Adam from The Sorcerer’s Songs

“If I knew then what I know now
I’d like to think I’d choose a different way to go
But my mistakes have paved the way
Down this dark and lonely dead-end road”

Adam’s story begins with those words, and those words are his story. He is a talented singer and a sorcerer trying to escape his reality—he actually does it for a long time. The life he left behind doesn’t catch up with him until he is almost in his forties. The age of a character has never been important to me, aside from the fact that it has to match the plot. However, Kiki Howell did something that I really liked in The Sorcerer’s Songs; she created a sexy couple with graying hair and the most youthful of hearts. I don’t know, maybe I’m imagining things, but don’t you feel like most sexy people in paranormal romance are in their 20s or way passed their 100s? Nothing wrong with that, of course, but Adam’s tale offered a lovely change.

Blurb: Poised on a stool in a corner of yet another bar, in front of a crowd of maybe fifty, the harmonies he played reached out to those around him. The rhythms in his head stirred his heart. For a man of magic, a sorcerer with powers he had never asked for, his musical talents were sung spells. They were his weapon of defense against loneliness, bringing people to him like a siren’s song. Yet, for the most part, he let his music haunt the deeper needs of those who listened—letting musical phrasings stir wants unnamed or purposely forgotten. Although he felt but a living and breathing jukebox, these strangers who came to see him play were the only lives he could touch. He reached out to them with his songs.

That is until one night one of Adam’s songs lures him back toward his hometown, and he calls out for Stacey, the one he was forced to leave behind all those years ago. Only this time she wants answers as to why he left, and maybe a bit of revenge for the heart he destroyed.

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  1. Looks like Kiki has another winning story to share, love the grey hair - young heart image :)

  2. She does. I don't think I did a good job at describing them. It is a short one; I hope you read it, so you can see and feel what I experienced.

  3. This sounds like a beautiful story and the elder coupling intrigues me. Like you, the age of a person in a book is not really important but I think it is refreshing that Kiki purposely brought more maturity into sexy. My billfold is going to be bare!

  4. Mina - Careful, you might want to stay there too!