All Hallow’s Grim 2011 Giveaway

This giveaway wasnt supposed to begin until Oct 12th, the night before All Hallow’s Grim. Then someone published his party post early... I found it so gripping that I had to say, schedule be damned! You see, I have never been good at keeping a deliciously creepy tale to myself. I’m weak *sigh* so here I am sharing Cogent Ascending’s “The Tattie Bogal.”

Now to the 2011 All Hallow’s Grim Blog Party giveaway… this year (I know there haven’t been any other years, but be a darling and pretend that this celebration has been going on for 1013 years, alright?) This year Pagan Culture is giving away three prizes for All Hallow’s Grim:

1st Prize – $31.13 to purchase goods or services
from any All Hallow’s Grim Partier
who owns a shop or sales stuff online,
and follows Pagan Culture through GFC.
If you are a Wicked Darling Seller and Partier,
please retitle the All Hallow’s Grim button
you must be displaying on your sidebar. It needs to read:
 “Use Your 2011 All Hallows Grim Coin at My Shop”
You should also comment, on this post, stating the same.

2nd Prize Ghosts CD and Ghosthunting Workshop from Paradise Music

 3rd Prize We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, 
The Red of His Shadow by Mayra Montero 
and an autographed copy of Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey 
I know what you are thinking, my luvs, (Actually, I don’t really know, but if you can pretend the All Hallow’s Grim Blog Party has been around for 1013 years, I don’t see what can keep me from imagining that I can read your minds; fair is fair, you know?) So… you are silently asking yourselves, What about if I like a shop that is not part of the Party? Can I use my All Hallow's Grim coin there? Hm, I walked for over an hour, I need to drink more water today… my goodness, Magaly’s Piano Man is sooo hot!

Okay, so the last few words sounded a lot like they might have leaked out of my head, but you have to admit my lover looks yummy *stares at her Piano Man’s picture and ambles dreamily into another thinking tangent…*

What was I saying again? Oh yes, how can you use your All Hallow’s Grim Coin at a shop that is not part of the party? Well, I adore you and all, but you can’t use the $31.13 at a non-partying shop. However, you could speak to the shop owner and see if they want to join the party before Oct 12th at 10:13 PM.

Ready to enter the 2011 All Hallow’s Grim giveaway?
1. (mandatory) – Read at least one party entry (Listed on my sidebar under All Hallow’s Grim Party Posts

For extra entries (worth 1-3 entries each):
2. Blog about this post (leave a link/3 entries)
3. Tweet about this post (leave a link/2 entries)
4. Visit Paradise Music and tell me about your favorite item
5. Share a bit about your favorite All Hallow’s Eve myth
6. Be a Wicked Darling (follow Pagan Culture through GFC)
7. Follow Pagan Culture on Twitter 
8. Friend me on Facebook 
9. Snatch one (or all) of my buttons from the sidebar

Pagan Culture has the final word on whether or not a shop owner or seller is really a Wicked Partier. Meaning that in order to participate, the seller must write a post that follows the All Hallow's Grim Party suggestions. 
** This giveaway ends October 20th at 5:13pm. The party posts will remain on my sidebar until then. Great luck, my Darlings Luvs! I hope you are having a wicked awesome All Hallow’s Eve Season.    

Day seven to Get Off Your Broom, and The Real Witches of Halloween and The 2011 Countdown to Hallowe’en and yeah, party! Have you visited Danni, Lyn, Serenity and the rest of the witchy partiers yet?

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  1. 1. Tweeted!/LaciJRich
    2. A better question would be what ISN"T my favorite.:) I'll choose the Celtic Goddess CD.
    3. Am Following! :)
    4. gotcha on Twitter!

  2. Georginamorley10/07/2011

    Oh my! Haven't seen that site before, went straight to Celtic collection, and after drooling through, I am definite Spirit of the Forest is for me. Those haunting melodies with natures sounds are awesome, a must have item!!
    Hadn't realised I wasn't logged as a follower so am now :D  and have tried to add on facebook(don't know if it's worked yet though :D (such a technophobe ha!) .
    Have prepped a post for 13th, so will see you then :D XXX

  3. MagicLoveCrow10/07/2011

    Magaly, I have to admit, I am kind of confused? LOL! Of course I want to win everything, but I have to look through your post again! I will be back ;o)

  4. MagicLoveCrow10/07/2011

    Ok, I have made comments on all those posts before, so I will be back, to copy and paste then on here, right? I hope I am doing this right!

