“Is He on Top Because He’s Gay?”

I avoid rolling my eyes—especially in the mornings—because the act does strange things to the placement of my contacts. Yet, there are questions I can’t answer without rolling my eyeballs a couple of 13 times. I got an advertising request from a person who doesn’t read Pagan Culture, but seems to spend a lot of time on my sidebar. This individual wanted to know “the cost of promoting [his blog] and a banner linking back to his website.”

I took a few days to reply because my inbox had been bursting with Witches in Fiction emails. I’m assuming the individual thought I was playing hard to get because he continued emailing me with “upgrades” to his initial request. The first said “I can live with just a link to my blog if a banner is too much. Just let me know how much it would cost.” There were a few emails in between, but the last message was the eye-roller. He said, “I’ve been examining your site and noticed that Cogent Ascending is at the very top of your blogroll and by itself. I visited the blog and a few others and wondered why it was up there. Is he on top because he’s gay?”



I informed this individual that I don’t advertise paid links at Pagan Culture. I didn’t tell him why Cogent Ascending was on top, but I thought it was obvious, and I definitely believed no one would be so interested in the logistics of my sidebar to notice. I mean, is he freaking serious?!  

Anyway, if you’ve follow Pagan Culture for a while, you’ll notice that my sidebar changes all the time. I don’t have a system. I tend to rearrange when I’m listening to an audiobook. The thing is that my witchy brain needs to know that my hands are busy, or it will start overthinking the happenings in the story and tell my hands they need to write. We all have our weird bits, don’t we?

In case anyone is interested in knowing why Cogent Ascending is on top, it is because he pays me more—just kidding *grin*. He is on top because… you know what? I’m sure most of you could care less. However, if you are interested, I invite you to stop by Cogent Ascending and see if you can guess my reasons. Do share your thoughts... It would be interesting, and fun beyond believe, to read your whys.

What is the strangest email (blog related or not) you’ve ever gotten from a stranger, my Wicked Darlings? *I’m grinning thinking about your possible answers*

***Edited 5/9/11
Hm... I wondered if I should tell you why Cogent was on top and decided that what I believed, when I first wrote this post, remains true: the reasons were not important. He is again part of the Eclectic Circle of Fame general population, and will probably be on top again one of this day. I promise to share my reason if anyone EVER discovers why he was there to begin with. Yes, I am a mean-suspense-loving Witch. *Who loves to write things in asterisks* 

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  1. Gosh! I haven't gotten any strange emails. Shoot! I feel left out now!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh, Goddess! This is funny. I have no guesses, honestly. It is nearing six in the morning and my brain is not working properly to dare attempt.

    One review springs to my mind. At first, I thought it was sarcastic, then flattering, and as I reached the bottom, I was a little afraid. The reviewer raved about my work, which would be wonderful if it weren't for the offsetting childlike glee and telling me I was her idol. Idol is what frightened me. It might have been the day I decided not to answer every single review or comment (it would take too much time as it is).

  3. My mind is just in the gutter with that title! :P Sorry.

    Some people are just really really stupid.

    It's obvious to me why CA is on top. He is cute. What other reason could there be? :D

  4. In a word: yes.
    I would not be able to resist taking some poor schmucks money to advertise on my blog.
    But then I've always been inclined to torture the stupid.
    I have to say thank you Mags.
    If I'd have known people were offering to pay you for such a space I'd never have been so mute on the topic.
    All I've got to offer is my excess good will and positive thoughts.
    I've got loads more than I'll ever be able or capable of using up.
    As far as cash, well, that's in short supply but I don't think that'd do you as much good as all my unused positive energy.

  5. I want my money back...I'm not on there at *all*!!! ~~eye-roll, pouty lip-out face, stomp on floor~~ hehee

  6. I'm still wondering what Cogent Ascending is, LOL!

    I just received an email from someone offering to sell me his services. Evidently, he noticed my Pagan by Design blog at Wordpress was "moved" to Blogger.

    First, I use free "blog services" for a reason! Second, if I need to know how to market my blog or create flash then I will search the 'Net and teach myself.

    I haven't responded to him yet, but hey, send your guy over to my blog and I'll gladly take his money to put a link up to his site! (Grin)

  7. Alright Mags...I'm not on your Blogroll either! hahaha I have no clue why Coagent is at the top of your roll lol ummmm...was he the last site you added to your list?? And i did go visit his blog and decided to follow him...:p lol

  8. I'm not on there, how much do I need to pay you for the much coveted spot? >;-P I would have guessed it went in order of who you've added most recently, or whose blog you've been haunting most often. It really doesn't seem like that big a deal tho!

    P.S. I totally thought after reading the title that the email was going to be about sex. I've got my mind in the gutter this morning for sure!

