I’m Just Trying to Disqus...

I have not deleted your witty comments, my Wicked Luvs. I’m trying to increase the effectiveness, quality and ease of our comment methodology by changing to Disqus.

I wanted threaded comments…

I just got threaded comments…

I’m about to freak out… The importing tool, which is supposed to merge previous Blogger comments with the loveliness of Disqus threaded service, has been going for about an hour.

I’m trying to read a witchy novel…

Then I peek at the screen and sigh…

Pray it works, my Wicked Darlings. I want to reply to each of you separately, but not at the expense of losing your previous wicked remarks.

Okay, back to trying not to stare at the screen, but failing miserably.

Update: I emailed Disqus costumer support and they replied in less than 10 minutes; impressed anyone? I am. Well, it seems that there is a bit of a delay, but comments should be loaded eventually. Very impressive indeed... 

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  1. MagalyGuerrero8/16/2011

    WoooHooo! It works ;)

  2. Amy P.8/16/2011

    Looks spiffy! :D

  3. Slommler8/17/2011

    Amazing!! Cool

  4. Pixie Allen8/17/2011

    OOOOOOOOO how did you do this, this is amazing, Spill!

  5. It was fairly easy. I just went to the Disqus website, created an account, added Pagan Culture and then imported my comments from Blogger. The latter took about an hour and I was freaking out because I thought I lost all my comments lol

  6. Dark Mother8/17/2011

    I wish I wasn't so a tech dummy because this is awesome!

  7. I like threaded comments...

  8. MagicLoveCrow8/17/2011

    This is so cool! 

  9. Me likes too. Teehee ;-)

  10. Check out Disqus; it's not so hard I promise. And if you read it and can't figure it out, I know a Witch who  might help *cough, cough*

  11. Mina Crump8/18/2011

    I am most impressed that you received a response in less than 10 minutes. These people know who NOT to mess with, hmmm?

    I have never seen this Discus before. It is pretty cool.

  12. Not only was the reply timely, it was also detailed (and written by a real person) I blinked a lot while I read it.