossed my arms, looked into his eyes, and said, “Sir, I have the outmost respect for your decades of writing experience. But you and I don’t share the same opinion when it comes to intellectual literature. I appreciate the warning, but I’ll politely pass. I love my writing dark and bloody, Sir. Go ahead, bookmark me wicked.”  

I think I grinned all the way to the subway station. I took the train home, wrote the conversation on a notepad, and continued grinning. I don’t know if you are going to like the words as much as I do, but I sure hope so. If you do, leave a comment on this post, telling me a bit about your favorite type of writing. At the end of your comment, add “Bookmark Me Wicked!” for the chance to win a handmade bookmark.

The bookmark is going to say: I like sexy, dark and bloody tales; go ahead, dearest, bookmark me wicked.”

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May this Witches’ New Year come loaded with opportunities to show the world exactly how much we love every bit of who and what we are.
Happy All Hallow’s Eve, my Wicked Darlings!
The Crone and Old Man Death on my altar.
The upper level of my altar.
The upper and lower levels of my altar.
A skull from Oma Linda. Thanks again Oma!
A little witch on a tiny pillow from Deborah
Another little witch from Deborah; this one is flying on her broomstick.
A potion sucking in sun energy
The same potion drinking energy from the moon. I'll tell you more about this brew, soon...
The sunny sky on October 28, 2011.
Snow falling on October 29, 2011.
Can you believe the accumulation? The rooftops were white!
Resting my sock-clad feet on top of my grenade box. Don't you love the spiderweb pattern?
These beauties are an All Hallow's Eve present from my Piano Man. Yep, he is purrrfect. 

Day Thirty-first to Get Off Your Broom! It is also the last day for Lyn’s The Real Witches of Halloween and Danni’s 2011 Countdown to Hallowe’en
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  1. Georginamorley10/31/2011

    Congratulations on your ability to use words to both assist and entertain others!! That is what your professor should have been telling you, not passing judgement and people he obviously has little respect for. People will be grateful to hear/read your word long after they have tired of his "worship at my feet" style.
    The Wise One certainly smiles when she walks with you, may she continue to do so evermore :D
    Blessed Samhain to you :DXXX
    ps don't get time to read much, but m enjoying the sexy,bloody Vampire Diaries on tv, and witing impatiently for the next series of True Blood(must make the effort to find the novels)
    Bookmark ME Wicked!!!

  2. That is a great story.  I wish I could be so clever at times like that!! You are a great what you love, your audience will find you!!! That just made my day, thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween to you!!


  3. Blessed New Year, you lovely Wicked Woman! I hope the New Year brings lots of joy and deliciousness for you, Piano Man and the Little Princess.

  4. Slommler10/31/2011

    I don't know if I could label myself wicked but I sure am ornery!!  Ha!!
    I love dark and mysterious tales!!  The more mysterious the better!!  Add action and adventure and I am hooked!!

  5. jonquil10/31/2011

    i adore Saki....he made me laugh out loud as a child, & still does as an adult :) bookmark me wicked!

  6. Linda Wildenstein10/31/2011

    Huzzah for you.....too many times of not saying what I meant still haunt you go girl. Your altar looks fabulous, did we expect anything different....?
    I am anxious to hear about the sun sucking, moon energy drinking potion...hmmmmmm.
    And snow, well too early but pretty if you don't have to be out in it.
    Of course, bookmark me wicked.
    smooches, squoozes and Samhain Blessings, wickiest one. Oma Linda

  7. Judy-JudysPhotos@blogspot.com10/31/2011

    You are braver than I...bookmark me wicked anyway...

  8. HAPPY SAMHAIN DARLINGS -I wish you a TRULY Blessed evening with your Piano Man and your Princess. May the Ghosts and Goblins leave you be, may your bags be filled with candy and sugary junk, and may your memories of those you've loved and lost stay with you through the evening.


