Love and Destiny are Like Wild Flowers…

I’ll translate—and paraphrase—one of my favorite songs. It says that Love is like a flower that can’t go without care, for there is always someone else out there, who will snatch it away from you, and leave you bare.

Giveaways, with time limits attached to them, work similarly. Yep, if you don’t pay attention, my Wicked Darlings, someone else will get your goodies. The winner of Destiny by Laura DeLuca was announced on The Witchiest of All Thanks and Giveaway Winners! post, but the lovely prize was not claimed by May 5th. Random.Com was a darling, again, and picked a different Wicked Darling!

The new winner of Destiny by Laura DeLuca is… LyndaB
Please send me your mailing info, via my contact form.
The title of the giveaway should be your subject line.
Congrats, my Wicked Darlings!

Now that I’m on the subject of giveaways… you must check these ones out:

My dear Diandra, over at This Witch Is True, is celebrating her 50th follower! See what you can win?
Are you sad because you didn’t win Destiny? Don’t be, my luvs! Laura DeLuca is giving away another copy!

Good luck to you, and better luck to me, ‘cause I want them too *grinning wickedly*

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  1. I've been blessed during your giveaway extravaganza. Thank you! :)

  2. Cool, thanks Magaly ;o) I will check out the giveaways ;o) Take Care ;o) And, congrats to the new winner!

  3. Woot Woot!!! I opened my mailbox today and there was the Magickal Healing CD I won from you and Magickal Earth. Thank you sooooo much!! xoxoxox :) I was listening to it while i was making supper.

  4. I am a winner too! Are we going to make it twice?? Ha!
    Hugs my sweet friend

  5. Lilac Wolf - Hooray!

    Magic Love Crow - Good luck dear.

    MidnightSage - Enjoy! I've enjoyed mine often ;-)

    Slommer - Hm...

  6. Oh Magaly, I truly hope you win them!

  7. Magaly thank you very much. This giveaway is fantastic