  9. Well, well. My curiousity got the better of me and so I did as I was told and went to visit. Thanks for sending me to visit.
    You'll have to go back and read my comment there to see why his posting was a .....wow to moi.
    Magaly...why is it that you get all the fun? I want someone to ask me an idiot question today....I'm in one of my let's eviscerate (sp) someone day moods. Or at least poke um in the eye. Oh well, maybe I'll just make a trip to Walmart and terrorize someone there.

  10. Darn - won't let me see it right now. But if I had to guess I would think it's because...oh...you like his writing, he's a dear friend, or the 1st blog your started reading....or maybe all 3. Either way it's your blog, your business and what an asinine thing to say (that last part directed to that guy bugging you about the banner).

  11. What a ding dong Magaly!! I can't believe you received an e-mail like that??? I would put a spell on this person! LOL!
    I haven't received any e-mails like that! If I do, I will share right away! I don't know what Cogent Acending is on top??? Is he a friend of yours??? Is it because of alphabetical order? Take Care My Friend ;o)

  12. Haha! I loved the part with the lenses! I have no tolerance for stupidity, so i would have probably put a hex on him if i were you(just kidding, sort of..)!
    By the way, i am so sorry your are asthmatic. I have allergic asthma and i have an allergy to tobacco so it happens to me a lot. Here in Greece the largest part of the population smokes. You are also a runner. Now the smoking body(pun intended) makes total sense. I can't run. I make three steps and i am out of breath!

  13. It 's me again! First of all, congragulations on moving in with your Piano Man. I wish you happiness, harmony, love and of course...passion!
    And, also i went by Cogent Ascending and he has a really cool blog. Then i noticed i am right beneath him, so.. what do i owe you?
    Once again be blessed!

  14. Let me tell you I'd have Cogent Ascending on top, on bottom & in-between, he's a cutie... he's GAY???... ahhh oh well, a loss to the gals is a gain for the boys (& less temptation to stray from my Big F LOL)... really Magaly, maybe you need a special gadget to expose a 'Fruit Loop of the Day' ;)

  15. LOL! This is absolutely outrageous! I am appalled that he would even ask such a question because um...it's none of his damn business for one thing and it also makes him sound like a needy whiner. Eeewwwwww. Nobody likes a whiner. As to why Cogent Ascending is on top of your sidebar, the question has never arisen in my mind as I have never noticed it but having visited his blog I may guess it is because he is a totally real, fun and delightful person. That or it is just the way your subconscious mind sorted one day while tinkering with your blog. And in the grand scheme of things...does it really matter? Hugs to you!

  16. SueAnn - In this case, to be left out is a great thing!

    Anlynne - The word "Idol" can be very scary, even more if it comes accompanied by pictures plastered all over a strangers walls.

    Michelle - He is cute in and out, isn't he?

    Cogent - You are too terrible and I adore you for it. I get people every once in a while asking for links in exchange of a fee or a gift, you'd think that they would realize by now that Pagan Culture is a family and all you have to do to join it is follow it and contribute your wit, but...

    Penny - You should stop rolling your eyes (stares at the eyeball hanging from a bloody nerve). I can't wait to have all your zombiness (I know that is not a word) in the circle. Um, Pagan Fiction in 113 Words or Less is coming up...

    Green Witch - You might not want this guy. I visited his website (I usually check them out and forward them to a bloggy friend who advertises) but his products are so nature unfriendly that I wouldn't insult any Earth loving Witch.

    MidnightSage - And the mystery continues...

    Danni - The best payments can come in the shape of chocolate, caramel, ice cream, teas... lol. I have a feeling your name will be there soon. Like I said to Penny, PF in 113 or Less approaches... any ideas? And the gutter bit is very appropriate, for I thought the same thing ;-)

    Linda - I read your comment and I ditto it all the way (gotta love my power of expression lol). I hope you found someone to terrorize ;-)

    Lilac Wolf - I guess it is not as obvious as I thought, hm... maybe I should tell you guys. And yes, that guy is an idiot, the best way to my sidebar is definitely NOT via a stupid question.

    Magic Love Crow - "ding dong" describes him perfectly. I got a follow up email, by the way. He didn't even take the time to read this post because he is still talking, how silly is that?

    GreekWitch - I couldn't run more than a couple of city blocks when I started. Then I told my lungs that they weren't the bosses of me (they made double over a couple of times) after a couple of years of training, and breathing in weird ways I was able to run. And LOL at your last comment!

    Shelle - You know what? That doesn't sound like a bad idea, I would probably have enough material for a weekly feature lol

    Mina - "does it really matter?" is at the heart of it all.

  17. He's on top cus he's freaking awesome. :) I know I got it right! *does jig*