Witchy Wit and Wisdom… Fur

“I’m never going to have a fur coat, not ever, because it’s wrong to kill animals just for the fur. I’m not a vegetarian, I think it’s alright to kill animals to eat them, because that’s different. They’d do that to us. There’s no need for us to take their fur just to show off.” — Morwenna Markova, in Among Others 

I ran into this quote a couple of weeks ago. I nodded for about forever after I read it. I also wished I had those words in hand—or should that be in head?—last year, while I discussed sustainability ethics with a vegan friend. 


  1. I am not a fan of real fur coats either.
    It just makes me sad!

  2. I'll be honest - I'd love to have a cow skin as a coat. But then, I do eat cow as well, and wear leather. So it's possibly not as strange. But I would not wear a fur coat of an animal that's killed just for its skin (fox, mink, wolf) without the desperate need for that additional warmth. (If I were living in Siberia, for example... )

  3. SueAnn - Some things can't be justified.

    Diandra - My point exactly; the "show off" bit was what made this quote memorable (by the way, I think you'd love this book). I believe in survival and balance. I won't let myself die, but I would never kill (animals or plants) just for show.

  4. My hubby says something like that. I am a vegetarian though, because I kept feeling sorry for my dinner, and it's difficult to enjoy your meal when you're feeling sorry for it. I'm not against people who kill for food (though I can't help feeling sorry for the animals) though, because I do appreciate that it's nature. The real shame is that people insist on doing it for fun. I mean, if you kill something for food, then by all means use all the parts of it to make clothing or whatever, but don't kill stuff "just because"... Like how people hunt foxes. So cruel!

    The short version of that is: I agree, but I am a vegetarian, personally.

  5. Very interesting! I never thought of it that way! I agree with what Diandra said!

  6. Maybe rabbit - we can eat rabbit. Lots of people do. I agree on the cow too. I think if you do eat the meat, then it's actually a good thing to use the fur/skin in clothing, that's avoiding needless waste.

  7. I would never support any sort of murdering animals for mere sport or vanity. It is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine.

  8. Toriz - the killing "just because" is what gets me.

    Magic Love Crow - it is all about balance, isn't it?

    Lilac - waste is a real crime.

    Mina - Amén! Don't kill it if you are not going to eat it.