Replying to Hate Based Organizations

The response to Hate Based Organizations has been so passionate and plentiful that I thought I should write a similar reply. I’ve been contacted by four organizations asking for my friend’s information. I forwarded their emails to her, but not before telling my friend how I felt about the whole issue.

I told her to be cautious, and to look at the big picture before deciding how to proceed. There are times when harm disguises itself as help, particularly when our decisions to assist are influenced by outrage and hurt. My friend is the single mother of a child with special needs. She needs to have a stable source of income, no ifs or buts. She is responsible for her little one.

It would be grand if the situation with her job and Little Witch was black and white, but it isn’t. In her comment to Hate Based Organizations, Sarita suggested that although most places can’t openly hate “there are plenty of nasty subtle things people can do to discriminate which can’t be proven as discrimination.” I wish she was wrong, but we all know she is not. My friend has been told that she misunderstood her director’s initial words, that she was “suspended, not fired.” Her boss said the suspension was based on the cost of the gift, not its nature. The organization forbids employees “from giving presents to the patients.”

My friend argued that she has been a holiday angel for as long as she has been on the job; she sponsors as many families as her salary allows, so that those who can’t afford it still get presents during the Christmas holidays. The organization’s reply? “Holiday Angels is a traditional anonymous program that benefits all clients, not just the ones [my friend] chooses.” Can you see the wisdom of Sarita’s words hovering over these words? Cogent, Aisha and many others were right too; my friend chose to work at that place. This situations sucks; it proves our world can be a wretched place, but it isn’t illegal to be this kind of heartless.  
But not all is misery, my luvs… the Little Witch’s family was contacted by a private sponsor who wants to assist the family with their witchlet’s care. They hope to relocate the child as soon as possible. I’m proud to say that the sponsor is another Witch, but no name can be revealed because the person is afraid of the same situation my friend is currently trying to fight.   

I want to say something before ending this post. Not all faith based organizations resemble the one my friend works for. For instance, I’m currently exchanging emails with a Catholic priest who is trying to find the best way to discuss contraception with young adults. I can read the anxiety in his words when he asks, “But we should probably tell them that abstinence is the best method.” I tell him that he is right, but that he should hand out condoms after the abstinence speech, just in case.

I haven’t done this in a while, but my heart feels the need to share bits from messages I have received the last five weeks:

From a Nun: “Magaly, Father X gave me your email address. He said you might be able to help me… I’m in love with a man. I want to be with him. I’m not sure if this is a test of my faith, or maybe I’m in love, and my Lord is telling me that it is alright to follow through.”

From Catholic Priest 1: “I am consumed with desire to worship her [a Witch]. But Christianity, Catholicism, does not allow this. Magaly, I am a priest with a parish. Catholicism does not allow it [any kind of relationship with a Witch]. My confessor goes nuts when I mention her.”

From a Christian: I am not a kid I am a grown man with kids so my decisions in life will affect them therefore I must try to make them carefully. I am a “Christian” but sometimes I often hear that, I am not what they call a “Christian” this is because I read for myself and follow what I interpret as the word. But the nature of my friend has started me looking into Wicca. He isn’t what I would think of when I think of pagans. So if you have the time I would like to ask you questions…”

From a Christian Minister: “Thank you so very much.  I have two granddaughters… and a one-year-old grandson.  I will look for Mythologies of the World on your recommendation.  Yes I am happy and I can see that you are a happy person as well.

I didn’t mention that I am an ordained Christian minister, semi-retired now with a lot of time to think and meditate.  I really want to experience an earth-based spirituality before I pass to the next stage of life.  I am finding a lot of inspiration on the Witches’ Voice and on other similar websites.

Blessed Be!!!”

From a 2nd Catholic Priest: “I talked to the Y family this evening. They are staying with us [the church]. Your Ms. Toledo was correct [I told the Priest Ms. Toledo used to say that ‘no one learns with someone else’s head, especially if that head has not been shaped by experience]. The couple is seeing a sex therapist, and the happiness on their faces after a single session was indescribable. I need to pray for guidance before discussing the issue with my [superior]. I don’t know how these things are in the US, but here they don’t work.”

From the Child of a Devout Catholic: “Mum it’s okay with me being gay! She cried at first… but she’s mostly fine now. I showed her your blog, and your Witches’ Voice thing ’bout the kid that didn’t talk to his weird mum. She thinks you’re scary, but that you know stuff. And I don’t need to go back [to church] if I don’t want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum is thinking of a name to use in your blog. She’s afraid someone will know who she is. Tell you when I figure it out. You probably find out on your own. Mum writes like a church lady lol”

My Wicked Darlings, the world is full of wonderful people who share similar spiritual desires to love, to help, to be happy, to be ourselves… I know things can look terrible at times, but I believe positive energy is the most powerful magic. I can’t prove your prayers and positive wishes influenced the individual who is helping Little Witch and her family, but here are the first few words of the email that started the relationship: “I read Magaly’s post, and I agree with her readers’ responses…”

Light a candle to brighten my friend’s work situation… say a prayer… brew a spell… do a little dance… continue sending your positive energy. You, my luvs, are the best. 

