Jumping Off My Broom and Dancing

I am a busy Witch...

When Danni announced her 2011 Countdown to Hallowe’en, I pouted at my screen and said, “If only…” 

The same sigh left my lips after seeing A Fanciful Twist’s Halloween Party... 

I was beyond distraught when I learned about the Witches Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon... 

Then The Real Witches of Halloween came along and I glared at my laptop... 

By the time Bewitching Trick-or-Treat appeared, I was sure my scowl couldn’t get any more vicious… 

And I was right, meany turned to smiley the moment Serenity said to the world, Get Off Your Broom and do something witchy! 

Yep, my Wicked Darlings, I jumped off my broomstick and decided to run and dance again. Can you smell the witchy excitement? No, not that smell; that is dragon’s blood, rosemary and lemon thyme incense burning on my altar. I’m talking about the other scent. The one touching your mind and making you want to dance. The witchy fun starts October 1st, wouldn’t you like to join us?

If yes, here are the party buttons. Don’t let them go to waste, my luvs:


  1. Slommler9/29/2011

    If you can't beat them...join them!!!  Ha!  I love it and have signed in for Vanessa's as well.  That is about all I can handle!!
    Whew!  I am going to be busyyyyyyy!!!
    My surgery is scheduled for Oct 5th...so I should be recovered in time for all the festivities!!

  2. I can't wait to see your after surgery pictures, which of course, must include you adored Doctor and all the kids and grandbabies spoiling you rotten.

  3. zombiegoddess9/29/2011

    Looking forward to them all!

  4. Linda Wildenstein9/29/2011

    You are so fabulous at promoting others events. It's that generous heart of yours, along with your wickediest loving spirit.. You're a goodie Magaly my dear. Alas, I am only doing 4 out of 7......really? yep cuz I am nutz. Hold on October, here I come. XOXO Oma Linda

  5. That's a lot of partying...I'm hoping to remember to at least visit the blogs during the parties...Enjoy...

  6. I'm joining in with the tea party (had a direct e-mail invite from Anna when I e-mailed her to say I'd loved the Practical Magic party posts, but couldn't comment on her blog... I can now she tried my idea of changing the comment form though). I'm also joining in on the get off your broom challenge... I'd already planned on the move being an oppertunity for me to start working on living the healthier lifestyle I both want to live and know I should be living, so it works out well. I don't know if I'll be able to post on Serenity's blog with my progress or anything though, because I'm having the same issue commenting on her blog as I was with Anna's (I did e-mail her, but got no reply... Maybe she didn't get the message?) I'll go check out the others, and maybe I might join in with others too...

  7. You make me giggle and grin at the same time; it's quite funny looking and it makes my face feel funny ;-)

  8. It is really nice to have you in the parties ;-)

    I'm hoping that soon the comment form won't be a problem, but I don't know. In the meantime we can play this way and see what happens. Maybe Disqus will make things better.

  9. MagicLoveCrow9/29/2011

    Wow, so many parties!!! I am going to wear my best dress ;o)

  10. Lovely! And do bring a few baby crows!!!

  11. I'm going to be back soon and look through all these.  I do love all the excitement around Halloween.  :)

  12. I think this All Hallow's Eve is going to be a blast.

  13. Oh, I wish I could take part in all those events! I hope I can come up with something special for some of them -- and I can't wait to see what you have in store. :)


  14. Well, you are already taking part by coming by to check things out ;-)

  15. Mina Crump10/04/2011

    Look at you getting us all off our brooms. I am thinking, "Oh no, you cannot possibly commit to one more thing. You barely keep up the pace or with your blogging friends now. And you want to do more???" Yet, here I am, off to sign up for things I missed...and I am skipping like a giddy schoolgirl! Magaly, my love...have you cast a spell on us or is is just your beautiful soul, charm and charisma that calls me out to play? Well whatever it is,  you are a pure genius!