Memphis’ Oracle and Other Bits

Did you know that sunshine, artistry and awesome personalities were hereditary? If not, they are a least contagious. Yep, Memphis Kennedy is a beautiful young version of her wicked sweet mother and her super handsome (just ask his wife) surfer dude dad.
Ryou by Memphis Kennedy
Memphis is a multifaceted artist. She can draw (can you smell the jealousy?) and she can write too. I love this girl’s imagination. I stopped by MangaMem’s, the other day, and read the introduction to Oracle, Memphis’s work in progress. The story “focuses around an Australian teen called Ashley (or Ash as she prefers) who turns from a gamer to real-life competitor when she acquires some divine powers.” I love the way Memphis uses world mythology to bring her story to life.

I’m sure Sunshineshelle and Cargoboy spend half of their days grinning with pride, thinking about the life their love has created. Memphis’s blog is very new; if you stop by right now, you would probably able to follow her story from the beginning.

Speaking of newness and fabulousness
Have you read “A Fabulous Altar Contains Exactly What a Witch Needs?” If you haven’t, you should stop by The Sacred Village and take a look-see. It was a fun post to write, so you might giggle once or twice reading it.

Other Bits

  • I’ve updated the All Hallow’s Grim Blog Party guidance, to include information about submitting links to your posts. Oh (and I should probably add this to the update) if you left a comment, but your name doesn’t appear on the guest list, please comment again with a link to your blog. You might have several blogs, and I don’t know which one to add. 
  • Stacy’s 3 plus 5 Giveaway and a Booby prize still serving chances to win. Visit Magic Love Crow, and take part of the birthday celebrations. 
  • Are you a Zombie or Unicorn person? Join Amy’s Unicorns vs. Zombies birthday bash, and you’ll be able to show your horn or eat some brains.
  • And oh my creepy gods! Have you seen what Shelle has been addicted to lately? I know; I’m speechless too, so thank the keyboard god for the glorious creepiness of alternatives.

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  1. MangaMem9/17/2011

    Mum called me out to see this. Haha. She was blown away and I'm honoured that you've taken an interest in the story. Guess I'll have to work even harder now! I should put up my two witches from Oracle then. Be sure to check them out when they are up. Thanks so much Magaly! Have a nice day!

  2. SunshineShelle9/17/2011

    It's true, totally utterly thank you soooo much!! Memphis giggled & blushed beetroot when she saw this,  and THEN (as we rolled down the post) jumped up & down & said 'Look mum, your ghosts are here too' of course  we yahooed so much The Big F (Frayz aka Cargoboy) & Trinity gathered around... we were just like a family from the 50's gathered around the glow of the TV except we gathered around the computer tonight complete with Milo the dog, and read aloud your post, I maybe a sentimental fool (well people HAVE said I'm a fool LOL) but I got a little tear in my eye, this unexpected delight, I have a stupid smile still plastered over my face... Oh Yeah we are doing the happy dance, thank you Magaly, you're a champion :) 

  3. Slommler9/17/2011

    I am loving the prints!!  Such delightful ghouls!!
    Hugging you this AM

  4. I'm glad you feel honored and will work hard at it. Have a blast while you do it too. As I said on my comment at your blog, I can't wait to see what else you do with the mythology/gaming/real life competitor combo. It sounds like it will be a treat to read. 

    I'm watching... ;-)

  5. You just made me grin a ginormous grin. The thought of all of you gathered around the laptop reading is a happy one. And if you are a fool, I'll start prying for the must foolish of worlds. I was terribly impressed (and still are) by your Memphis. I love it when a child (or a young woman, in this case) takes the best traits from her surroundings, adds her own spice into the mix, and turns the result into something personal and enjoyable. She is lucky to have your and Frayz, and she is making you guys lucky with the things she does. So tear on, my dear friend, for these salty droplets are of the cool kind ;-) 

  6. I know what you mean, SueAnn. I'm completely hooked! 

  7. HOW have I been online for so long and have missed these treasures until now?! (shaking head and putting down my beer, er um, coffee)

    I could never tire of looking at the work of Sunshineshelle, her extremely talented daughter and husband!

    That does it! I'm going outside to look for driftwood (oops I live nowhere near a shore), scratch that, I'm going to dig out my paints and pretend I could create things so beautiful and enchanting. (I will probably have better luck if I close my eyes)

    Thank you for sharing my dear Magaly!

  8. Shelle's are is gripping, isn't it? I was talking with someone at school, and told them my favorite artist is Shelle Kennedy, the person asked, "Shelle whoo?" I told him he would know soon. And if you checked out the hubby's work, you noticed he is just as awesome, and Memphis is following on both their foot steps (at the same time!). I see wonderful things....

    And talking about wonderful things, share some art woman!

  9. MagicLoveCrow9/18/2011

    I love Memphis's art and her stories and I love Shelle's art and her hubby's art too! Amazingly talented family and they are all wonderful people too!

  10. They are an amazing family indeed!

  11. Greenwitchwithsprinkles9/26/2011

    Oh Magaly, isn't Memphis adorable? As soon as I get caught up with everyone I am going to go read her blog. I did stop by for a minute and saw just enough to tease myself so I had to become one of her followers. ;-) Sorry I am so behind on your posts, love. Life, life, life!