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  1. Tamara9/21/2011

    This was one of your best shares Magaly and I truly hope that it brings the love and light of all peoples to the forefront. As a clergy, I also draw people to me as you do. They have so many questions and so much fear, so many lookiing for something in their lives. They believe as they do out of fear but so desperately want to be happy, be themselves, feel light and love, learn a way to live a fulfilled life. You have a gift my friend, a gift that draws people who seek and need help. The world is full of manevolence and diversity, and part of life is adjusting to it. Others are right about your friend, in that she did choose to work there with eyes wide open. I hope it all works out for her and her child, the situation at hand is outrageous, but she will have to move on I'm afraid considering what the reprocussions could be.  

  2. Georginamorley9/21/2011

    Thank you for sharing these moments with us. I am new to your blog, and have been "listed" as a pagan/wiccan by my friends for many years(even when I was a church goer). I find it fascinating that religious people tell me how" thoughtful and loving" I am, and that I am" one of the most spiritual people they know", then follow up with "it's a shame your a pagan"!! I guess things will never change :)
    Wishing you a Blessed Mabon celebration :D XXX

  3. Diandra Linnemann9/21/2011

    These were beautiful e-mails, thank you for sharing!

  4. Our choices sometimes don't even look like such, do they? I remember a couple of years back when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to be a writer of witchy or or a Witch who writes fiction. Some time back, not sure exactly when, I think life chose for me and somehow I've ended up doing both. I'm happy this way.  I have received many emails from well meaning people (Pagans and  non-Pagans) who tell me to the careful because if I want to succeed as a writer, I might to watch the witchy bits. The other side says that I have a gift and I should use it to serve my witchy community. Well, I am a writer and a Witch, and Pagan Culture shows that I don't care to separate the two. 

    I told all this to my friend, when I explained I think that she will have some difficult decisions to make, and how things tend to work themselves out. 

  5. Georgina, you just made me roar. You've reminded me of all the occasions when I tell people that I'm a Witch and they say, "You such an amazing person. Why do you call yourself such an ugly thing?" 

    Ignorance is strange, and sometimes is frowns at you through the faces of people who think they know you.

  6. I get some that are not nearly as pretty (i.e. Accept the Lord, witches will be burn when His Kingdom is erected on earth) *erected still makes me laugh* but anyhoo, the people who  truly matter are the ones who show that we are all the same deep inside. 

    *his kingdom is erected* Ha!

  7. Danielle Suplicki9/21/2011

    This share just made my day! I'm sure you get some nastiness mixed in, but it's a beautiful thing to know that there are people of all flavors and faiths who can talk openly and maturely with people who are different than themselves. Making my steps on the way out the door today a bit lighter, dearie. *hugs*

  8. JudysPhotos.blogspot.com9/21/2011

    I find it so sad that these people continue in their chosen path yet want to embrace the other as well...I guess this is where the "Christian Pagan" comes in...

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  10. I normally don't read all of the responses made to your posts, but I did for your last post. It was amazing how different many of the responses were, and how they ranged from saying that your friend could get her job back to being skeptical.

    And you're right, the world isn't black and white. It might be easier if it was, but then again, maybe it would be a nastier world. Either way, the messages you shared help to show how the world is not black and white. :)

  11. MagicLoveCrow9/21/2011

    Thank you Magaly, for sharing all of this with us ;o) I will continue to send prayers, and light a candle for your friend! I am so happy that little witch is getting help ;o) You my friend, are a special person and that's why so many people come to you for help! Blessings! My mom is a Buddhist and she said she will chant for your friend! 

  12. lisa brawner9/21/2011

    lighting a candle for her and sending positive vibes her way .........

  13. And you put the same smile on my face ;-)

  14. Ah, those unanswered spiritual questions...

  15. A black and white world sounds boring and terrifying. What would we do with our time? And what would we do if the mean side is the one to determine the color of the collective reality? You are right, it might be nastier.

  16. Tell your mom thanks and give her a big hug for me ;-)

  17. What a great post!  See this is why I follow  this blog regularly.  I believe most people are kind and just want to live their lives. What makes the world a scary place are the bullies that make so much noise they drowned out the rest of us.  I can't even think of a solution because what makes us different is our ability to let everyone have their voice and opinion.  Telling a loud-mouth to stop talking would go against who we are.  So I think most often we just say "go ahead, have your say but I'm going to go over here and just live my life."

  18. It seems that your reason for following Pagan Culture is very similar to my reasons behind my eclectic spirituality: I believe the world would be a wonderful place if we did our thing, let others do theirs. I like many things from many spiritual paths, I like some things from people and I dislike others, but the behaviors that might annoy me (of a person or idea) doesn't make me dislike the whole. I second your words, "go ahead, have your say, but I'm going to go over here and just live my life" even if some don't care for my choices.

    Much love!

  19. ljrich9/25/2011

    I'm late about it, cus I suck with keeping up with things, but I'll be doing some candle work this evening. For this situation.

  20. Positive energy is welcomed at any time ;-)

  21. Magaly, you are a kind and beautiful human being. Your gift of communication is a treasure that you use to share all that is and all that could be. Thank you for bringing your own special touch of light and magic into the world, for opening my mind a bit more and for making me take pause to reflect my own inner views.  My candle will burn tonight, my sweet friend.    

  22. It is easy to shine when one has friends who sparkle love ;-)