Outside the Bones

Yes, my luvs, more skulls, more bones and more sexy, dark and bloody yum.

Fine, so I’m not sure about the bloody bit because I haven’t read the entire book. But I read the first chapter of Outside the Bones by Lyn Di Iorio, and I haven’t stopped texting my Piano Man ever since. I need to see if he can get the book for me. I won’t be done with school until late, and I want to start reading tonight.

My darling man (who is not just the hottest, but also the most amazing being in my world) went to the bookstore, and guess what? Outside the Bones doesn’t come out until the 28th. Oops! I guess I was a bit too excited. I just can’t help myself. I really want to read this book.  

I bet you are wondering why I’m so nuts about this book. No? Wow, you are impressive. I would be pulling out my curls by now. Well, this is the “first novel [in English that] explores the mysterious and sensuously dark world of Palo Monte, an Afro-Caribbean religio-magical belief system similar to Haitian Vodun… [The heroine is] a hilariously loud and street-toughened, but ultimately tender-hearted, New Yorker named Fina Mata. She dabbles in witchcraft, and her unrequited love for her upstairs neighbor… leads her to put a spell—or fufú—on him.”

The fufú goes wrong…  Can you remember the last time one of your spells backfired? No, not that time the high priestess lit her bell-shaped sleeve on fire; I’m talking about getting the completely opposite effects from your magic, and for those results to be really bad. Scary, isn’t it? Throw a witchy Latina into the mix, and the disaster has to be deliciously sidesplitting. 

Oh, and I’m sooo in lust with the cover. Visit Lyn Di Iorio’s website, and let me know if you, too, were enchanted by what you saw there. 

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  1. MagicLoveCrow9/22/2011

    Magaly, you are getting me in trouble! I am suppose to be painting, not reading! This book looks fabulous! And the cover is wicked! Love it!

  2. Oh Magaly, I just can't possibly fit any more books into my life at the moment. BUT this one sounds so good!

  3. Slommler9/23/2011

    Gotta love that cover for sure!!!  I hope your don't wear grooves in your floors waiting for the 28th!!

  4. A little wickedness brings color to our lives, doesn't it? Just paint a baby crow on top of those skulls are you enjoy the story ;-)

  5. I think you might enjoy. I think the lady who wrote to you (about the bloody issue) might enjoy it too.

  6. Dearest SueAnn, you know me well *sigh*

  7. Tamara9/23/2011

    lol this book sounds really intriguing!! I had a spell go wrong 2 years ago...really wrong. I do a special spell for my best friend every October during hunting season (no i don't condone hunting but i do it for him). This particular year, I decided to change the spell a little bit andaccidently  left out one important specific detail...oh yes .he got his 8 pt buck that year like he always does with my spell, but it was with his jeep not his shotgun!! I always put in the spell the words "in his path in the field or in the forest", but that year all I put was "in his path." I felt sooooo bad!!! He had alot of damage to his jeep and thank gawd he wasn't hurt. I put the spell back to the way i originally had it and set it in stone. lol Last year he got his 8 pt buck from his deer stand.

  8. Your poor friend *I'm giggling* I know it is not funny, but I'm assuming he is okay now. It is just too funny because in a way, your spell went exactly as it should. I can see a mischivious Wild God smirking in the woods as your friend stared at his messed up Jeep. 

    And I don't have anything against hunting as long as everything is eaten. I believe in balance; everybody needs to eat.

  9. I hope that when you read my novel that will help inspire your painting!  My book is wicked but also funny, a combination I like!

  10. Dear Lyn, It's a quick read for many readers.  I'm so excited that you like the sound of it! 

  11. I'm glad you like the cover!  The witchy woman swaying over the cauldron is also actually the body and bones in the cauldron!

  12. Dear Tamara, It sounds like you already had the perfect spell in place before you decided to vary it.
    The fact that the spell works perfectly (except for that one time) is something I admire.  I've had more spells go wrong than right. The comedy of that is what inspired my book.

  13. ljrich9/25/2011

    I'll be buying that book!

  14. WoooHooo! Can't wait to read your review. I've been biting my toenails (ran out of fingernails) waiting for this one. You know how I am when I get obsessed with a book... I'm burning a hole in the calendar. I might get my copy tomorrow. 

    I have a very good feeling about this one, LJ. My cousin is thinking about an online forum for it (he is a Santero, so he is extra excited about this one). 

    I've missed you.