  5. Me and my over-guidance fever. There is only one party post so far, and it's the one posted by Cogent Ascending. The posts were not supposed to begin until Oct 12th, but Cogent got me all hooked on his tale and now the even is open early ;-) 

    So... as of right now, the only available party post is Cogent's. I'll have one in couple of days... and then another... and another...  

  6. Craftymoose10/07/2011

    Glad I saw the party has started! I retitled the button on my sidebar to read "Use Your 2011 All Hallow’s Grim Coin at My Shop".  I'll have my post up soon!

  7. Craftymoose10/07/2011

    Visited Paradise Music and I love so much of it! I was immediately drawn to "Power Animals" in the Native American Series. I have always felt a connection to Native Americans-although I have no NA blood, I've always felt I may have been one in a previous time.

  8. Craftymoose10/07/2011

    I'm already a follower!

  9. Craftymoose10/07/2011

    I don't think I will ever look at Scarecrow's in the same way again--Great was fiction, right?!

  10. MagicLoveCrow10/07/2011

    Hey Magaly ;o) Me back ;o) Sorry, I get confused easily, it's not you ;o) This was my comment at cogentascending, This was freaking excellent! I hope I don't have any nightmares tonight! You are an amazing writer!

  11. MagicLoveCrow10/07/2011

    I am a wicked darling ;o)

  12. MagicLoveCrow10/07/2011

    I have your buttons ;o)

  13. MagicLoveCrow10/07/2011

    I went to Paradise Music. Under "Power Animals", I really like, "The Snake". It called to me! Very sexy!

  14. ElleMoonGoddess10/08/2011

    it has been blogged...

    and tweeted

  15. SilverFox2210/08/2011 many things to do teehee!

    ~Blogged:!/FaerieCreationz~Wicked Darling but of course! hehe~Been following you on Twitter and stalking you one Facebook for aaages now LOL~I love your buttons, and already has the party up! :) - Blog: Dragon Love: The Tattie Bogal: quite sure what that all gets me LOL I'm pumped to do my piece now though hehe

  16. Craftymoose10/09/2011

    I read the whole thing in one sitting! Excellent story--really kept me wanting more!

  17. Dixienites10/09/2011

    I left a comment on:  INTO THE DARKNESS

    "What trickles into your brain when you visualize:fear, desperation, terror…?

    the curtain, I am struggling to breathe, overcome with a sense of
    horror and dread.  My feet are leaden, but with every fibre of my being,
    I will bade them to go on.  I must pull back the curtain and enter that
    stale, pitiless place... It's the only way to rid myself of the vile,
    limp creatures draped from my arms.  I must do this alone..."

  18. I read CraftyMoose and commented... "Oh, I love it! So adorable at first glance and then downright eerie when looked deeply into."

  19. Mina Crump10/09/2011

    I updated my party button with this heading..."Use Your 2011 All Hallow’s Grim Coin at My Shop"

  20. Mina Crump10/09/2011

    Yes, your lover is DREAMY. ;-) Oh, was than not mandatory?

  21. Definitely mandatory lol

  22. SunshineShelle10/11/2011

    Doing NOW!!!! aaaaahhhhh... Where did Oct 1-11 go??? Off my mop (soz broom), giddy but banner on way... I'll be back to do other stuff... got coins, want prizes, love your Batman, twist of lemon or lime in water gives it a zing (& is good for you, and also with Margaritas)!!!

  23. I'd also love to be in on the “Use Your 2011 All Hallow’s Grim Coin at My Shop”

    My shop url: :)

  24. MagicLoveCrow10/11/2011

    Just went to Debbie's blog, "Inside Every pumpkin is a Goblin trying to get out", this is what I said  ;o)
    Debbie, this is so cool!!! I love it!! I see what Gloria sees too! If this wasn't a giveaway, I would be buying it! LOL! Please count me in ;o) Have a great day! (Isn't it great when art just leads you ;o)

  25. beverly h10/12/2011

    I posted a comment on "Inside Every Pumpkin is a Goblin".


