Eletheria, Medora and Clyde from Witches

Eletheria is a teenage princess with dormant witch powers. Don’t let the dormant bit confuse you, this girl can will some amazing energies. But she wants to find out why her powers didn’t bloom at the age they were supposed to. She journeys to her father’s land and discovers more than she thought she needed.

Medora is proof that not all witches are created equal; some are made out of nasty innards and even nastier personalities. Yes, this woman is evil as hell, but a great character to read. She made me laugh once or twice; there is something hilarious about a sinister character throwing a serious tantrum.

Clyde is my favorite character of Witches by David R. Addleman. I also love the bit of wisdom/summary at the beginning of every story. Clyde’s story begins with “Not all witches are women. You might not recognize the occasional male witch because of his disguise. But if you do meet him, it might pay to be nice.” You know how I love it when fiction tells truths. And the truth is that Clyde is as witchy as one can get without riding around on a broom, sporting a pointy hat.

Blurb: A collection of 14 original short stories, each involving a witch in some way. Some are from a witch’s viewpoint, others are from the viewpoint of people encountering witches.

A WITCH AT RANDOM – If you're a man who isn’t superstitious and you come face to face with a witch, what then? Johnny Random was just such a man.

WITCH RING – What if a down and out drunk, the lowliest dreg of society finds an artifact that changes his life? And what does he do when the owner of that artifact shows up and asks for it back?

WITCH HEART – Can an ordinary man hold his own against a witch in the full bloom of her powers? If she wants him and refuses to let him go, can he possibly escape?

THE AMBITIOUS SORCERESS OF CALANDRA – What happens when a cute, young “wood witch” crosses paths with a powerful sorceress who feels threatened by her?

THE PRINCESS WITCH OF MANDALONE – When your witch powers are overdue, and you suspect you're going to live out your life as an ordinary human, do you accept your fate? Not if you're Princess Eletheria.

PASSING THE TORCH – Not all witches are good. And when a rogue coven directs their energies towards destroying the woman Steve loves, watch out!

GRANNY PATCHES AND LITTLE DEMON – Take a mischievous almost-witch whose granny is a super power and throw in a lascivious bastard who has bilked her mom, add in a demi-being who isn't supposed to be on earth, and stand back!

CLOTHILDE – What if a true healer is forced by circumstances to join a coven in order to be “legitimate” as a mid-wife? And what if the leader of said coven discovers the healer's deception?

ALOHA MAN – Arrogance can be a man’s undoing. Of course that doesn’t apply to Aloha Johnson – not until he crosses paths with the wrong witch.

ABIGAIL – Young female witches are best left alone. Above all, don’t take a hunting party into her forest and start killing her animals.

WILD RIDE – A mean step-mother and a bratty step-brother make life a challenge for Maggie, until she runs into an inter-dimensional friend who awakens a few powers she didn't realize she had.

NATURAL MAN – Beautiful witches shouldn’t pick on librarians, not even when said librarian is a Natural Man.

A VERY OLD WITCH – Not all witches are women. You might not recognize the occasional male witch because of his disguise. But if you do meet him, it might pay to be nice.

DOCTOR, DOCTOR – What if a witch never reveals herself and just quietly goes about “doing her thing” and living a normal life. She might be anyone, even your best friend.

CRIES IN THE NIGHT – When is a witch not a witch? What if she has only one goal in life, dictated by messages she receives from children in pain? Is she a witch or something else?

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  1. Witches, mmm, Short Stories are great bedtime reading, I used to LOVE as a kid watching Twilight Zone, something deliciously wonderful about digestible bite sized stories with punch, love the look of 'Natural Man' :)

  2. "Natural Man" is another favorite. It surprised the heck out of me!

  3. Fabulous! Short stories about witches...my cup of tea!

  4. Dave Addleman7/15/2011

    Thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed them.