She Made Me Need What I Didn’t Know I Wanted

I had never needed a wand for ritual. I have a wand, but it sits next to my potted dragon’s blood plant. I kept it because its parts and the hands that put it together will always mean the world to me. In magic—I my magic, I should say—tools are used mainly for focus. I haven’t needed that kind of aid, for my witchery, since I was in my teens.

Then I got these wands from Familiar Creations by Mina

These cedar beauties were anointed (by my Piano Man and me) the same night I received them, and a few minutes after I regained consciousness they became part of my altar. They belong together, don’t they?

Mina and her family are creating magic. Yep, Familiar Creations by Mina is the result of the lovely work of Mina’s husband, her daughter and, of course, the witchery our beloved Green Witch with Sprinkles. Look at this; isn’t it a great example of what we can do when we team up with Nature?

And the following, my Wicked Darlings, is one of the gestures that touched the innermost bits of my heart this year.
It belonged to Mina’s husband. I’ve never met the man, but he felt I should have this bit of skully magic. I played with it for hours... It made such an impression in me that I couldn’t stay away from it for too long—no idea why exactly… I guess Mina’s husband was right, it belongs to me. I used the string that came with it to attach it to my favorite handbag. What do you think?

Only very special things make it to my altar. My witchy heart must feel they are essential to my magic. Mina is that good of a Witch. She made me need, what I didn’t know I wanted. Some time ago, a friend asked me “What do you keep on your altar, and how you know it belongs there?” I never really thought about it, but after getting Mina’s wands I’ve realized my witchy space if composed of the things I need.

Visit Familiar Creations by Mina, and let your witchy heart grab what it needs.

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  1. Wow.. just gorgeous!

  2. Mina Crump9/03/2011

    Oh Magaly, my heart is bursting with a very special witchy kinship to you. I may even be getting sappy here.... ...well now hubby is grinning all sappy too.

    This post is so beautiful and I want to thank you from the depths of my being. It makes me feel so wonderful that the wands and the skull have filled a space in your life They say that nothing meant for you will ever pass you by and I truly believe that whether that be "objects" or the magical energy imprinted upon them or certain souls, it is a universal truth.. You are such a beautiful soul and I am proud to have you in my life. Sending you a hug so warm, you'll need a fan.   

  3. What beautiful pieces! Thank you for sharing! It's nice to be able to include things like this into your altars and your work. Blessings!

  4. MagicLoveCrow9/03/2011

    I love Mina's hubby's wands! They are so special! They look wonderful at your altar ;o) And, the gift you got from her hubby is adorable! It looks great on your purse ;o) I just bought one of the bowls, that Mina's daughter makes. Have a wonderful day my friend ;o) Love the post ;o) Mina and you are very special ;o)

  5. I am very happy you liked it, Mina. I'm looking at the wands as I write this reply, and Mr. Skully is on my bag as always. I take that bag everywhere (I keep my Kindle in it). And wait until I tell you about the feather... 

  6. I couldn't help myself ;-)

  7. Mm, I might have to special order a nice daisy spotted bowl. Mina's daughter is quite the artist. Now, all this talk about things I love made me miss my funky daisies and my Skully girl... I might not be able to wait until All Hallow's Eve to replace my banner.

  8. ljrich9/03/2011

    Hmmm, I've never needed or wanted a wand before either. However, after looking at those......and her shop.....that might change.

    I doubt Mr. LJ will be up for anointing mine, though.:) Someday he'll come around to that stuff I hope.

  9. Mina's wands are wonderful. She fills them with magic. 

    I will pray so that Mr. LJ comes... um... around ;-)

  10. Thunderjunk Soulpuncher9/03/2011

    Am I the only one who thinks they looks suspiciously like instruments for, um, personal arousal?
    Probably lol.
    It's been a dry run so the toaster looks suspiciously like a sex aide at this point.

  11. I hope not! The first thing I said when I saw the singled tipped wand was "Penis!" lol 

  12. SunshineShelle9/04/2011

    Great Post & just off to make Mina's shop a fave, not sure how I missed it... actually I'm easily distracted, that could be why ;) I sometimes think things (& people) are just right too, walking along a beach of stones & one says pick me up, feel me, take me home... thank goodness they don't all do that, I'd need much bigger pockets ;) 
    OK Thunderjunk, please don't forget to UNplug the toaster first, that comment really distracted me... ok off to check out the beautiful Mina's Shop!

  13. You must be related to the Princess and to me. We are always picking everything that speaks to us while we are out, and things around her seem to be very talkative. Our apartment is full of sticks, stones, leaves... 

    And Thunderjunk, do take Shelle's suggestion, the alternative might burn ;-)

  14. All their stuff is so cool!

  15. Indeed! I have an eye on one of the bowls.