  26. MagicLoveCrow10/12/2011

    Hi Magaly, I posted a comment on, Wondering The Wooded Veil, this is what I said ;o)
    Your 4 glasses of wine did you well ;o) The story you wrote is wonderful, sad, and creepy! What a twist at the end! Terrific!
    I put my blog party up too! Hope you like it ;o)

  27. Craftymoose10/12/2011

    I visited MagicLoveCrow's party post:

    That is a really nice story! Tabitha has to be a good spirit--she is after all, wearing purple!

    Your giveaways are stunning as is all your art so call me a glutton...but please include my name for both!

    Your giveaways are stunning as is all your art so call me a glutton...but please include my name for both!

  28. Craftymoose10/12/2011

    I also enjoyed FallingLadies post:

    Those are fabulous photos--you were very brave to go back alone at
    night! I love your drawing of the witch with her basket of pumpkins and
    other Fall fruits! The background is really cool too!

  29. Craftymoose10/12/2011

    Visited Through Autumn Eyes:

    Oh my--what a creative story! Note to self...never go into the woods
    alone and do not under any circumstances follow any lights anywhere!

  30. Visited Pagan By Design's "The Seventh Child".  Lovely story!

  31. Blogged about the blog party and both your giveaways!

  32. Ohh, there's no way I can pick just one favourite from Paradise Music.  How about Celtic Fire, Walking With Merlyn, Native American Nights, or Power Animals?

  33. I'm a Wicked Darling :)

    (As a side note, it just occurred to me that perhaps you don't want all these as seperate comments?  Oh well.  I've already started)

  34. Facebook friend request sent!

  35. And finally, I already stole your button ages ago :)

  36. SunshineShelle10/13/2011

    Yes I blogged about this post you wicked mistress ;)

  37. SunshineShelle10/13/2011

    Your buttons are on :)

  38. SunshineShelle10/13/2011

    I think I'm a GFC, yeah must be!

  39. You are too hilarious, luv of mine lol

  40. Danielle Suplicki10/13/2011

    I just saw this, as I've been away on vacation and checked in just in time!

    Use Your 2011 All Hallow’s Grim Coin at My Shop. Of course! Happy All Hallow's Grim!

  41. MagicLoveCrow10/13/2011

    Hello my friend ;o) I just visited "Lilac Wolf And Stuff",. this is what I wrote ;o)
    Angie!!! Terrific!! Love what you did with the pictures and love what you wrote!!!!! Have a great day ;o)

  42. MagicLoveCrow10/13/2011

    Hey Magaly, just went to Geckstone, "Geraldine Gecko", this is what I wrote ;o)
    This is terrific!!! Love the poem Deb! You are so creative! You did a great job! And, the aceo is just perfect! Have a fantastic day my friend ;o)

  43. MagicLoveCrow10/13/2011

    Just been to Shelle's blog! This is what I wrote ;o)
    Shelle!!! This is such a cool and special story! I knew you were my kind of woman ;o) Now, I just read what Memphis wrote, lying game?? What does this mean? I hope you find your lost Miss Kitty Zombie! LOL!

  44. Just read Cogent Ascending (holy shit!) Okay, that is not what I commented. This was..."Oh, what a wonderfully gruesome tale!"

