I Do It Better in Bed, While Facing My Altar and My Books

My bed is my sanctuary. My altar is my domain. My books are my muse’s infinite realms. As it might be expected, I do what I love, way better, when I do it in bed, while facing my altar and my books.

I write in bed.

Letting my stories scream to life in the place where I sleep, was not a conscious decision. I used to write on an awesome recliner I got from my Dad… then my hip and shoulder injuries worsened. Fast. I went from handwriting 10 to 15 pages in one sitting, to not being capable of producing more than a page. I write fast, so that translates to a sad number of minutes.

I hurt my shoulder a long time ago, and for a reason I can’t understand (I wonder if my body is entertaining a delusion that suggests it is getting old) I’m not sure what is going on, but writing by hand leaves me in pain. I can’t write at a desk either. My shoulder can’t bare it, and my messed up hip shakes at the thought of butt on chair. I must sit in bed with my legs fully extended, my back against the wall (propped up on 2 pillows) and my monkey arms as parallel to my legs as possible. If I happen to betray any of the above requirements, my shoulder droops slightly, my lower back develops a nasty knot, my hip swells up and the trio throbs… constantly… for a long time… It pisses me off… I want to hurt it back.

It upsets me to think about it. “Um, then why this post, silly Witch?” asks the Wicked Darling who lives in my head. Well, because the topic has come up at lot lately—in school, at home, even in the freaking subway!

Yesterday, I was really sad when I got home. I had one of those terrible days… I needed serious feel-better time. There are only two things that always make it all better: writing and sexy parties ;-) I was ready for a nice writing session; my Piano Man wasn’t home. I walked into the house and found a package in the entryway. I opened it and burst into girly giggles at the sight of an extra handsome Horned God. The Mother was even happier when I placed him next to her, on my altar. Then my Piano Man called me on the phone, to say he had found my favorite coffee. If you are not a coffee drinker, you might not understand the happiness this brought to my day. We’ve been out of my delicious kind of vice for too many days.

I got off the phone after telling my Piano Man he was my hero. I sat in bed, in front of my altar and my books, and wrote this post. I glanced at the Mother and the Horned God, and every once in a while I smiled at the shiny couple. My eyes lingered on their shapes whenever daylight sneaked through the bedroom windows just to kiss sparkles on them. I beamed at the sun clock my Piano Man gave me for All Hallow’s Eve, and at the first cover I ever wore (camouflaged hat for the non-Marine folks), at my boonie cover sitting on the grenade box I got from one of my Combat Training students, at the Pagan Culture inspired art I’ve gotten from friends, at the quilt my Piano Man’s mother made for the man I love, I smiled at my life… then I wondered, if the day I decided to write in bed, facing my altar and my books, my soul already knew this would be the perfect physically and psychologically relaxing space for my witchy heart.  
Have a blissful Summer Solstice, my Wicked Darlings; 
may the glory of the Sun shine its brightest rays 
whenever you need to glow with happiness!

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  1. I had no idea you had to deal with such pain!! Pain does toughen us; but it is tiring and a nuisance!! At least you found some things that work for you. Sorry you have to suffer so!!

  2. just when a girl thinks she has it all you show up with a grenade box.
    why didn't I think of that?

  3. I do hope your injury heals somehow - your writing is too lovely to give you so much pain. Happy Solstice to you.

  4. Healing to you my friend.

    My bed is my sanctuary as well. I call it "my cave" because I go there when I need solitude, healing and to just get some damn alone time! It's also the rompity romp place too....but that's another story.

    Anywho....my altar is also at the foot of my bed and I love that I can lay in bed and just gaze at it.

    Pan is on my Altar along with my Summer Goddess as well : )

  5. That Horned God and Mother are beautiful!
    I always work on my BoS in bed, and there are very specific nights that I get into bed and it pulls me towards it. Nothing better than a comfy nest to create from.
    I'm toasting you with my own iced coffee :-)

  6. Clearly you've surrounded yourself with beauty! May the Summer Solstice bring you a respite from your shoulder, hip and back pain.

  7. Your altar and living space in general are both beautiful. I had a friend once tell me that only the best people start to have aches and pains early on in life--it's a sign their bodies have trouble containing the entirity of their awesome souls. I have always had aches and pains so, of course, I thought that sounded pretty good. Happy writing and blessed Litha!

  8. Brave soul that, in the midst of pain, sees beauty all around her!
    P.S. Grimalkin wants to know if you'll adopt him!

  9. So sorry to hear about the chronic pain you deal with. That is a heavy shadow. But you have a wonderful attitude, and so much good in your life. Blessings and hugs to you on this summer solstice; I love your altar!

  10. chronic pain will be the ruin of the masses. I'm so sorry you are suffering.

    I love your altar, and love you too. Happiest of Happy Solstices to you!

  11. It's nice to have that special little spot where you can go and just do "your thing."

    When I'm working on my novel, I switch on and off between the computer and handwriting. If I don't, my arms are in pain...not as bad as you are though.

    I LOVE your statues of the Goddess and God! They have such a soothing essence about them.

    Solstice Blessings to you!

  12. Blessed Solstice!
    Sometimes life puts us where we need to be whether we cooperate or not. I hope the pain goes away and everything heals, but I hope that the creativity keeps flowing!
    Now get outside, there are fairies to dance with- it's midsummer girl go play hide and seek with Puck!

