Afterparty Lessons, Nifty Gifts, Buttons and Moleski Bits for a Buck

I was listening to the song that inspired Kiki Howell’s “The Sorcerer’s Songs” and I found myself flying over memory lane. I thought about all the things I could have done better or not done at all… then I stepped on the breaks of my broomstick and told myself, “Stop the nonsense Witch, and listen to the entire song! You’ve become who you are because of the decisions you’ve made in the past: the good, the bad, the ugly and the I-must’ve-been-freaking-insane!”

Witches in Fiction was one of the events that came to my mind. I’ve, more than once, thought that I could have done things better. Okay, I’m certain things would have been much better if I had begun the party planning earlier. I don’t remember if I told you this, but I had to turn down many people who wanted to sponsor giveaways. Also, I received several last minute emails, from Wicked Darlings who wanted to participate, but had no clue what to do—some of these got stuck in my junk mail and were not discovered until after the party. I wish those two bits were different, but aside from that, I would not change a thing if I had the chance to go back. Besides, I’ve taken all those tips and filed the Afterparty Lessons area of my brain. Now I know that I have to start planning earlier, I should offer ideas and guidelines for those who need it, I need to set a deadline for participation…

the Nifty Bits! One or two might not be party related, but I wanted to show them off anyway:
I took these pic early in the morning. The weird angle should tell you  that I hadn't had my tea yet. Thanks my Sunshineshelle!
I did the happy skeleton dance when I saw these beauties from Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts. Linda, if you feel a phantom squeeze is me hugging you; I LOVE my skullies!
Books, books, books! From All Rocks Go to Heaven, The Balanced Witch and Marcia Colette.
Gracias Expressions of Misty Boston Girl! I LOVE everything, especially the extras!
Genesis the kitty from My Journey in Bits and Pieces came with a friend! Gracias!
The Irish Goddess knew my feet were going to need some loving after the party, so she sent this.
This baby flew straight to my altar, courtesy of MagicLoveCrow. You brought pink to my altar and that means the world to this Witch!
All this goodness came from Debra, She Who Seeks, Her Royal Highness's human. Thanks your Royal Highness
And this cover was just too cool not to show you a bigger pic. Marcia is always inspiring artists to create great covers; check out the cover for The Spider Inside Her and you'll see what I mean!
Here is the bunch! 
wicked cool Buttons! I don’t want to overwhelm your senses, but I might have to. Don’t worry though, for it will be in the most wonderful of ways. MagicLoveCrow and Sunshineshelle combined their artistic powers and made beautiful magic! Yep, the new banner came accessorized with wicked cool buttons. Jump to the sidebar and snatch the new codes and get one extra entry to the Predators of Darkness: Aftermath and The Unfinished Song: Initiate!
MagicLoveCrow's daisies and witchy baby crow make a perfect Pagan Culture picture, flying around Sunshineshelle's stunning skull girl. And all I can say about Shelle's frog and kitty is that the woman can probably see inside my head; she drew exactly what I wanted!
If I were a wimp, the combination of the piano keys and my perfect typewriter would have made me cry. But I would hate to act like a wimp, so I'll just be a liar and say that this lovely button didn't make me cry a bit. Sunshineshelle is not just amazing with paint, pencil brush... she can do digital magic too. You've made me a very happy Witch Shelle luv!
Nothing says witchy like a crow flying on a broom and a frog hopping under the full moon.  Something you don't get to see in this pic (but you will soon) is that the artistic goddess of MagicLoveCrow drew 13 daisies; even more amazing, she didn't realize it until she was done!
…and Sweet Moleski Bits for a Buck! Who the beep is Moleski? You are probably wondering. Well, my luvs, no one other than our own wicked Cogent Ascending. If you’ve never read his writing, you need to fly to his blog and laugh a like a loon… I usually sit down right after; it would be too embarrassing to fall on my ass when my brain gets hit full blast by the social commentary weaved in Cogent’s, um, I mean Moleski’s words. Guess what? Our dear one is giving you the chance of showing just how much you love his insight. No, really, you can fly to Amazon (lots of flying on this post, huh?) and purchase some sweet Moleski bits for buck! Here are a few lines on some of the flashes I’ve read:

The Damned Thing” – After I finished laughing at the irony, I began to think about where my tax dollars go. Finally, I wanted more…

I Will Never Sleep Again” – Wow! This one puts all man St. Nick in a position I (and probably you) never imagined him in. Wow!

Medium” – The creators of the universe discuss their work over coffee and a cigarette. This one left me thinking and nodding a lot.

The Living Dead” – I wonder if the fact this story made me grin for a long, long, long time after I was done reading it makes me a terrible person. Probably not; some people just deserve what they get, and sometimes it just happens to be dark and nasty.

The Promotion” – Can you say horrible person gone wild? If you can’t, read this and you’ll probably be screaming it.

Have a buck or, um, five? Stop by Shawhan Moleski’s Amazon page and support a bloggy friend by buying something dark, bloody and freaking hilarious ;-) 

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  1. Wow! You have been loved on for sure!!

