“Morton the Cat” and Predators of Darkness Giveaway

First of all, my luvs, congratulate the lovely Stacy, from MagicLoveCrow. She won a deliciously wicked copy of Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon! Send me your mailing info, my Wicked Darling!

And while we are on the subject of delicious wickedness, let me tell you that I stopped by Deimosweb… just to check on Leonard D. Hilley II, the author of The Predators of Darkness Series. I wanted to see how he was doing and… fine, I was dying to have a chat with Morton, so what! You’ll understand if you knew this cat. Yes, Morton is feline with a wicked witty personality.

Don’t tell Leonard—actually tell if you want to, he’ll find out soon enough—Morton has cat-hacked Deimosweb and created CAT CHAT. Wicked cool, isn’t it? And his lovely mischievousness doesn’t end there. He also snatched an ebook copy of Predators of Darkness: Aftermath and is giving it away to a lucky Wicked Darling!

Here is a short excerpt that might tell you why Morton and I have become such good friends:

Daniel opened the door that led to the garage.  “The drive to the airport is an hour long.”
Morton grimaced.  “I’m not flying in a pet carrier.  No way, no how.  It’s just not my style.”
“You won’t have to.  I have a friend who has his own private plane.  He’s agreed to fly us to Jersey.”
“That’s more like it.  Just because Helmsby didn’t bother giving me wings doesn’t mean I can’t have some luxury.”
Daniel opened the front car door.  Morton hopped in and took his place in the passenger seat.  After Daniel backed out of the garage, Morton turned the heat on and aimed a vent full blast at his face.
“What are you doing?”
“Nothing like a fluffy cat face to break women’s hearts.”
“I doubt we’ll see any women on this trip.”
“All the same, I have to look my best.”
Daniel shook his head.  “And what’s that about Felicia wanting you to tell other cats, ‘Hello?’”
“I had to tell her something, so I told her I had a cat party to go to.”
“Ahh, I see.”
“I have dreams too, you know?  A world of talking cats makes my existence less awkward.”
“How’s that?”
“How would you feel if you were the only human that could talk?  It gets a bit lonely from a cat’s perspective.”
“That makes sense.”
“I usually do.”
“I wasn’t trying to undermine you.”
“I know, but I’m logical.  I’m the Spock of cats.”
Daniel gave Morton a side glance.  “Watching Star Trek again?”
Morton shrugged.  “Marathon on cable.  What can I say?”
“You watch too much television.”
The cat made a Vulcan hand sign.  “Live long and prosper.”
Daniel sighed.  “This is going to be a long trip.”
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 And now to the giving bit…

This is all you need to do to enter this giveaway:
- Read the excerpt and leave a wicked quirky question for Morton

For extra entries (worth 1 entry each):
- Be a Wicked Darling (follow Pagan Culture)
- Blog about this post (leave a link)
- Tweet about this post (leave a link)
- Follow Deimosweb on Blogger 
- Become a Leonard D. Hilley II fan on Goodreads
- Follow Deimosweb on Twitter
- Stop by CAT CHAT and leave a second question/comment for Morton
- Stop by the sidebar and snatch any the new buttons (one entry each)
* Please leave separate comments

This giveaway ends Jun 15th. The winner will be chosen Jun 16th.

If, like me, you are dying to know more about Morton (now!), go to Amazon and snatch your electronic copy of Predators of Darkness: Aftermath—it will be the best $2.99 you’ve invested in a long, long, long time! 

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  1. Oh wow - that sounds like a dark story. I want it!

    Ok, wicked quirky question...Morton, do you find that writers are pigeonholed into the genres they write? This struck me yesterday, like could Nicholas Sparks wake up one day and write a thriller and have it accepted? Can a published author write anything?

  2. Am a new GFC follower of Deimosweb

  3. Am following Leonard on Twitter...but GoodReads is not cooperating.

  4. *pssst* would you see if Mr. Hilley is looking for blog reviewers? :)

  5. Thanks Magaly! I'm so excited to win this book! Yeh! And, I love Morton! I want to win this giveaway too, but I might just go buy the book! "Nothing like a fluffy cat face to break women's hearts!" LOL!

  6. Hello My Friend, I put a link to the giveaway on the side of my blog ;o)

  7. Congrats Stacy, nice read by the look of it too!! That cat is FUN-NY!!! Morton doing the Vulcan Hand sign LOL, I bet he does the mind meld too, classic :)

  8. Morton is one cool cat!! Ha!

  9. Yes, Morton is one wickedly cool cat alright!!! My question is what kind of music is he into? Somehow I picture him poppin' a funky bass in a wickedly wailin blues trio, ya know with the shades and all!!!!

  10. Yay, Stacy! Congratulations. Oh Magaly, another giveaway? You are always getting us such wonderful things! I bow to your powerful wickedness, my sweet.

  11. I am a wicked follower.

  12. My question for Morton is this, "If I were to pick you up on a date, would you mind riding on the back of my broom?"

  13. I am a new follower of Deimosweb

  14. Look at all these entries...Morton, how am I suppose to win this book and read about your exploits...guess I'll have to spend that $2.99 to get your book...

  15. I'm a follower of PaganCulture...

  16. Hi Geckostone,

    Bass and drums. Drums when I do Phil Collins cover, "In the Air Tonight." And "Witchy Woman" by Eagles. ---Morton

  17. To Lilac Wolf:
    Authors tend to write when their muses command, and sometimes that might lead them down a road they've not traveled before. However, in my Author's case, his muse has NO control over when I appear. I come out and play when I choose to. Hehehe

  18. To Mina:
    Sure thing. I'd LOVE to fly on your broom. Back or front doesn't matter. Of course, if you've read the books and followed my adventures, you'd know that I could have had wings! Siigh. Helmsby didn't come through on that part of my creation.---Morton

    Thanks for following Deimosweb, too!

  19. One reviewer made this comment about me: "Morton is Garfield on steroids!" I love Garfield, but I keep myself fit.---Morton

  20. Morton darling, I'm next after Mina on the broom riding thing. Also, I want you to sing "Witchy Woman" while we are cruising over the tree tops!

  21. =) Sure thing, Magaly. -- Morton

  22. =) Sure thing, Magaly. -- Morton

  23. To Lilac Wolf:
    Authors tend to write when their muses command, and sometimes that might lead them down a road they've not traveled before. However, in my Author's case, his muse has NO control over when I appear. I come out and play when I choose to. Hehehe