Creepy Reads and Sexy, Dark and Bloody Tales

This image (owner unknown) has very little to do with this post.
It was just too cute not to put somewhere; seriously, look at Mr. Skully's, um... eye.

Andrea Berg from Goddess and Magick gets to add 3 Creepy Reads to her collection. Yep, mi querida Andrea, you’ve won the giveaway! I’ll mail your prize as soon as Irene decides she is no longer pissed off.

And there is more...

LJ, my wicked witchy friend who examines life Through Witch-Colored Glasses, gets to be a character in one of my Sexy, Dark and Bloody Tales. Actually, that is only half true; LJ will get to be a character in two of my tales. Sort of…

This is the thing: “The Return of the Fire” got the most votes, so it will be the first story I’ll expand. However, LJ said her favorite of my shorts was “Blood-Shod Witch Can’t Tell The Old Lie,” and I thought she should have her cake and eat it too. How? Well, I’ll merge the two stories. The resulting tale will be published on All Hallow’s Eve, so it will probably be something kind of sexy, extra dark and rather bloody *stop grinning at the possible gore, LJ, I said probably*.

Now, my Wicked Luvs, please continue sending all the protective energy I know you are aiming toward New York City and every other place affected by Hurricane Irene. I’ll be here still hoping

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  1. Slommler8/28/2011

    Just wanted to say hi and have a wonderful Sunday!  Today will be fabulous and my prayers surround you right now!

  2. Linda Wildenstein8/28/2011

    Love and calm thoughts for all in Irene's path and aftermath. OmaLinda

  3. Geckostone8/28/2011

    Actually the illustration fits pretty good, kinda like kissing our fears away with love, eh? I read the blurb about Pratchetts book and it sounds like the perfect antedote , love it!!! Sending peaceful energy to all affected by Irene and other overwelmingly scary things. Sometimes its amazing how little and fragile we are in the path of nature!

  4. You know what? I didn't think of that; guess you are right. Maybe my brain knew it too...

    And the bit about nature, indeed. The lady is very strong and she'll remind us every time our hubris let us forget.

  5. Today, I need 'fabulous' so your words are extremely welcome!

  6. MagicLoveCrow8/28/2011

    Mr. Scully is very cute and congrats to the lucky winner ;o)

  7. ljrich8/28/2011

    Sort of? Hmmm, now I'm intrigued. And, honored of course. Thank you for putting me in your tales! ;) <3

  8. He has a sexy grimace lol

  9. Well, the sort of is quite simple: you'll be in two tales. I figured if I was going to write about Blood Shot Witch... Danna would need a friend to help her take care of business.

  10. Mina Crump8/29/2011

    Sending a huge congrats to Andrea for her wonderful book win and to LJ for getting the honor of being one of your characters! What a wonderfully awesome thing.

    Oooohh, I can't wait to read  your compiled story on All Hallows Eve "possibly" full of sexy, extra dark and rather bloody scenes. My wicked meter is soaring way to the top and I am all grins.

    I've been sending protective energy your way for days and do not plan to stop until all is clear. You mean too much to me, my sweet. 

  11. Your protective energy worked!