  2. Wow, I'm officially dazzled. I have been loving you new look and as soon as I figure out how to separate your old button from my nifty little rolling blog button widget-go-round I'll be switching to your sweet little new one!

  3. Magaly, I have the biggest smile on my face! First I have to say, yeh, to all the beautiful things you won! You deserved them all! You are a beautiful, loving person, and you put on a fantastic wicked party!! Never look back! I know sometimes I do that to, but those things happened for a reason and makes us the people we are today! I am so touched to see Shelle's beautiful art and how she digitally
    did everything for you! She is truly a talented person and she also has the biggest heart! I am so flattered to see my art on your blog! And, I am crying happy tears! Everything looks amazing my friend ;o) I will switch up my buttons! Have wonderful day!!! Big Hugs!

  4. Goodness my dear....all the love and for just the right person. Shelle indeed did a super job of capturing the essence and all the goodies are picture perfect for you. And anytime you have a Magic Crow is good.
    Don't look back with the party, I too keep notes on what coulda, shoulda, woulda, but it was great and next time will be even better.
    smooches and squeezes, The Olde Bagg

  5. SueAnn - I've been indeed and I love it!

    The Traveler - Stacy and Shelle are amazing, aren't they? Their colorful magic will awesome at your blog too!

    MagicLoveCrow - I guess a bit of happy tears aren't that bad. I hope you liked the witchy enough baby crow. Like I said 'nothing says witchy like a baby crow on a broomstick!' And, oh my, your daisies are funky and adorable. I love their lovely eclectic edges, the fact that they aren't all red or all white... they are perfect. Plus the combination of your work and Shelle's is a dream!

    Linda - I was already in love with Stacy's and Shelle's art, but after this the relationship must go to the next level lol. I'm sooo pleased with what they've done! And about the party, you are right, we need to live, learn and move the heck on! Many hugs mi Linda!

  6. Woah, that's it, WOO HOO... LOOK AT ALL THIS!!! So much, so many bright & wonderful gifts, I hope you got a spare room girl otherwise you & your PM may have to find a bigger abode LOL. Thanks for the kind words on the new buttons :) Stacy I think our art is like fresh apple pie & homemade vanilla ice-cream, it's even more delicious together LOL!!!! Hugs :)

  7. Shelle, I am laughing over your comment!! Thanks for the smile ;o)

  8. So many really beautiful and cool things. I have a werewolf crow and I love Stacy's crows. I also have one of Linda's hearts - a Frida heart which I also love. Like I said such a wonderful collection of very wonderful things!! You are loved for sure woman!!

  9. Oh Magaly, my witchy heart beams to see you being showered with such adoring gifts. So well deserved! You did a fabulous job hosting the Witches in Fiction party and any "discomforts" you felt were certainly not noticed on my end. I had the best freaking time! Adding to your superior party ability the fact that you are just a beautiful soul (who is Jungian, high five sista!)and one realizes that all love and goodness should come your way.

    I LOVE your buttons. That gifted duo did such a wonderful job. Super wowed here. I will be back in a little while to snatch them. Have a beautiful week, my sweet and hug that piano man super tight for me in appreciation for loving you like you need to be. ;-)

  10. Wow, look at all this magical stuff, ooooooohhhh what a lucky gal. You deserve it Magaly you are a sweetheart!!! Hey I got a question about that first pic of Shelles beautiful paintings, did you take that angle from above on your broomstick early morning flight?!!!!LOL. Hey can anyone tell me how to get the buttons onto my site? I tried to get the witchy enough one ( you know how we love frogs and this is soooooo cute with a frog and Stacy's baby crow together!) but it just put up a tiny box and no pic. Help, help, this old hag is not too computer savy yet! Thanks!Deb

  11. Hey Magaly, I had to right click on your button to get it for the witchy enough button. Then paste it on my blog. Is the right code up? Having the same problem as Deb.

  12. Shelle - You are too hilarious and your recipe sounds delicious!

    WoodWife - So many wonderful things came out of that party... I'm so happy people got creative and enjoyed themselves!

    Mina - Your words have the power to put me in a special place; a place I love. You are such a blessing!

    Geckostone - I'll check the button again. It is working for me; I wonder what's going on. Thanks for your kind words fellow frog lover!

  13. It worked Magaly!!! Now I have a lovely little frog and wild witchy baby crow cawing out for all of us who are witchy enough and then some more, lol! Thanks love!

  14. OK so I officially suck for having to take almost an entire week to notice this post even though you told me you were going to do it.
    Also I can't thank you enough Mags.
    You have been such a refreshingly positive voice in my many dark hours of writing and it really has made a profound impact on my world view, which is, let's be honest, less than sunny.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. No dear, you officially have a life. Thanks for the positive voice bit, and oh my "an impact" on your "world view" now that's grand and I will wear it proudly ;-D I think the reason why I like you so much is because you usually sound like my muse (She has a very dark nature, and I love her for she writes pretty cool tales ;-)

    De nada!