  9. Aw darling I think you handled that brilliantly. My favorite type of writing is Romance. Some view it as throw away or "less than" other genre's but I don't. Everyone needs a little love in their life. I think those nay sayers are just jealous of my loving kindness. ;)

  10. DARKWENCH10/31/2011

    Wow I can't believe how much snow you got in one day!!
    I love your dark stories and do believe that they are intellectual literary, so your professor is living in the dark ages (so to speak)!!
    Love to you and your Piano Man and Little Princess!!

  11. MagicLoveCrow10/31/2011

    Happy Halloween Magaly ;o) I am proud of you, for what you said to your professor! Good for you! I love your stories! For me, I love stories, with a little fear, mystery and love in them. Something, that gets your heart pounding! "Bookmark Me Wicked". I love all your pictures! Your altar is very special, surrounded with beautiful items! Can't wait to find out about your potion! Wow, so much snow! Lucky you had those cool socks to keep you warm!!! Hugs my friend!

  12. Marcia Colette10/31/2011

    So what does your professor think of Stephen King?  More important, I doubt Stephen King cares.  Go on with your dark and bloody self.  :-)

  13. lady_rose11/01/2011

    truly inspiring - so many times we are faced with a situation and wish we had the right words to respond - your words were a perfect response.Your Samhain decor is lovely!   

  14. lady_rose11/01/2011

    tweeted and following with GFC
    Favorite All Hallows tradtions - being born Oct 30 (mischief night) this time of year has always been my favorite.  I take the day off work when I can, spend time with family and friends, set out a plate of food to honor the dead and ancestors, clear away the cobwebs, bless and start preparing the house for winter.

    couldn't figure out how to grab a link to the actual tweet but here is a cut and paste of the text
    @LadyRoseLady Rose
    Win a "wicked" bookmark contest hostess Pagan Culture just because I love your blog - added you to the blog badge page)

  15. I love it!  Your professor sounds like the last person to be judging what great literature is.  Look at Edgar Allen Poe and even Nathaniel Hawthorne and Shakespeare had their wickedly dark moments.  You keep writing what you think you should write and keep on being proud.  :D“Bookmark Me Wicked!”

  16. Twittered -!/lilwolfmama

  17. My favorite All Hallow's Eve tradition is gazing into my scrying mirror as it reflects the full moon.

    Oh wait, I've never done that!

    Ok, I really can't live without dressing up my boys in their costumes and taking them trick-or-treating.  This year was great, Ivan fully understood what was going on, and he wanted to run to as many houses as he could.  For about an hour...then he wanted me to start carrying him door-to-door.  lol

  18. And I am a wicked darling - so I can't wait to get my new bookmark.  ;)

  19. I think some people are too stuck in their on ways to even notice what's going on in the world around them. It's a pity, for some of those people have a lot of good to share.

  20. Oh, trust me; that is not the usual. More common would be for me to get really pissed off and suffer of serious brain-filter-to-mind deficiency. In those days what comes out of my mouth seriously stinks lol 

  21. Same to you  and yours, my dear!

  22. I do like some action every now and then. In fact, there are times when an unrealistic explosion is the only thing that does for me ;-)

  23. Hot damn, now I have to add another author to my list! 

  24. I can hardly wait to share the intend behind this and a few other potions! 

  25. Right back at you, sweet thing! 

  26. I almost poke an "intellectual" critic's eyes out once when he said that Jane Austen's writing was "Victorian waste." Mind you, that Austen's writing is not my favorite type of literature, nevertheless, the woman knew her craft. And to say that crap about her writing was pure ignorance!

  27. Yep, there is still a bit of snow here and there, strange indeed. 
    I feel sorry for that professor sometimes. I wish he knew the goodness he is missing.
    Much love to you and your loved ones too ;-)

  28. I can't wait to share what I'm doing with the potion too!
    Hugs to you too, my dear.

    P.S. I dreamed about your garden last night! 

  29. He thinks Stephen King and  Thomas Harris are worthless. Yep, he's a winner!

  30. I've  met a lady who said life happens better when we hear and listen. I don't do I as much as I should, but I'll try to do it more. I think every should.

