Oh, So Many Characters to Fall in Love and in Hate with!

Witches are my favorite characters in fiction, but I love reading (and writing) stories that include sexy, dark and bloody bits. That, my Wicked Darlings, translates into a very long list of beings… I didn’t think about that when I titled Meet this Witch. What did I do when I read the tale of an amazing non witchy character and realized I wanted to share the story with you? I stared at my laptop and told myself, “Magaly luv, you need to rethink this.”

I did.

Meet this Witch has been transfigured into Meet these Wicked Cool Characters. I’ve just updated the guidelines, and will do the same with related in-post links, as part of my Pre-All Hallow’s Eve Blog Cleansing.

So… take a look-see and decide if you have a wicked cool character you want the Pagan Culture reading world to meet! 

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  1. Might just have to look into some of mine :D

  2. Love your updated guidelines.

  3. I will look as well

  4. Mina - Gracias!

    SueAnn - Share your findings!