  13. Happy Solstice my wicked friend ;o) I am so sorry for all the pain you have to go through. Your great attitude and special heart, will help you through this! You also have such a special man and beautiful princess to help you too ;o) I love your altar ;o)

  14. "I want to hurt it back." No no no no no. Bad idea. In trying to hurt back the hurt you'll just get more hurt.

    I'm sorry you live with so much pain. My dad has post-polio syndrome and is in constant pain so I have some idea (maybe) what it's like.

    And I'm glad your Piano Man found your favorite coffee!! As a coffee drinker (who has twice been addicted and who now limits herself to two drinks a week for just that reason) I can appreciate how good it is to have your favorite coffee on hand. It's food for the soul, and can make a bad day better! :)

    And happy solstice. :)

  15. What a beautiful and inspiring place to work! So sorry about your recurring pain issues.

  16. Thank you, you've just crystallized in words something my heads been struggling to make a decision on for weeks.

    So glad you found a way to make your day better and well done to your piano man for finding your favorite coffee.

  17. Sorry about all the pain you are in. :( I can relate sort of, carpal tunnel for me.

    Happy Summer Solstice, it's time to start coming alive again, now.:P

  18. Chronic pain is such a (pun unavoidable) pain in the ass. I've had arthritis in my knees since I was a kid and if I sit for too long, lay in a funny position, stand oddly... my knees are screaming at me and I'd really love to kick them. Except, that's physically impossible and somehow I'm sure kicking myself in the knee would make the pain *worse*. *sigh*

    My bed is also my sanctuary, my altar sits beside it on the side where I sleep. It helps me to feel connected to my spirituality even when I'm too busy, burned out or ill to really practice and provides me with comfort and solace when I need it. My bed is where all sorts of magic happens and where I like to retreat for alone time, reading, thinking or card reading. I almost never read at a table, unless I'm outside. :)

  19. P.S. I understand the joy of finding your favorite coffee! Mmm... coffee. Hehehe.

  20. My dearest darling witch, I am so sorry for the pain you endure and I do share my deepest empathy. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and I think you really summed it up by saying, "I want to hurt it back." How dare these ugly little shits think they can get the best of us! Well...they can't. Look at how wonderfully you have adapted to still do the things you love and control the aching gremlins.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that the universe in it's mystical wisdom, simply whispered to your soul the perfection that transpired in every area of your life. How glorious that you are one of the few who not only listen but take action.

    I love the images you've shared, the strength you emanate and the beauty you pass with each word. Happy Summer Solstice to you and yours, my sweet Magaly.

  21. SueAnn - It has been going on for about a decade; it gets a little worse with time, but somehow I'm also getting used to it, so I guess it's not as horrible lol

    Cogent - I think you would pay for the looks of envy I get from certain people when they see my box ;-D

    Mrs BC - Thanks for the great wishes and the kind words

    Dark Mother - Indeed to all! Ha to the "rompity romp"!

    Lydia - Aren't they adorable? I think they make an awesome couple. Mmm coffee!

    Debra - Thanks darling woman!

    Ellen - Same to you. I thought about you today; I walked by this wonderful gallery window. The glass pieces were magnificent. I told myself 'Ellen would do way better anyway'

    Dreaming of Jeanie - Your friend sounds like an incredible person. Happy Summer Solstice to you too, hun!

    Grimalkin - Yay! Grilmakin, your Witch would be lost without you. We all know you are the center of her world!

    Lora – I guess we need to figure out how to hurt it back!

    Kim – Thanks for the blessings luv; the same to you times 3!

    The Traveler – You know, my Solstice was amazing; I got to do some playing inside and outside!

    Magic Love Crow – The pain is better today. Your good wishes working already!

    Sarita – You are right, I usually try to ‘talk’ to it. My blessings to your dad; chronic pain sucks bootie.

    Heathen – I love my space. My Piano Man and I were worry that the change of environment would affect my writing mood too much, but it seems we’ve even made a home for my muse. And she likes it!

    Dragonfly – Now I need to now… I’m going to your blog to see what you are up to ;-)

    LJ – I thank The Old Ones, everyday, for the health of my hands and wrists. That would be just too terrible for me.

    Danni – As I told someone, a bit above, I think the bed thing is a very witchy thing. So many things happen to us while we sleep. Besides, we need a powerful place to house our imagination ;-)

    Mina – I had no clue either. Poor you, and super brave you! Now that I know what you go through, I appreciate your good nature, humor and wise words even more. I send you a bunch of Solstice kisses and hugs!

  22. I hope your pains fade with the passing time Magaly, you darling soul, it is sad you are burdened at this point with those aches, although it's wonderful you get a little diversion therapy with your PM ;)
    Oh, I loved seeing my artwork hang on your wall, I think the 3 of them were ment to stay together now I've seen it...
    PS, I'll be out of action on hols for 2 weeks, so if I don't write on posts it's just because I'll have to catch up on all when my Mac & I reunite ;)

  23. Shelle - Once I saw those babies together I knew there was not way I could separate them; they are perfect! I love the ribbons, the bead, and all the eclecticism of mix media. I find the trio extra inspiring.

    May the reunion of you and your Mac be charged with chat and clicks ;-)

  24. just when a girl thinks she has it all you show up with a grenade box.
    why didn't I think of that?