  31. I love the day before All Hallow's eve too. Getting things together and planning all the tricks is wonderful! 

  32. Well said, I should have said something about Poe and Hawthorne to him. And my goodness, how could I ever forget the way people used to treat Shakespeare's writing! 

  33. Yay, for scrying. I'm always seeing weird things and I believe most of them my mind makes up lol. I'm the worse scryer and seer *sigh*

  34. Am a wicked darling! I wish I could talk about my favorite traditions, but they've changed so much over the years. It used to be the haunted houses but I haven't been to one in over 15 years.

  35. Hi Magaly, I'm Wicked too!.  Kudos to you for standing firm and not letting that professor dissuade you from your path.   I got a bit upset about it so I wrote a little rant on my blog.

  36. absynthe_and_arsenic11/02/2011

    You, madame, are totally one of my heroines. You rock my Halloween socks, you kick ass. I hope you're proud as can be of your response, because I'm going to explode, I'm so amused. Bookmark me wicked, darling, 'cause dark & bloody, filled with sex & violence is how I like it! =D

    As for my favorite tradition... Every Samhain I go out behind my apartment building, where there used to be beautiful, big pines growing. They cut them down last Fall, and I cried & cried. The stumps they left, however, make perfect offering spots. I place cat food & catnip that I've grown over the Summer there, as well as apples & pomegranates for passing spirits. Formerly human & animal alike. I take a few minutes to talk to those I've lost over the past few years, especially my cat, Kyo, and my Aunty Mel, and then I head back inside, knowing that any wandering souls will feel the warmth I've left for them.

    My other favorite tradition is celebrating my anniversary... ^-^ There's no better night that my sweety & I could have picked to be ours.

    Happy Halloween, Samhain blessings & may you & all those who love you revel in your kick ass wickedness! =D


  37. absynthe_and_arsenic11/02/2011

    PS... Can't wait to hear what you're concocting that potion for! =D


  38. My have changed some and I know they will continue to do so. I think it has to do with living by your beliefs and stuff. Beliefs evolve and so do traditions, don't you think?

    I would have loved to go to a haunted house, but we'll have to wait until the Little frog Princess is a little older ;-)

  39. I must go a check out the rant!

  40. Yay for sexy, dark, bloody and gory lol. There are some bits a writing that are better served violently,  right?

    I love the stump idea/tradition. I think the best traditions are the ones we adopt in order to keep  our lives balanced. The trees are gone, so let's remember them the best way we can.

    And I'm so jealous of your anniversary date!

  41. Greenwitchwithsprinkles11/02/2011

    One word sweet darling...OVARIES!!!  I love and adore your reaction to the professor's remark, which by the way, I am completely appalled at. Surely he knows you could kick his ass. ;-)

    Your altar is absolutely wonderful and I love the way you have incorporated so many things people who love you have sent from the blog world. There must be ginormous power afoot! And oh, that sexy Piano man reminds me so much of hubby sometimes. This year I got striped socks in purple and black as I didn't have that color yet.  

    I LOVE dark, sexy, real, magical, raw writing so BOOKMARK ME WICKED! Adoring hugs and All Hallow's blessings to you, my favorite wicked writer ever.

  42. We are lucky in the love front, aren't we? I'm always telling him about how perfect he is. I had heard of those partners who pay attention and love doing things for each other, but in the past I was (most times) on my own. This time things are both ways, and I would dare say that he is probably (okay he is) better than I am at it. He makes me a better person, and let's face it, I was already awesome LOL.

    I'm always saying that I'll have to build a room for my altar, my grenade box can only hold so many extras. And yes, I love to add the things from those who inspire me and fill me with energy. I can feel the altar pulse with delight.

    I shall bookmark you wicked sparkly ;-)

  43. I adore those socks. Adore. 

  44. They are absolutely lovely, aren't they? 

  45. Yes! I am partial to lively socks. My halloween socks were of the purple with black skull variety (Old Navy!) , but not very long numbers like yours are. Awesome gift.

  46. Hm, you might a have put a sock-y idea in my mind...