Our Nation’s State of “Nymphomaniacal Orgiastic Abandonment”

My first day of school was delightful, even after having missed a week of class. I was not worry about not being able to make-up the work, but I was dreading the amount of time I thought it would take. Well, like any respectable witchy nerd, I read a few chapters into most of my texts. And guess what? I am NOT behind! 

But this post is about something absolutely different. I wanted to share an exchange I overheard in the subway, a few hours ago. This is how it went:

Anti-Contraception-Dudette (sighing every other few words) – “The world is decaying. I can’t believe Obama wants to give condoms and pills to little girls.”

Doubtful-Dude (frowning) – “He won’t give them to kids, man. It’s more like, for chicks who don’t wanna get knocked up.”

Anti-Contraception-Dudette (shaking her head) – “Sluts; we’ll be overrun by sluts.”

Doubtful-Dude (grinning) – “Sluuuuuts.”

At this point, I’m not the only person giggling in the train. The quirky exchange made me think of a clip form The Colbert Report, which I shared with my Facebook friends a couple of weeks ago. Do you think Anti-Contraception-Dudette and Doubtful-Dude have seen it? Anyhoo, here is the bit of hilariously terrifying nonsense incarnate:
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Women's Health-Nazi Plan
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Click HERE, in case you cant access the video.  

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  1. Thunderjunk Soulpuncher9/07/2011

    It physically hurts to know there are actual people out there who really do think this way. And he was right, the world will be overrun but by people, slutty and otherwise.

  2. Diandra Linnemann9/07/2011

    Sheesh, since when is being a slut a crime? ^^

    (You know where this comes from.)

  3. SunshineShelle9/07/2011

    I'll have some of what he's having... and maybe one of those fancy free ribbed condoms on the side ;)

  4. The first time I saw this I thought it was a joke. I just couldn't believe some individuals could be so ignorant, but...

  5. "Hang onto your husbands, girls!"

  6. Friendly, stylish and practical lol

  7. Oh thank you for sharing this.  I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  I hear this kind of nonsense anytime we talk about birth control or teaching sex education.  Right because if we don't tell this group of hormone addled teens how to have sex the idea would never occur to them.  I'm blown away that the bottom line didn't encourage insurance companies to offer birth control, it HAS to be cheaper than an actual baby.

  8. Ellie Smith9/07/2011

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I say Yes to orgiastic abandonment!

  9. MagicLoveCrow9/07/2011

    Hi Magaly, the video I watched, wasn't what you were talking about? But, I love what Diandra said ;o)

  10. I know exactly what you mean. I was once kicked out of a religious institutions for passing out condoms. The religious leader told me "my message" belonged in the street because his congregation of composed "of decent people." Obviously decent people are so, um, decent that they don't have sex.

  11. If you tried the link instead of the direct video, you probably saw the commercial that comes before the clip. And I love what Diandra said too. Isn't Practical Magic and awesome movie?

  12. ljrich9/08/2011

    The stupidity in the govt. makes me twitch. "You will have prevented a generation." Good Gods Almighty, I want to hit him right in the lips. I only watch the Daily Show and Colbert for news, now. It's REALLY sad.....when you get your news from John Stewart and Steve Colbert because it's the only sane news around.

  13. I love Jon and Stephen because the purge the bullshit out of reporting. And, of course, they make it funny. Life is too difficult to swallow if we take all the dumb things people say seriously.

  14. Marcia Colette9/08/2011

    Priceless.  LOL!

    I think the world is already overrun by sluts and whores.  They just hide in plain sight.  Damn.  My cover is blown.

  15. No wonder we get along so well ;-D

  16. Mina Crump9/10/2011

    LOL! I do love well written satire. Do people not see how absolutely ignorant  they are? Spray tan woman looks like she could use a good orgasm. ;-)

  17. I don't think they know how stupid they sound. And if they do and think it is okay, then I almost feel sorry for them--almost. Yep, Ms. Cooked-Up needs a few screamers.


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