Pre-All Hallow’s Eve Blog Cleansing

Do you revise and edit your blog posts before publishing them? I usually write them and slap them on. Yes, my Wicked Darlings, you get my thoughts nearly raw—that is almost scary, isn’t it? My Piano Man and a few of you are awesome enough to point out a typo (or 13) every once in a while. I tend to fix those, but that is about it. This is the place where I let my fingertips and mind fly free. I’ve decided to figure out just how free that is. How? Easy, through some Pre-All Hallow’s Eve blog cleanup. 

I have five months until All Hallow’s Eve, and over 450 posts to revise… I’m sure it will be a stimulating blast. I mean it!

You see, the cleanup/cleansing has little to do with improving the syntax or diction in my blog, although it should. I just want to see—and share with you—how my witchy views have evolved since the sweet birth of our Pagan Culture. And of course, I might as well correct a few of the spelling horrors I find along the way.  

This is the plan:
1. Export Posts from Writing Blog
2. Add Wicked Header & Darling Buttons!
3. Revise Guidelines for:
       - Pagan Fiction in 113 Words or Less
       - Meet this Witch
       - Wanna Beautify my Profile Pic?
       - Book Reviews
       - Eclectic Circle of Fame   
4. Update Pagan Culture Archive Page
5. Stop following Abandoned Blogs
6. Write about “Celebrate Oz” & “Writing Lust”
7. Bone up the Linkbar *It made me giggle too*
8. Read and Revise Every Post. Decided against it.
9. Write Something Here, Mark It Off and Giggle
10. Test in-Post Links
11. Update FAQs
12. Remind Myself to Backup Pagan Culture More Often
13. Come up with a short and sweet message that says something like, ‘I don’t accept monetary compensation for reviews. I don’t sell advertisement spots. I’m not trying to be jerk, but really unknown dearies, I don’t have time to read your manuscripts—I kind of need time to work on my own stuff, and I need to sleep every once in a while. And, in case I haven’t told you, my Piano Man is Hot! Hot! Hot!’ Hm… I should just copy this and slap it on the sidebar, what do you think my Wicked Darlings?

Do you ever go back and read your ancient posts? If you do, what (if anything) have you discovered about yourself and about the world around you, my Wicked Darlings?

The image for this post was borrowed from Triple Goddess. Check them out, buy something you like, and then tell them not to be mad at me for copying without asking. 

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  1. Does that mean that you'll re-post all your old posts or are all your old posts going to magically change as you go through them?

    I sometimes look at my old posts. Sometimes they look like something I'd write today, sometimes I wince (future employers might raise their eyebrows over my shamanic posts, but I don't plan to remove them), and sometimes I just say "wow, that's different!"

    And as for #12 on your do you back up your blog?

  2. I have never looked back!! And I don't labor over my posts either. I write and I feel and let it fly! Ha!!

  3. I do revise/edit my posts before putting them up. I am a bit paranoid about it actually. That's probally why my posts aren't very long.

    Looks like you are going to be quite busy Magaly. Good luck!

  4. Sarita - I won't re-post. I'll fix typos and things of the sort. If I see that my views have change drastically about a particular issue, I'll write a new short post talking about those changes. And about #12, I export the blog and save the file a couple of times a month. I should probably do it weekly. It doesn't take any time, and it might keep me from the annoying discovered that I lost all my precious *grin* thoughts.

    SueAnn - And then they ask why I like you so much.

    Melissa - I save the revision time for my writing ;-) This is something I love to as a break between writing that needs to follow a particular plot. Like SueAnn said, I don't labor over it. It's kind of fun and liberating.

  5. how long before you think a blog has been abandoned?

  6. Ellen - I wait about six months. If I see no new posts or an explanation why, I abandon it too. I don't like unnecessary clutter; not even on Blogger.

  7. What a great post, Magaly! I struggle with editing sometimes because I'm so lazy and sometimes my ADD/Dyslexia kick in strongly and I'm all over the place. I really like your ideas and think that cleaning up a blog is fantastic and I have yet to go through my old blog posts. I would love to see some of your posts on the technical aspects of blogging like you've done here. Thanks for the great tips and inspirations.

  8. In reviewing my older posts, I see that I was a big ol' witchy slut. I see all those moons' worth of emotions: the hopefulness, the acceptance, the sadness. And then I see myself settle down.

  9. If I knew how to do what you say you are going to do I probably would but because I lack the super talent you have for computering.... well I'm stuck the way it is.
    Yes, for the first time I went back this last week to find the Mad Hatter post and all over the place. Yuck, ick, poooohey. And something weird happened after the big Blogger crash of '11....many of my way long time ago posts came up as drafts....hmmmmm. scarey.

  10. I haven't ever gone back over them. Hmmm - with almost 200 of them it might be interesting. I'll have to give it a try. And yes I think you should just copy and paste number 13, lol.

  11. Hey Magaly, good luck and have fun! I don't look back! What's done is done! But, I have changed the look of my blog! I like it the way it is now! I am happy! "Bone up the Linkbar", I'm giggling!!!

  12. Wendy - Housekeeping is something we tend to put on the sidelines, isn't it? I actually enjoy it (it feeds my OCD lol) so I'll be glad to share the bits and pieces.

    Chef Green - I LOVE the fact you like what you see now, and that the things that got you there are just historical pieces of the delicious puzzle that is you, my witchy friend.

    Linda - Blogger did a number on us all, but I'm not too mad because they've worked hard on correcting their mistake. I'm not mad. Nope. Not even if a bunch of my precious comments went bye-bye.

    Magic Love Crow - This is magical therapy for me. I like examining things; taking them apart and putting them back together makes me happy. I learn a lot about me and those around me while I'm at it; and I'm always looking for a way into a bit of extra knowledge. And the "bone un" bit happened by accident. I placed my cursor over the word revise and the synonym button showed bone up as one of the choices. I had to do it lol

  13. haha, I like #13! :D

    I'm for re-vamping!
    its therapeutic!

  14. What an incredible plan! I do edit my posts and fully blame my anal Virgo sun and rising sign. I have not looked back on older posts but my blog is still fairly new (6 months old) and I know I will at a future date. You keep your blog so fresh, creative and welcoming. I love every visit I make.

    Oh yes, it would be quite funny if you posted that sweet message in your side bar. LOL

  15. Misty Boston - Me too!

    Mina - You've packed so much goodness in months. Can't wait to see what things will be like in a year.

  16. Perhaps I'm odd.....okay, stop laughing, I KNOW I'm odd.....*ahem* anyway, I've actually toyed with deleting old entries. I don't think I could revise them because I'm not in the same frame of mind as I was when I wrote them. So, deleting seems much more tidy. I wanna?

    "Bone up...." HEEHEEHEHEE

    Yes, you should just copy that blurb and slap it on the sidebar as is.

  17. You are odd lol. But don't worry 'cause you are only as weird as me, so we can form a nice Odd Club. Um, Odd couple sounds a bit too cliché ;-)

  18. I edit my posts meticulously. I fully blame my virgo self for the obsessive need to correct and improve upon my previous perfection. I'm in awe of your bravery, considering the task before you, and I wish you the best in your endeavour!

  19. I edit my posts meticulously. I fully blame my virgo self for the obsessive need to correct and improve upon my previous perfection. I'm in awe of your bravery, considering the task before you, and I wish you the best in your endeavour!

  20. Misty Boston - Me too!

    Mina - You've packed so much goodness in months. Can't wait to see what things will be like in a year.

  21. I will need a lot of luck. As you can see, I didn't meet my deadline for the revisions, but I think I'll have it done by the end of the calendar year.