  45. MagicLoveCrow10/13/2011

    Hello ;o) I went to Mina's blog, "Little Angels", this is what I posted, Mina, you are sooo good at writing these tales! This is wickedly amazing! Hmmmm...I wonder where the father and mother are? Have a great day ;o)

  46. MagicLoveCrow10/13/2011

    I've just been to Summer's blog, Dem Bones: Of Human Skulls and Other Grisly Things"
    this is what I wrote ;o) Summer, this is fantastic! I actually read it twice. Very creepy, and spooky but interesting! I keep thinking about what you said at the beginning, do you ever think about what you would look like without your flesh? Happy All Hallow’s grim ;o)

  47. Geckostone10/13/2011

    Hey Magaly you're making me late for the party listening to all that music! My fave so far is Little Latin Bar by Lila Mayi. I also liked alot of the Native American and Celtic stuff. Great site, I'll have to go back later, right now I want to get to the party posts. I read Sunshine Shelles and Magic Love Crows this morning, excellent stories, this is sooooooo fun, Magaly!!!! Deb

  48. WOW cool giveaways, Magaly!! Please toss my name in your witchy hat!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. I am a follower :)

  50. I not only have the button on my blog, but I am a participant with my own ghost story!

  51. I have already been to 2+ blogs participating in the GRIM, and commented. I will continue to do so.

  52. I have read the Tattie Bogal...creepy!

    ps...come read my 3 part TRUE ghost experience

  53. beverly h10/13/2011


  54. My wicked love, I just left Shelle's blog - "Oh Shelle, what a delicious story! I have heard so many tales of small children who communicate with "imaginary friends" and I have always thought they were seeing spirits. Little ones are so much closer to the other side than adults. Oh, I have chills!"

  55. Just came from Linda's blog - Commented, "Oh my gods, I would die of natural causes if I saw something like that. And his couldn't get any better than that. Very creepy and very well written, my dear friend!"

  56. Craftymoose10/14/2011


    Very cool story, yet kinda scary to me!

  57. Craftymoose10/14/2011


    Thanks for sharing this beautiful, comforting story!

  58. Craftymoose10/14/2011

    Visited Geckostone:

    That is a very creative post and I love the painting!

  59. Mina Crump10/15/2011

    The Seventh Child - “Oh Polly, this
    is such a beautiful tale and told in such a tender manner. I
    thoroughly enjoyed every word and want to congratulate you on the
    well deserved publication.”

  60. Mina Crump10/15/2011

    Wondering the Wooded Viel -
    “Wonderfully done! Beautifully written and a gruesome ending. My
    favorite kind!”

  61. Mina Crump10/15/2011

    Visited Pieces of Fate - "That is horrible for the poor kitty! What a frightening experience this was. It would have scared me to death!"

  62. Mina Crump10/15/2011

    Danni's blog - "Wonderful art, Danni. Wasn't The Crow awesome? True love in the highest sense. And such a tragedy for Brandon Lee. Hugs, Sweetie."

    Maybe I should stop commenting my comments now. I feel like a stalker. ;-)

  63. MagicLoveCrow10/15/2011

    I just went to Seffy's Nightmare ;o) This is what I saide ;o)
    Excellent post! The one picture, of all the hands going up the wall, scares the "H" out of me! I guess I know what I am reading next ;o)

  64. MagicLoveCrow10/15/2011

    Hey Magaly ;o) I just went over to "boo", Falling Ladies, this is what I wrote ;o)
    Great post! You have courage going to the graveyard at night! I don't think I could do it! You got some great photo's! Everything looks so much different at night! Your daughter is too funny! LOL! Love your sketch!

  65. MagicLoveCrow10/15/2011

    Hello again ;o) I went to Pagan By Design, "The Seventh Child", this is what I said.
    This is a beautiful tale! I could see some of myself in this story! Excellent! I am so happy I came by! You are an amazing writer! Congrats on the publication!!! Well deserved!!

  66. MagicLoveCrow10/16/2011

    Hi ;o) Just went to "Knock Knock Street", love what she wrote! This is what I said ;o)
    This is such a beautiful and comforting story! Thanks so much for sharing it! When I moved into our new house 10 years ago, my cat that passed on, visited me regularly. But, I new I was keeping him here. I finally told him to go and that I loved him. I haven't seen him since. So happy I came by your blog!

  67. Judy-JudysPhotos@blogspot.com10/19/2011

    I've read a bunch of party posts...but don't know if I'm entered in this giveaway...I really want to be entered...

  68. I giggled at the "I really want to be entered..." bit. I know, I have issues.

    The party entries are archived with the party post. Just browse through them, and leave me a comment with the names of the posts you commented on. I'll enter you one time for each comment ;-)